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I’m Dee and I am the founder of Loved By Curls. In early 2019, after many years of struggling with frizzy, dry hair, I started my Curly Girl journey and discovered that, contrary to what I had always believed, I don’t actually have straight hair.

I’m mixed Asian and Caucasian and both my parents have very straight hair. So when I started the CG method and slowly began to see the effects of not using sulfate and silicone products  I noticed that my hair naturally began to form waves and curls, even without any products.

Before Curly Girl Method
After Curly Girl Method

As you can see, the method worked wonders for my hair, but above all, it really ignited my interest for haircare as I’ve seen first-hand what a change in routine can do for your hair.

I, therefore, started Loved By Curls as a way to help others on their hair journey.

Over the past 3 years, Loved By curls has become a site dedicated to offering real-life tips, advice, and product and ingredient guides. We now help over 200,000 readers each month find the information they need to maintain their natural locks and I’m proud to say that since started Loved By Curls, over 2.5 million readers have visited the site.

Loved By Curls has also been featured on sites such as Wikihow, Mielle Organics, Her Magazine, and Vital Proteins.

Beyond curly hair care, we cover topics such as natural ingredients, styling, hair coloring, treatments, and much more. Our main goal at Loved By Curls is to provide you with the tools to care for your natural locks, regardless of your hair type.

And of course, we are proud to be one of the best Curly Girl Method resources on the web!

We’re a small writing team but we work hard to provide you with valuable, accurate and helpful content.

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