how often should you use keratin shampoo

How Often Should You Use Keratin Shampoo? Answered

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how to fix keratin damaged hair

How To Fix Keratin Damaged Hair (Easy Guide)

Keratin treatments are designed to give you smoother, stronger, more manageable hair. Or at least, that is the principle. But sometimes hair can be damaged as the result of a keratin treatment. So how do you fix keratin damaged hair? … Read more

Hair Does Not Absorb Water

Hair Does Not Absorb Water – 5 Ways To Fix

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How to Wash Hair in Hard Water

How to Wash Hair in Hard Water (With Results)

If you are one of the 85% of Americans being affected by hard water areas, it’s important you know to wash your hair appropriately. In this article, we’ll explain what hard water is, the issues it can cause, and provide … Read more