[2022 Updated] The Best Shampoos For Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is commonly experienced by many women as a result of hormonal changes post-birth. So, if you start to experience hair thinning or shedding, you’re not alone. We’ve listed the best shampoos for postpartum hair loss to help get your locks looking their pre-pregnancy best.

The Best Shampoos For Postpartum Hair Loss

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What Is Postpartum Hair Loss? 

Your body goes through so many changes when you’re pregnant, it can be hard to keep track. But alongside the occasional headache and feelings of nausea, one of the less pleasant side effects of pregnancy and postpartum hair loss.

The clue is in the name – postpartum hair loss is hair thinning, shedding, or loss that happens to women after childbirth.

The American Academy of Dermatology also refers to it as ‘excessive hair shedding’. Essentially, in the three to six months following delivery, it’s very common for new mums to experience noticeable hair loss as a result of estrogen changes in their bodies.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for keeping hair in its growing phase by stimulating the hair follicle and thereby promoting new growth.

That’s why your hair will often look thick and gorgeous when you’re pregnant (and your skin will typically be glowing for this reason too).

However, post-birth, your estrogen levels will dramatically drop and you may experience hair loss.

You enter what’s called the telogen phase, which is the period when your hair strands are likely to thin and become more fragile to shedding and breakage.

You can even end up losing up to 300 hairs a day. 

How Can Shampoo Help Postpartum Hair Loss? 

How Can Shampoo Help Postpartum Hair Loss

Further good news is that if you use the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss possible, you can help to reduce hair thinning and shedding. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the following:

1. Look for volumizing shampoo and conditioner to boost the appearance of hair. Bonus points for shampoo containing proteins like collagen and biotin.

2. Avoid deep conditioners. If your hair is already thin and limp, these will only weigh it down further. Be sure to condition the ends of your hair and use less on your scalp, as this can make it look oily.

It’s also best to follow the following advice when you’re checking out the ingredients in your shampoo for postpartum hair loss.

New mums need to be especially wary of what’s going into or on their bodies, so keeping to this advice should keep both you and your baby happy.

3. Choose Sulfate free. Sulfates create lather and help to cleanse hair, but they’re also very drying.

For thin hair that’s prone to damage, sulfates will be too harsh, stripping any natural oils. They’re best to avoid if you want to minimize hair loss.

4. Look out for DHT blockers. DHT is a hormone that’s overwhelmingly responsible for hair loss. Many shampoos contain ingredients that block DHT, such as caffeine, green tea, and palmetto, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

5. Avoid parabens. Parabens are preservatives, but there’s clinical disagreement about how good they are for people. