Is Faith In Nature Curly Girl Approved? (Answered)

Are you wondering if Faith In Nature is Curly Girl Approved? Well good news, they are! If you are looking for affordable CG friendly conditioners that actually work, then look no further.

With a focus on naturally derived ingredients, here are Faith In Nature’s 13 best Curly Girl friendly conditioners.

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Quick Guide: Best CG Approved Faith In Nature Conditioners

Why is Faith In Nature Good for Curls?

All of Faith in Nature’s conditioners are free from parabens, sulfates, and drying alcohols. These are some of the worst ingredients in haircare products and will often dry out your hair.

Curly hair is already quite dry and therefore it is important to nourish your locks with naturally derived ingredients. Faith In Nature is known for their short ingredients lists which is great when you want to understand exactly what you’re putting on your body

Faith In Nature’s values are:

  • No animal-tested products
  • No Genetically Modified ingredients
  • No synthetic coloring or fragrances
  • No SLES, SLS or Parabens
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No BPA plastic
  • No Methylisothiazolinone (MI)

Source: Faith In Nature

Let’s also not forget that the brand uses 100% recycled and recyclable bottles and that they are cruelty-free.

Best CG Approved Faith In Nature Conditioners

1. BEST OVERALLFaith In Nature Jojoba Conditioner

Faith In Nature Jojoba Conditioner

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This conditioner is our overall best pick as it’s suitable for all hair types and contains jojoba oil which has been proven to help repair damaged hair.

The texture is super light which makes it perfect for curls that need volume.

Furthermore, Jojoba oil can be used on colored hair, leaving it shiny, nourished, and tangle-free.

2. BEST FOR HYDRATIONFaith in Nature Lavender & Geranium Conditioner

Faith In Nature Lavender Conditioner

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This lavender and geranium conditioner encompasses all the amazing benefits of lavender and geranium essential oils. It provides hydration to dry and coarse hair and will leave you with a relaxing feeling.

Lavender oil also helps nourish hair which promotes hair growth, leaving hair feeling healthier and more voluminous.

3. BEST FOR SHINEFaith In Nature Dragon Fruit Conditioner

Faith In Nature Dragon fruit Conditioner

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This conditioner benefits from antioxidant-rich dragon fruit which has shine-boosting benefits for your hair. Perfect for curls that may have gone a bit limp and for hair that may need additional hydration.

For best results leave on your hair for 5 minutes. Let it soak and then rinse well with water and continue your Curly Girl routine.

4. BEST FOR SENSITIVE SCALPFaith in Nature Fragrance-Free Conditioner

Faith In Nature fragrance free Conditioner

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If you are a Curly Girl who suffers from sensitive skin or you struggle to find a conditioner that isn’t overpowering, this is for you. This conditioner is free from fragrance, essential oils, color, parabens, and SLS/SLES. Furthermore, it is gentle enough to use every day.

5. BEST FOR DAMAGED HAIRFaith in Nature Coconut Conditioner

Faith In Nature coconut Conditioner

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This coconut conditioner contains organic coconut oil which is known for its reparative qualities. Coconut is widely used on hair as it can mimic protein and help restore shine and strength. This conditioner also has a great tropical scent.

6. BEST FOR DRY HAIRFaith in Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner

Faith In Nature aloe vera Conditioner

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Aloe vera is known for its rejuvenating qualities and so is perfect for any curlies who may suffer from dry hair. If you’ve had issues with transitioning from using sulfate shampoos and silicone conditioners, then give this conditioner a go. It has a light creamy consistency that won’t leave build-up on your scalp.

7. BEST FOR NOURISHINGFaith in Nature Natural Shea & Argan Conditioner

Faith In Nature natural shea and argan Conditioner

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This conditioner contains shea butter that has been ethically traded as well as argan oil. Both of these ingredients are well known for their rejuvenating qualities and that is what makes this conditioner so nourishing. Excellent for hydrating thirsty curls.

8. BEST REVITALIZINGFaith In Nature Natural Avocado Conditioner

Faith In Nature avocado Conditioner

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This Avocado conditioner is great for Curlies who need a bit of a revitalizing boost. The formula contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E and avocado oil which helps to make hair feel softer and shinier.

