7 Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

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There has been a surge of UK consumers switch from plastic to bamboo hair brushes in recent years. Not only is it the more sustainable choice with bamboo hair brushes being vegan and bio-gradable, but you could in fact be in for a far better brushing experience.

In this article we look at the benefits of using a bamboo hair brush and reveal the top 7 best bamboo hair brushes available to buy in the UK.

Why Use A bamboo Hair Brush?

Bamboo hairbrushes are a good choice for people seeking to enhance their hair’s look, feel, and general wellbeing. Interestingly, using bamboo extract for hair also has many benefits.

These hairbrushes have a wooden handle, paddle, and bristles. The bristles are what come in contact with your hair.

A bamboo hairbrush will glide through your hair and gently encourage natural oils from the scalp to be distributed along the hair strand.

As a result, your hair will have a shinier, glossier appearance as these natural oils help to protect your hair.

With frequent use, you will be able to notice your hair become healthier, smoother, and stronger.

These are some of the bamboo hair brushes UK you can buy to ensure soft detangling, messaging of the scalp, reduced hair static, and excellent hair shine. And they are good for the environment since bamboo is biodegradable.

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7 Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

Bamp Wonder Bamboo Hair Brush

Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

The Bamp Wonder Bamboo Hair Brush is small and lightweight and works effortlessly through thin or thick hair.

Its bamboo bristles gently brushes your hair while also massaging your scalp while relieving stress and tension.

Additionally, the brush aids with blood circulation in your scalp and helps to prevent hair breakage, reducing frizz and split ends.

The bamboo handle is rounded which makes it easy to grab and comfortable to control. The bristles are also well spaced which makes it great for detangling.

Finally, this brush is made from 100% natural bamboo and is therefore free from harmful chemicals or plastics that could otherwise cause allergic reactions.

Using this bamboo hairbrush could definitely help you achieve gorgeous, healthy, and shiny hair.

Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Hair Comb Set

Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

The Vicky Lee Natural Wooden Hair Comb Set utilizes a large, oval shape paddle brush which evenly distributes the hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft.

The bamboo bristles have rounded ends, making for a gentler brush compared to plastic pins.

The bristles can even work through thick and coarse curls and detangle your hair effortlessly without pain.

This hairbrush also enables good blood-flow circulation, using the soft cushion base to massage your scalp.

Marbeian Bamboo Hair Brush Set

Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bamboo hairbrush, check out the Marbeian Hair Brush Set with Natural Bamboo.

This brush has thin pins that help stimulate your scalp but suitable for sensitive scalps.

Works effectively against dandruff and build-up and is easy to clean.

The brushes come in two pieces within a pack – one oval paddle brush and a narrow, compact size ideal for travelling.

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BFWood Bamboo Hairbrush

Best Bamboo Hair Brushes To Buy In The UK

The BFWood Bamboo Hairbrush was designed for all hair types.

It’s versatile and can be used to brush, detangle, part, and backcomb your hair. The bamboo bristles help stimulate the natural oils in your scalp and help blood flow circulation.

To use this comb, start by brushing just a few inches from your hair ends. Then gently detangle your knots using a deep conditioner.

Myga 100% Natural Bamboo Hairbrush

Myga 100% Natural Bamboo Hairbrush

The Myga 100% Natural Bamboo Hairbrush has rounded-ended bristles that help to get rid of even the most stubborn of tangles.

The brush is anti-static and reduces hair breakage as well as frizz.

It is ideal for all hair types and can aid in repairing damaged hair.

The hairbrush also helps to stimulate the scalp while improving blood flow.

Finally, it features a soft oval cushion which is perfect for achieving the preferred hairstyle.

Pandoo Bamboo Hair Brush

Pandoo Bamboo Hair Brush

This brush is vegan-friendly as well as eco-friendly.

It works for every hair type and hair style, whether thick, thin, long, or curly. The handles, as well as bristles are made of 100% natural bamboo.

The brush has a nice rounded grip and allows you to detangle your hair in an easy and gentle manner.

The rounded bamboo bristles of the comb allow for a thorough scalp massage feel soft to the touch.

This brush is perfect for sensitive scalps. 

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Baasha Bamboo Hairbrush

Baasha Bamboo Hairbrush

The Baasha Hairbrush offers gentle detangling using soft bamboo bristles. The rounded ends of the bristles are far gentler and safer than regular plastic bristles.

The gap between the bristles is also fairly wide which results in less hair breakage during combing.

This hairbrush glides easily through the hair and is suitable for all hair types. It helps to detangle knots with ease and allows you to obtain healthier, softer hair.

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