Growing Out Curly Hair FAST (7 Easy Hacks)

Growing out curly hair can feel like a tiring and lengthy experience. News flash: it doesn’t need to be.If you’re trying to grow your curly hair out without much luck, then here are 7 tips that will help you to achieve longer hair in no time!

Curly hair grows at the same rate as straight hair but due to shrinkage and layers, it can make the hair appear shorter than it is.

If you desire longer hair, follow the 7 tips below which will help in growing out your curly hair in a short time period. 

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Why Does Curly Hair Grow So Slowly?

While it may seem like curly hair grows at a slower rate compared to straight hair, it’s simply not true. All hair types, even the rarest hair type, grow at the same rate.

The reason why it may seem like your curly hair is growing out slower than others is due to various factors.

It can be difficult to see the length difference due to shrinkage, which can make the hair look shorter than it really is.

If you have layers this can also make hair appear shorter as it will be varying lengths.

So, if growing out your curly hair seems like an impossible task then it’s not because of your hair type. It’s due to other factors that you can gain control of.

Is Curl Trimming For Hair Growth Good Or Bad?

There’s a misconception that you need to trim the ends of your hair regularly to maintain healthy hair – even when it doesn’t look like they need to be trimmed!

Many people believe that this will help accelerate hair growth to get out of the awkward hair growth phase, but it doesn’t help much at all.

You should only trim the ends of your hair when there are dead ends that need to be removed.

Honestly, many people do not need to get their hair trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks. Not if the ends are really cared for.

In order to maintain healthy hair, you should focus on sealing the ends of your hair rather than trimming them. This will help to prevent dry, brittle ends leading to breakage.

Curls can’t be cut in the same way as straight hair can, which is why it’s recommended that you always go to a professional stylist who has experience cutting curly hair.

It can seem tempting to do it yourself but unless you have vast experience, it’s better if you leave the scissors alone.

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7 Ways To Growing Out Your Curly Hair FAST

growing out curly hair

If you desire longer hair then don’t lose hope just yet because there are things that you can do to help speed up the growth of your curly hair.

Here’s a roundup of the best ways:

1 Keep your hair healthy

2 Use the right products

3 Moisturize the scalp

4 Don’t brush

5 Don’t wear your hair in tight styles

6 Sleep on a satin or silk pillow

7 See a curl specialist

Let’s take a look at these methods in more detail:

1 Keep Hair Healthy

The simplest solutions to growing out curly hair are the most effective. Keeping your hair in the best condition possible is the best way to promote hair growth. This can be done by doing the following:

Sealing the ends

As we mentioned above, sealing the ends is very important.

Depending on your hair type and the dryness of your ends, you may want to use Shea butter or castor oil to hydrate and lock in moisture.

This will prevent breakage in the future.

Avoid heat styling

This might be a hard rule to follow, but trust us, it makes all of the difference.

In fact, using too much heat on your hair (particularly straightening the ends) is likely to be the main reason that your hair isn’t growing.

Excessive heat can cause the ends to get dry, brittle, and break off. If you want to reverse this damage and give your hair a chance to grow, then you need to step away from the heat styling tools.

Opt for more natural hairstyles for a while.

Deep treatments

Regular protein or moisture treatments can keep hair looking and feeling healthier overall.

Excessive heat, over-styling, and outside elements can all contribute to weakened curls over time.

During the colder months it’s common for curls to lose more moisture so you need to restore that.

Deep treatments weekly or bi-weekly can help give curls that much-needed boost!

It can also help to reduce how frequently you need to get your ends trimmed.

Drink water and follow a balanced diet

Drinking lots of water will help to keep your hair hydrated and healthy all year round.

Also, following a diet that is rich in protein, iron, and an abundance of vitamins will definitely help!

You should never neglect your diet when looking for ways to nurture and growing out your curly hair; it’s a key aspect.

2 Use The Right Products

Avoid sulfates and silicone

If you want to achieve healthy hair and promote growth then you need to be avoiding the ingredients that are known to damage hair.

That includes sulfates, polymers, and parabens. You should also avoid any artificial fragrances. The more natural a product is, the kinder it will be to your hair and scalp.

Avoid shampoo (if possible)

Skipping shampoo altogether and following The Curly Girl Method is an effective solution to growing out your curly hair.

This is because, without the drying effects of the shampoo, your natural hair retains its moisture and can grow at a rapid rate.

If you’re not ready to give up shampoo, then make sure you stick to a natural product without sulfates and silicones and one that contains naturally moisturizing oils.

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Use protein or moisturizing products

You need to ensure that you are using the right products based on your hair type and hair porosity.

Using the wrong products is what commonly leads to dull, limp hair. As a general rule of thumb if your hair feels rough and hard, then you are probably in need of moisture.

3 Moisturize The Scalp

Curly hair naturally gets drier than other hair types so you cannot forget about the importance of moisturizing regularly. This is a key step if you’re keen on growing out your curly hair.

The following steps will help you to avoid moisture loss:

Using oils for pre-pooing

Pre-pooing with oils can make a lot of difference to your hair. If you usually have dry hair then you shouldn’t skip this one!

You can use lighter oils or you can opt for heavier oils depending on your hair type and what suits you most. Some popular oils are coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

Using a scalp brush

Did you know that using a scalp brush when washing your hair can help to remove product build up, dead skin cells, and encourage blood circulation?

Well, it’s true. A scalp brush works by exfoliating the scalp and encouraging new hair growth.

Avoiding heavy styling products

You need to care for your scalp in order to promote hair growth.

This means avoiding putting styling products directly on your scalp so it can be allowed to breathe.

Putting styling products on the scalp is what often leads to product build-up and skin irritation. If you want to use them, apply them to the lengths of the hair only.

4 Sleep On Satin/Silk Pillow Or With A Silk Cap To Prevent Tangling

Cotton pillows can cause your hair to snag if you toss and turn a lot during the night. It can also increase frizz and lead to further breakage while preventing hair growth.

To prevent tangles and knots you could opt to sleep on a satin or silk pillow instead. If this isn’t an option or you need further protection during the night, you can wear a silk cap instead.

Also, try switching to shampoos and conditioners that help prevent tangles.

5 Don’t Wear Hair In Tight Styles

Wearing your hair up in tight ponytails or braids and using rubber bands or metal scalps to secure it can damage the hair. Damaged curly hair can take longer to grow.

It can snag strands as well as weaken the hair over time. Some hair bands can leave an indent in your hair when used too frequently.

Instead, opt for plastic hair bobbles or scrunchies as these put less pressure on your hair and scalp.

It’s good to let your hair down frequently as well to let it breathe and relax.

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6 Don’t Brush

There’s a right and a wrong way to brush curly hair.

You should never brush dry hair as this will commonly lead to increased frizz. You should always avoid using a normal brush or a fine-tooth comb as this can cause hair to tear and break.

Many people benefit from using a wide-toothed comb to separate hair strands and leave hair free of tangles.

If this isn’t an option you can use your fingers – just be careful not to do it too roughly.

7 See A Curl Specialist

If you’re unsure about what would be the right cut and style for you, then our best advice would be to seek out a professional.

If needed, they can also give you some tips on how to look after your hair, as every hair type is different.

Make sure that you do your research and read any reviews that you come across. Some hair stylists have little experience cutting curly hair, even when they say they do!

Find a curl specialist who has experience cutting different curly hair types. That way you’ll know you’re in the best hands possible.

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