6 Amazing Benefits of Using Bamboo Extract For Hair And Skin

When you think of hair and skincare, you don’t immediately think of bamboo. But maybe you should. Bamboo extract is here to stay and it has some pretty incredible benefits that may surprise you.

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Bamboo extract – also known as bamboo silica – has many benefits to both hair and skin. It helps to boost energy levels, support the production of collagen for healthy hair and nails. Bamboo extract strengthens bones and is even good for your heart.

This article will take you through the advantages of consuming bamboo extract as a regular supplement.

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Bamboo Extract: Our Top Choices

What Is Bamboo Extract?

You’ve likely seen bamboo in gardens, and you may have also eaten it as part of Asian cuisine.

At the least, you may know that bamboo is the only plant that pandas eat.

But bamboo extract has incredible benefits for humans, too. This is thanks to how rich it is in antioxidants, low in fat, and high in protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals.

Bamboo extract is also known as bamboo silica. This is because it’s made of the bamboo plant’s natural silica.

Silica is a natural compound found in the tissues of the human body. You’ll also find it in abundance in foods like oats, brown rice, beets, and leafy green vegetables.

It is also a vital building block of collagen. Collagen is the protein that keeps your bones, hair, and nails strong.

Made of tightly wound amino acids, collagen adds structure, strength, and elasticity to the connective tissues of our body. That’s why it keeps our skin plump and our hair luscious.

From the age of around 25, however, natural collagen production slows. This is what contributes to the aging process, as skin loses its suppleness and hair becomes limp and dull.

Taking a supplement like bamboo extract, which is rich in silica, can therefore help to maintain and support the natural production of collagen in your body.

This in turn supports skin and hair’s strength, minimizing brittleness and breakages.

Bamboo extract is easy to find in either capsule or powder form from most over-the-counter stores.

There are other natural supplements that contain silica, but bamboo extract is by far the richest natural source, containing 70% organic silica.

Bamboo extract also typically contains biotin, a member of the vitamin B family which enhances and supports hair growth.

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Benefits Of Using Bamboo Extract For Your Hair And Skin

Did you know that skin is actually the body’s largest organ? It’s so easy to take our skin for granted, but it’s actually really important to maintain its health.

One of the best ways to do so is by taking silica in order to supplement our natural collagen production.

Collagen is also a vital protein for your hair. It ensures it stays supple and bouncy for as long as possible. Read on to find out more about the benefits of bamboo extract for hair and skin.

Bamboo Extract Increases Elasticity And Glow

Collagen makes your skin glow. It’s really as simple as that. So by taking bamboo extract and increasing the silica in your body, you’re supporting collagen production, and contributing to your skin’s overall dewy appearance.

Silica also strengthens blood vessels, contributing to enhanced circulation and blood flow to the skin and scalp. This helps maximize glow.

What’s more, silica is critical to the activity of the hydroxylation enzymes that are vital to collagen synthesis.

With more silica comes tighter, firmer, more elastic skin – what’s not to love?

Maximizes Skin’s Moisture

Bamboo extracts support the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). This works to prevent moisture loss in the skin, ensuring radiant suppleness.

Plus, bamboo extract naturally stimulates hyaluronic acid, a key component in maintaining the moisture levels of skin.

It also works to fight oxidative stress in the skin. This is a process that can speed up premature aging and wrinkles.

Bamboo Fights Acne

Silica works to rebuild and regenerate the connective tissues in our hair and skin. It can therefore help combat mild to moderate acne.

By increasing collagen production, bamboo extract works to ensure the outer layers of the skin are healthy.

This, therefore, protects the skin from inflammation and irritation. Remember, too, that bamboo extract also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

By strengthening the outer skin’s barrier, the skin is less susceptible to breakouts and acne.

Healing Agent

Bamboo extract is a powerhouse for cell growth and rejuvenating your skin.

Anti-microbial, it kickstarts the detoxification process, freeing your skin of the free radicals that attack it on a daily basis.

It also works to reduce the size and color of dark spots by reducing melanin production.

Plus, if you’ve had a bit too much time in the sun and are suffering because of it, grab some bamboo serum and slather it on over your skin – it’ll really help to take the heat out.

Alternatively, if you suffer from psoriasis, bamboo extract can help reduce the overproduction of the skin cells that cause this condition.

Reduced Brittleness And Shedding

Bamboo extract works to maximize cell turnover, aiding the natural rejuvenation process.

It’s therefore great for people who suffer from super dry, brittle, easily breakable hair, as it works to strengthen and boost the collagen in the hair follicle.

Consuming bamboo extract has also reportedly contributed to the thickening of hair, as, by making the shaft more resilient, hair can easily grow stronger.

Promotes Hair Growth

Silica carries oxygen. By supplementing your silica, your red blood cells can benefit from up to 20% more oxygen.

They then carry this oxygen to your scalp, promoting the absorption of greater nutrients into the skin of your scalp.

In turn, this leads to healthier, more luscious looking hair that grows with ease.

