hair oils for low porosity hair

20 Hair Oils For Low Porosity Hair That Work

Hair oils are a fantastic way of nourishing, conditioning, and moisturizing low-porosity hair but you need hair oils that have small molecules, as these penetrate best into the hair. In this article, I’ve listed 20 of the best hair oils … Read more

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Is Pantene Bad For Your Hair? (Answered)

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Hairfinity Vs Biotin – Which One Is Best?

Hairfinity and biotin are both supplements you can take in order to promote hair growth and strengthen the hair that your body produces. Although they both have the same goal, they are different products, so the question remains – which … Read more

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Do Hair Darkening Shampoo Bars Work? (The Truth)

If you’re looking for a gentler and more natural alternative to traditional hair dyes, you may have come across the concept of shampoo bars. But do hair-darkening shampoo bars work? How effective are they when compared to regular hair dye? … Read more

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Can I Use Conditioner After Dandruff Shampoo? Answered

Thankfully, dandruff is fairly easy to treat with the help of a specially formulated anti-dandruff shampoo, but can you use conditioner after dandruff shampoo? Can I Use Conditioner After Dandruff Shampoo? You should always use an anti-dandruff conditioner after using … Read more

Best Oils for Dreads

19 Best Oils for Dreads (And How to Use)

Dreadlocks can be a complex hairstyle that requires a lot of maintenance. Dreadlocks are susceptible to tangles, frizziness, and dryness that can undermine their sleek appearance. In this article, I outline 19 of the best oils you should consider to maintain … Read more