trisiloxane for hair

Trisiloxane For Hair: Is It Good Or Bad?

Trisiloxane (siloxane) is a silicone used as a cosmetic ingredient and is commonly found in hair and skin products. But is Trisiloxane good or bad for your hair? In this article, we explore the pros and cons of this widely … Read more

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Using Saffron for Hair (12 Amazing Benefits)

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7 Benefits Of Potassium Sorbate For Hair

There seems to be a constant influx of new ingredients that are meant to benefit your hair or at least claim to be. One of the most recent additions is potassium sorbate, a gentle man-made preservative that is considered moderately … Read more

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5 Benefits Of Xanthan Gum For Hair (How To Use)

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Can I Use Argan Oil Before Using A Flat Iron?

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Homemade Hair Gel Without Gelatin

Homemade Diy Hair Gel Recipe Without Gelatin

How to make the ultimate Homemade hair gel without gelatin. In this article, I’ve outlined 3 gelatin-free hair gel recipes that you can make at home. They’re easy, affordable, and best of all, cruelty-free. How To Make Homemade Hair Gel … Read more

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7 Important Benefits of L-Glutathione For Hair

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14 Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Hair

Vitamin C is the gold standard of nutrients for the human body and has multiple benefits for hair that you shouldn’t ignore. In this article I highlight 15 of the most important benefits of Vitamin C serum for hair and … Read more