Bamboo is also incredibly nurturing. Finding a shampoo or conditioner with bamboo extract in will provide a near-miraculous moisturizing treatment.

It’ll wash away dead skin cells and stimulate the scalp, which in turn promotes better hair growth, as well as removing build-up in a way that won’t strip the hair of moisture.

You’ll soon be saying hello to super shiny, revitalized hair.

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Other Benefits Of Bamboo Extract

bamboo extract benefits

Sure, bamboo extract clearly has benefits for your skin and hair, but did you know it also advantages your body in so many other ways?

Boosts Immunity

Bamboo shoots are full of minerals and vitamins like iron and vitamin C. It’s therefore a natural antioxidant and works hard to support the immune system, fighting off the damage inflicted by free radicals.

Research has found that bamboo extract can increase the antioxidant concentration in blood by up to 30 percent. Plus, it reduces the chronic inflammation that is at the root of heart disease or conditions like arthritis.

Stronger Nails

Collagen is also important to the health of your fingernails, so by consuming bamboo extract, you boost the silica in your nails, minimizing breakages and ridging.

In fact, the silica works to enhance absorption of calcium, vitamin D, and glucosamine, thereby keeping your nails in tip-top condition.

Maintains Heart Health

Bamboo extract is made up of plant compounds called phytosterols. These lower the bad cholesterol levels (LDL), which can contribute to heart health.

Fiber is also critical to a healthy heart function – bamboo extract has plenty of fiber, and helps to regulate blood  pressure.

Just 1.5-3 grams of phytosterols daily could lower LDL cholesterol levels by 8 – 15 percent in a month, research suggests.

Helps With Digestion

Remember how we said fiber helps the heart? Well, fiber is also vital to healthy digestion, relieving constipation, and aiding regular bowel movements.

Bamboo extract bursts with fiber and also contains cellulose, a compound that stimulates the process called peristalsis, which is basically when the muscles of your intestines contract in order to digest food.

Plus, diets rich in fiber help you to stay fuller for longer, so is a welcome way of maintaining a balanced diet.

Boosts Memory And Energy Levels

Silica improves cognitive function, working to toughen up brain tissue and boost the performance of your neurotransmitters.

Early research with rats indicates that bamboo extract might be a useful supplement in slowing the onset of dementia.

There’s critical speculation, too, about whether the build-up of aluminum contributes to the onset of dementia and Alzheimers.

Silica binds to aluminum in the body, ensuring that it’s urinated out, rather than entering the bloodstream.

Equally, bamboo extract has been found to increase energy levels. So, if you find yourself reaching for yet another coffee or green tea, perhaps consider switching to bamboo extract supplements or even bamboo tea.

You’ll feel energized and rejuvenated, ready to take on any task.

Helps With Wound Healing

Bamboo contains poultice, which is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Adding bamboo extracts to your daily routine might therefore help wounds to heal quicker.

Stronger Bones And Joints

By maximizing the collagen and elastin that get to your joints, bamboo extract will help you maintain your flexibility.

It also contributes to improved bone density and flexibility, as it improves the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and potassium into the body.

Taking bamboo extract will therefore help with multiple signs of aging – both in hair and skin and in reducing the aches and pains of the body.

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Ways To Use Bamboo Extract

You want to ensure that the bamboo extract you consume is entirely natural and organic.

Bamboo extract will frequently be mixed with other ingredients, known as holding agents.

This is perfectly safe, but it’s worth being conscious of what those ingredients are and how they might interact with your body – particularly if you have specific allergies or take medication.

Similarly, be conscious of how much sugar has been added to the supplement, as they frequently have added sweeteners and sugar.

If you are pregnant or have a thyroid condition, be sure to consult with your physician before taking bamboo extract.

Bamboo extract comes in two forms: powder and capsule.

Both work well. Capsules are no-fuss, and are simple to incorporate into your daily routine – just swallow one with your breakfast and you’ll be laughing.

Alternatively, you can take bamboo extract in powder form. Sprinkle onto your food or add to salads, and you’ll soon find the benefits of bamboo extracts starting to work.

Bamboo Extract That We Recommend

Nature’s Best High Potency Silica

bamboo extract benefits

You’ll get 90 capsules of silica derived from bamboo extract in this pack, which is amongst the best we’ve found for the price.

The capsules are gluten-free and good for both vegans and vegetarians and have over 90% natural, organic silica.

The company even asserts that this product has 10 times more silica than that found in the horsetail herb, a natural source of silica that’s often recommended in place of bamboo extract.

The product is UK-based, too, and has been in production for over 40 years, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re consuming an excellent supplement that’s been rigorously tested.

Health Leads Advanced Silica Complex

Health Leads Advanced Silica Complex

These capsules have added biotin, selenium, and zinc – all of which are great for both skin and hair.

You’ll get around a three-month supply with this one pot, and the capsules are fine for vegetarians, vegans, and those who are gluten-free.

Manufactured in the UK – specifically in southwest Wales – you have a money-back guarantee if these don’t tick the box for you.

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