Is Noughty Hair Care Curly Girl Approved?

Over the last year, Noughty Hair Care has become increasingly popular with followers of the Curly Girl Method. According to their website, Noughty is 97% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. I, therefore, decided to find out whether the entire Noughty Hair Care range is Curly Girl approved and if I, in fact, have found my favorite new brand. 

Is Noughty Hair Care Curly Girl Approved

So, is Noughty Curly Girl approved?

The majority of the Noughty Hair Care product range is indeed Curly Girl approved. Thirteen products are 100% Curly Girl safe, nine products have some alcohols and cleansers and therefore considered semi approved and only six products are considered unsafe.

It’s absolutely fantastic that there is finally an ethical brand with a large range of suitable products for us curlies, and the good news is that these products won’t break the bank either!

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Noughty Products That Are Curly Girl Method

I have created the following list which shows you exactly which Noughty Hair Care products are Curly Girl approved.

If you keep reading, you’ll find some guidance on which conditioners, shampoos and creams are best to use for your hair type:

Tough Cookie Strengthening Conditioner 250ml £6.99 
To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner 250ml£6.99 
Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray 200ml£6.99 
Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner 150ml £6.99 
To The Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner Travel Size 75ml £2.59 
Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner Travel Size 50ml £2.59 
Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner 250ml £6.99 
Hello Curls Define & Reshape Curl Primer 200ml £8.99 
Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream 150ml £6.99 
Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Conditioner 250ml £6.99 
Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum 75ml £8.99 
Care Taker Scalp Soothing Conditioner 250ml £6.99 

This is a really great list of Curly Girl approved products! What is even more exciting is that there’s a good mix of different types of products, not just conditioners.

Let’s have a look at them in more detail:

The Noughty Moisture Boost Conditioner is perfect for Curlies who suffer from dry and damaged hair.

The special blend of coconut oil and olive oil adds shine to each strand of hair and reduces breakage while smoothing split ends and taming frizz.

Shea butter is used to seal in moisture and the conditioner has a lovely fragrance of Morrocan Argan and almond extract.

How To Use:

You can use this conditioner both as a co-wash or as a treatment.

If co-washing, ensure you wet your hair thoroughly and add a 50p size amount of product between your palms.

Massage the product into your scalp for several minutes to remove build-up. 

If using as a treatment, work the product into the wet hair and cover every strand. Leave for up to 10 minutes before rinsing hair thoroughly and continue with the rest of your routine.

This conditioner also comes in a travel size.

Click Here to buy the Rescue Moisture Boost Conditioner on Amazon.

One of my favourite Noughty Curly Girl approved products is this intensive leave in conditioner.

It contains a bucket full of good stuff such as almond extract, Argan oil, E vitamin, and fatty acids.

It helps repair split ends and rescue damaged hair. It is designed to protect your hair from pollution and make your hair stronger.

For additional moisture, the leave-in conditioner also contains Shea butter which will give your curls a healthy shine!

How To Use:

The best thing about this product is that you can leave it in overnight to do its magic! Simply apply a small amount to damp hair, ensuring you spread the product evenly and avoiding your roots. 

Once applied, style your hair as usual!

This leave-in conditioner also comes in a travel size.

Click Here to buy the Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner on Amazon.

The Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner is a must-have for Curly Girl Method followers and works for all curl types, from wavy 2A to kinky 4C.

Specifically designed to give you silky soft and defined curls, this product contains a high-performance formula to maintain and nourish your most unruly curls. 

Do note that this conditioner contains sea kelp which provides an additional boost of protein so if you have protein-sensitive hair, this may not be for you.

Fragrance: Ocean fresh scent.

How To Use:

This conditioner is perfect for co-washing. As you follow your usual CG routine, ensure that you apply enough conditioner to cover your hair throughout and lather thoroughly while mixing with water. Then Squish squish squish!

Click Here to buy the Wave Hello Curl Defining Conditioner on Amazon.

The Rise & Shine Conditioner is for curlies with normal to dry hair. Filled with white tea antioxidants and blue mallow flower extract, this product promises to give your curls lots of shine and gloss! 

My favorite ingredient has to be the jojoba oil which actually is the oil that mostly resembles the natural oils in your scalp which therefore protects your roots and gives your hair added shine.

Blue mallow flower extract, jojoba oil – gloss and nourishment. 

Fragrance: Rosemary and mint

How To Use:

This is the perfect co-washing conditioner if you don’t suffer from too much breakage and stringy hair.

Place a generous amount of conditioner between your palms and co-wash as per your usual routine. Feel free to give your scalp an extralong massage to get that jojoba oil in!

Click Here to buy the Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Conditioner on Amazon.

Loaded with soothing oatmeal extract for sensitive skin as well as olive oil for added shine and moisture. 

The conditioner also contains bisabolol which is an anti-irritant extract from plants. This helps sooths and nurture your irritated and scalp.

