About Us

Loved By Curls, established in 2019, has rapidly become a significant voice in the women’s lifestyle space. Our platform is a convergence of diverse experiences and insights, catering to an audience that values authenticity and depth in beauty, wellness, and lifestyle content. In 2023, we reached over 2 million readers globally, and our goal for 2024 is to expand this community, offering guidance and inspiration to even more women.

Our Philosophy

At Loved By Curls, we understand that life is complex and full of different challenges and joys. We aim to provide articles and stories that truly speak to you. Our content goes beyond just tips and trends; we focus on real, meaningful advice that fits into your everyday life. Whether it’s about managing curly hair or finding balance in your busy schedule, we’re here to offer guidance that’s practical and easy to relate to.

Our Expertise

Our team, comprising professionals from various fields, including hairstyling, makeup, wellness, and lifestyle, blends technical knowledge with real-world experience. This unique combination ensures our content is both credible and relevant.

Our Coverage

  • Haircare and Beauty: We deliver expert-backed advice on haircare and beauty, ensuring our readers are well-informed and confident in their choices.
  • Wellness: Addressing both physical and mental well-being, our wellness section offers thoughtful content that supports and empowers our readers.
  • Lifestyle: From home decor to fashion, our lifestyle content is crafted to inspire and assist our readers in enriching their everyday lives.

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