9. BEST FOR ITCHY SCALPFaith In Nature Lemon & Tea Tree Conditioner

Faith In Nature lemon and tea tree Conditioner

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If you’re looking for a conditioner that really gives you the feeling of clean hair, the Tea Tree conditioner is for you. It harnesses the natural benefits of lemon and tea tree oil and the citrus blast leaves greasy hair feeling nourished and soft.

This is great if you suffer from an itchy scalp or have oily hair.

10. BEST FOR BUILD-UPFaith in Nature Seaweed and Citrus Conditioner

Faith In Nature seaweed and citrus Conditioner

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This conditioner is great for those who need to remove build-up. Seaweed has great antioxidant qualities and can help repair an oily or greasy scalp. The ingredients list also boasts of aromatic lemon that will help you get that clean feeling without your hair feeling heavy.

11. BEST FOR VOLUMEFaith in Nature Hemp and Meadowfoam Conditioner

Faith In Nature hemp and meadowfoam Conditioner

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The hemp and meadowfoam conditioner contains vitamin E-rich hemp and antioxidant meadowfoam which can help restore hair to its full volume. The formula is infused with ginger and essential oils of lemongrass and citrus fruits which will help clean your scalp and increase blood circulation.

12. BEST FOR ANTIOXIDANTSFaith in Nature Blueberry Conditioner

Faith In Nature blueberry Conditioner

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Blueberry is generally known for its antioxidant-rich properties and this conditioner takes full advantage of that. The ingredients will help make hair look healthier, fuller, and softer and the conditioner also has a great scent.

13. BEST FOR STRENGTHENINGFaith in Nature Wild Rose Conditioner

Faith In Nature wild rose Conditioner

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Wild rosehip oil is great for moisturizing and this conditioner is therefore perfect for dry hair types that need strengthening. The fragrance is 100% naturally derived and the conditioner will leave your hair looking softer and healthier.

BONUS – PLASTIC FREEFaith in Nature Coconut & Shea Butter Shampoo Bar

Faith In Nature coconut and shea butter Conditioner

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This Coconut & Shea Butter Shampoo Bar is plastic-free and so allows you to have a sustainable haircare routine. It is a natural shampoo made with 100% natural fragrance and the shea butter is ethically traded. It also contains coconut oil that will help restore shine back to your locks,

Choosing The Right CG Approved Faith In Nature Conditioner

Whether you’ve just started your Curly Girl journey or you have some experience, you’ll know that finding the right conditioner is key.

It’s funny how some brands can have such similar ingredients, yet the smallest variation can change how your hair feels or behaves.

If you are transitioning into the CG Method, it is good to first understand your hair type and whether your hair is balanced, in need of protein, or in need of moisture. Then you can find the right conditioner for you.

I wrote an article about the differences between protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments, but in general, this is what to look for:

Balanced hair

If you have balanced hair, you don’t need to worry too much about which conditioner to choose.

Of course, not every product is going to agree with your hair, and there’s a chance you may develop symptoms of either protein sensitivity or moisture overload.

Signs of balanced hair:

  • Curls form as they should
  • Minimal frizz
  • Hair feels hydrated and strong

Lack of Protein

According to the ncbi, a study showed that the only oil able to penetrate hair was coconut oil! How amazing is that?

Protein is essential for healthy hair and it’s important to maintain a good balance between moisture and protein.

Signs your hair is lacking protein:

  • Hair is limp and soft
  • Hair feels stretchy
  • Curls have stopped forming

Best product to use:

Lack of Moisture (Protein Sensitive)

If you have protein-sensitive hair, you’ll want to go for conditioners that are hydrating and add moisture to your hair.

Signs of protein-sensitive hair:

  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Hair breaks easily
  • Curls don’t stretch
  • Hair feels like straw
  • Curls won’t clump together

You may also like to try and restore the PH balance in your hair and the Faith in Nature Seaweed & Citrus Conditioner would be great for this.

And that’s it. Almost every single Faith In Nature conditioner is curly girl approved!

I hope you found this article helpful and good luck with your Curly Girl journey.

Is Faith In Nature Conditioner Curly Girl Approved

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