How To Use:

If you do suffer from itchy scalp or find that co-washing simply doesn’t remove enough build-up, I would strongly recommend that you use a clarifying shampoo once every week.

Some Curly Girl followers don’t believe in clarifying but we don’t all share the same scalp!

You have to do what is right for you, and a low poo shampoo will do you absolutely no harm.

I recommend low-pooing, then co-washing with this conditioner. As it contains soothing oatmeal extract, you can even leave the conditioner on for a few minutes.

I suffer from very sensitive skin and oatmeal body washes have saved my life whenever I’ve had a breakout. 

Click Here to buy the Care Taker Scalp Soothing Conditioner on Amazon.

The Hello Curls Primer should be used if you want seriously stand out curls. Designed for any curl pattern, this spray optimizes and defines curls both during and between washes.

The specially designed QuinOxy curl optimising tenchology helps combat humidity and maintain frizz and volume.

The spray will leave your hair sooth and hydrated and contains a blend of wheat and camellia oil which seals in moisture. 

How to use:

You can use this primer either after a co-wash and apply it after gel or mousse. This will ensure your curls stay defined and frizz free as you air dry or diffuse your hair. 

You can also use the primer as a refresh. Simply spritz the spay directly onto dry hair (or wet if you’ve got bed hair!) and scrunch through. The spray will reinvigorate your curls and you can air dry or diffuse for faster results.

Click Here to buy the Hello Curls Define & Reshape Curl Primer on Amazon.

If I could recommend one Noughty Hair Care product which is Curly Girl approved, it would be this one!

An absolute favorite amongst Curly Girl method followers, the Wave Hello Taming Cream is for everyone. It controls and defines your curls in between washes and tames even the frizziest of locks. 

The cream contains Noughty’s curl optimizing QuinOxy formula which combats humidity and excess volume and they’ve even added mango butter for smooth, hydrated curls!

Fragrance: ocean-fresh scent.

How To Use:

Apply to freshly co-washed hair. You can use this either as a substitute for gel if you’re not a fan of the crunchy cast or you can double up and apply alongside the gel.

Scrunch through thoroughly and try to separate each curl if you can. A little goes a long way so don’t use too much! 

Click Here to buy the Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream on Amazon.

Finally a Curly Girl approved spray which separates tangles and banishes dry hair! This spray can be used by all hair types and should be used on wet hair before drying.

As with all Noughty products, plant oils have been added to improve shine and reduce breakage. It also contains Argon oil, and fatty acids which increase hair elasticity.

Fragrance: Moroccan Argan and almond.

How To Use:

I like to use this spray after I have co-washed and applied gel to my hair.

Sometimes I add mousse but to avoid too many products, I replace mousse with this spray and it works wonders! S

pray evenly over your hair and give your curls a final scrunch before air drying or diffusing. You’ll be able to tell the difference straight away!

Click Here to buy the Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray on Amazon.

Tough Cookie Strengthening Conditioner 250ml

Noughty By Nature Hair Care Curly Girl Approved, Tough Cookie Strengthening Conditioner 250ml 6.99

The Tough Cookie Strengthening Conditioner should be used as a deep conditioner for weak and brittle hair. I wouldn’t recommend this for a co-wash but instead as a weekly treatment.

It even uses anti-pollution technology which consists of fancy technical extraction of wheat bran to avoid to help protect your hair!

The conditioner also contains anti-oxidants such as bilberry, sea buckthorn and cloudberry.

How To Use:

Wash your hair as you normally would (clarify or co-wash) when following the Curly Girl method and then apply a generous amount of Tough Cookie Strengthening Conditioner to your hair.

Make sure you lather your hair with both product and water and then wrap your hair in either a microfibre towel or cling film for up to 30 minutes.

Wash out the product thoroughly and dry your hair as per usual.

Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum 75ml

Rise & Shine Hydrate & Shine Serum 75ml 8.99

If you’re a bit of rebel like me, you sometimes set your hairdryer to high heat for a quicker dry. Yes we’re not really supposed to, but sometimes there’s just not enough time! 

This Curly Girl approved serum will protect your lovely curls from heat styling up to 220°C and is intended for curlies with normal to dry hair. 

For added moisture, the serum contains Jojoba and Kalahari melon oil and additional plant oils helps strengthen your hair and improves smoothness and shine.

Fragrance: Refreshing rosemary and mint scent.

How To Use:

I would not suggest applying it to dripping wet hair, so co-wash and t-shirt dry your hair, then add gel or mousse as you prefer and apply the serum all over focussing on the ends. Work in the product from tips to root.

So there you have it!

All of the above Noughty Hare Care products are 100% Curly Girl approved. All designed for different kinds of hair and as always on this journey, it’s trial and error!

I hope you have benefitted from this post and now feel more confident in which Noughty products you can use on your Curly Girl journey!

Is Noughty Hair Care Curly Girl Approved

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