7 Benefits Of Potassium Sorbate For Hair

There seems to be a constant influx of new ingredients that are meant to benefit your hair or at least claim to be. One of the most recent additions is potassium sorbate, a gentle man-made preservative that is considered moderately safe by the EWG scale but still effective.

What is potassium sorbate and what are its benefits for hair? Read on to find out.

Potassium Sorbate For Hair

What Is Potassium Sorbate?

Potassium sorbate is produced whenever you neutralize sorbic acid.

You typically neutralize sorbic acid using potassium hydroxide. As a result, potassium sorbate can be found naturally, but it can be produced in man-made facilities as well.

The purpose of potassium sorbate is to function as a preservative.

The uses of potassium sorbate are practically endless.

It is considered a food-grade preservative, meaning it can and is used in many food products in order to preserve the food from yeast, mold, and other funguses.

At the same time, it is also used in many skincare and hair products as well as a preservative, but it is much gentler than other beauty preservatives.

Even organic products are allowed to use potassium sorbate as a preservative due to how gentle and sustainable the product is.

How Potassium Sorbate Is Used for Hair

Because potassium sorbate is considered a preservative, this compound is specifically used for hair products.

The purpose of potassium sorbate is to keep your hair products as fresh and long-lasting as possible, free of any microbes.

Potassium sorbate is not used directly on your hair alone. It is not intended to help with hair growth or hair cleaning purposes.

Instead, it is meant to aid your hair care products so that other ingredients in the products can go to work on your locks.

Thus, potassium sorbate is good for your hair care products, but it isn’t added to products to directly benefit your hair, although it may do so.

It just allows your hair care products to last a long time and work as they should without being damaged in the process.

7 Benefits of Using Potassium Sorbate for Hair

Keeps Your Hair Products Long-Lasting

As a preservative, the purpose of potassium sorbate is to allow your hair care products to last longer.

Whenever this preservative is used in hair care products, you don’t have to worry about fungus, mold, mildew, or other spores invading the product and sitting in your hair.

Because your hair products are long-lasting, thanks to this preservative, you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of money either.

In other words, this product keeps your hair clean and safe, but it also keeps your bank account healthy too.

Safer Than Other Preservatives

Potassium sorbate is a lot safer than other skin care preservatives.

It has an EWG rating of two, which is low and considered moderately safe. In comparison to other preservatives, an EWG rating of two is fantastic.

Because of how safe potassium sorbate is, it is suitable for individuals with sensitive scalp or skin needs.

There are also very few allergic reactions to potassium sorbate, although some people can be allergic to the chemical.

Overall, the safety of the preservative means that you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair or skin when using products with this preservative.


To prove just how safe potassium sorbate is for hair, the product is actually considered food-grade.

In other words, this product is so safe that it is used in food products and is safe to consume.

Because it is safe to ingest orally, it is entirely safe to apply topically to your hair.


Even though potassium sorbate is gentle, it’s still highly effective at protecting your hair care products from microbes.

Because of its antimicrobial properties, potassium sorbate protects your hair care products from microorganisms so your hair is actually being treated with safe and clean products.


In addition to being antimicrobial, potassium sorbate is also antifungal, further proving just how effective this preservative is at preserving your expensive hair care products.

Naturally Sourced and Man-Made

The interesting thing about potassium sorbate is that it is both naturally sourced and man-made.

What this means is that you don’t have to worry about the product being synthetically produced.

Even man-made potassium sorbate is the exact same as the naturally sourced compounds.

Simultaneously, you don’t have to worry about the compound being unethically sourced.

In other words, you know that you aren’t putting unnatural, toxic chemicals into your body, but you also know you are not harming the planet by using unethically sourced products.

Found in Organic Products

As though potassium sorbate can’t get any better, it is a preservative approved in organic products because of its safety and low hazard rate on the planet.

So, you can truly trust that this preservative is safe to use in your hair care products.

Final Thoughts

Potassium sorbate is considered a gentle but effective preservative that is found in hair care products. This product is so effective yet gentle that it is considered food-grade.

Remember that potassium sorbate isn’t designed to help your hair. Instead, it is designed to help your hair care products.

That way, your hair care products can last a long time and nourish your hair.

Whenever potassium sorbate is found in your hair care products, you can trust it to be effective enough to fight off fungus and microbes.

At the same time, you know it is gentle enough that it won’t harm your hair.

It is even so gentle that it is considered an approved organic preservative.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any side effects of potassium sorbate for hair?

Potassium sorbate is considered an incredibly safe preservative. Although some individuals are allergic to the compound, it is generally considered free of side effects when used in small amounts.

Does potassium sorbate make your hair grow longer?

No. Potassium sorbate does not make your hair grow longer. The purpose of this compound is to keep your shampoo and hair care products fresh and free from harmful microbes. The product does not change your hair much at all.

What does potassium sorbate do to your body?

Potassium sorbate doesn’t actually impact your body. Instead, it allows your body’s products to last longer and fight microbes that would cause the products to go bad.

Is potassium sorbate good for your skin?

Potassium sorbate isn’t necessarily good for your skin, but it isn’t bad for it either. Instead, it is good for your skin products because it allows the product to last longer. It won’t have much of an impact when used alone directly on your skin.

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