7 Important Benefits of L-Glutathione For Hair

L-glutathione is an antioxidant made naturally in our bodies and has many benefits for our overall health. But what about our hair?

In this article, I’ll go through 7 of the most important benefits of L-glutathione for hair and it may just persuade you to take your daily vitamins!

Benefits of L-Glutathione For Hair

What Is L-Glutathione?

L-Glutathione is a form of the antioxidant glutathione.

Glutathione is made in our body naturally as a tiny protein including three different amino acids: cysteine, glycine, and glutamic.

Glutathione is called a super or master antioxidant because it boosts our bodies’ utilization and recycling of other important vitamins like vitamins C and E.

There are two forms of Glutathione: Reduced glutathione (often called l-glutathione) which is the active form of the antioxidant and oxidized glutathione which is in the inactive state of it.

Is L-Glutathione Good For Your Hair?

L-glutathione may aid hair health by treating conditions that lead to the loss of hair. By improving or eliminating these conditions, you may see positive changes in both hair growth and hair loss.

If l-glutathione can reduce the negative impact of certain health conditions, then we can also assume that the antioxidant is good for hair.

Benefits of L-Glutathione for Hair

Benefits of L-Glutathione for Hair

1. L-Glutathione Improves Immune Health

Autoimmune diseases can lead to many undesirable symptoms that can wreak havoc on your health.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that attacks your body’s hair follicles resulting in hair loss. The hair loss that people with alopecia experience varies by each person.

When the body attacks these follicles, damage to the tissue occurs. This is called oxidative stress.

This causes the body to use up its stores of l-glutathione quickly as it mounts. In order to reduce oxidative stress (and thus slow down hair loss), you should replenish l-glutathione in your body.

2. L-Glutathione Improves Liver Function

Liver disease can result in hair thinning and hair loss. By improving the overall function of your liver, you are in turn also improving your hair by reducing hair thinning and loss.

L-glutathione can be found in large quantities in our liver since it itself is a detoxifier.

Liver disease can cause our body to use up l-glutathione which can allow the disease to attack unchecked which would result in more hair loss.

3. L-Glutathione Reduces Inflammation 

Another great benefit of l-glutathione for hair is that it reduces inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s way of protecting itself from illnesses or injuries. 

When your body uses inflammation to protect itself it can cause damage to the hair follicle which might result in hair fall. This is called inflammatory hair loss which is often related to alopecia.

The l-glutathione antioxidant can regulate inflammation in the body which would help keep it from attacking your hair follicles.

4. L-Glutathione Improves Skin Diseases and Irritations

Skin health is often related to hair health since hair follicles are literally tiny holes in our skin. When skin diseases crop up, hair loss and thinning usually follow.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes large patches of very dry skin to appear like scales. These patches are red, easily irritated, and itch. 

In the event that you have psoriasis on the scalp or other areas in which you have hair, hair loss may occur but it is usually only temporary.

L-glutathione has proved to reduce psoriasis breakouts and improve or remove hair loss and thinning.

Research is currently ongoing to learn more about how this super antioxidant can help these skin conditions.

5. L-Glutathione Increases Energy Levels

image of strong woman alongside the words good energy

Fatigue is closely linked to hair loss. L-glutathione is known to increase your energy stores which results in more energy. With more energy, your hair should begin to grow and stop falling out.

With lower levels of glutathione in your body, you will most likely get sick and become fatigued.

Without the necessary energy to run the systems of your body (like your heart, lungs, and brain), you will be more susceptible to just feeling bad.

When you do not have the energy to efficiently run the systems of your body, you are putting your body under more stress.

This stress can then lead to things like hair thinning or hair loss.

Overall, l-glutathione is guaranteed to improve your overall energy levels which will, in turn, may reduce hair loss.

6. L-Glutathione Can Prevent Gray Hair

During times of stress, you may notice gray hair popping up here or there. This is because, during times of stress, your body will produce neurotransmitters.

To remove these neurotransmitters, your body produces hydrogen peroxide as a by-product. The more stressed you are, the more hydrogen peroxide is produced, and the more gray hairs you get.

L-glutathione makes hydrogen peroxide harmless to our body by rendering it into water.

If the hydrogen peroxide is made into the water, then it will limit the number of gray hairs you have.

Thus, by increasing your intake of l-glutathione you are increasing your ability to fight off gray hair overall.

7. L-Glutathione Reduces Heavy Metals In Your Body

Heavy metals are known to negatively impact your hair. These impacts can range from difficulty growing to hair loss.

L-glutathione will bind to the heavy metal toxins in your body to remove them from your system so you can safely flush them from your body.

Without the presence of heavy metals in your body, then hair loss and the difficulty growing out your hair will decrease or disappear.


L-glutathione is a natural detoxifier in our bodies. When we do not have enough of this super antioxidant in our system, many negative impacts can occur that will result in hair loss. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you have enough l-glutathione in your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Supplements Are Most Beneficial For My Hair?

The most common supplements that are used for hair growth specifically are B vitamins and C vitamins. Complex B vitamins are important for strong hair growth that also conditions the hair. C vitamins also strengthen the hair.

How Can I Improve the Texture of My Hair?

When it comes to improving how your hair feels, vitamins and minerals can be one way to achieve this goal. You should also avoid heat and styling products. A cool rinse when washing your hair is also a good way to ensure your hair feels soft to the touch.

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