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Welcome to Loved By Curls.

A hub for haircare, curl management, color care, and knowledge about natural ingredients.

Here you’ll discover the latest news and trends in haircare, product reviews, and advice on choosing the best ingredients and formulas for your hair type.

Our Story

Loved By Curls started as a personal blog, detailing the hair journey of our founder and Editor-In-Chief, Dee Poulsen.

Over the past three years, Loved By curls has expanded and is now dedicated to offering tips and advice on all things haircare, as well as product and ingredient guides. We now help over 200,000 readers each month find the information they need to maintain their natural locks.

Since its inception, Loved By Curls has been visited by over 3 million readers worldwide and we have been featured on popular beauty and wellness sites such as Daily By Clarins, Her Magazine, Mielle Organics, and Vital Proteins.

We cover topics such as curl care, natural ingredients, styling, hair coloring, treatments, and much more. Our main goal at Loved By Curls is to provide you with the right tools to care for your locks, regardless of your hair type.

And of course, we are proud to be one of the best Curly Girl Method resources on the web!

We’re a small writing team but we work hard to provide you with valuable, accurate and helpful content.

Loved By Curls is wholly committed to diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Should you have any questions at all about our content or any other related matter, please write to us at [email protected]


dee author

Dee Poulsen, Founder, and Editor-In-Chief

Dee spent 10 years in IT before moving into digital publishing. She launched Loved By Curls in 2019 to help other wavies and curlies who were following the Curly Girl Method. Dee now runs a portfolio of sites, all while chasing the dream of working in film one day.

Favorite product: Garnier Banana Hair Food Mask

Best hair tip: Use leave-in conditioner once a week and tame frizzy and static hair by mastering a blow-out at home.

Nicola Sloan, Beauty Writer

Nicola is a freelance writer and researcher whose specialisms lie in health and wellness, beauty, and psychology. She has fine, wavy hair and is a big fan of co-washing every alternate day between shampoos (as dry shampoo makes her sneeze!)

You can find more of her work at nicolasloanwriter.com

Alice Carlill, Beauty Writer

Alice is an experienced writer and researcher with a background in the Creative Arts. She is a published poet and is currently completing her Ph.D., having worked in a variety of industries, including as a theatre dramaturg.

Alice is passionate about the environment, so is always on the lookout for the best zero-waste products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

Michelle Casey, Beauty Writer

Michelle is an experienced haircare writer, having written over fifty informative articles for Loved By Curls.

As a working mum of two, she is always on the hunt for time-saving hacks- particularly those that help manage her fine, flyaway hair.

Jessica Frances, Beauty Writer

Jessica has naturally curly hair and enjoys experimenting with new products that are preferably cruelty-free and vegan.

She has a background in beauty therapy and enjoys catching up on all the latest news in the skincare and haircare world.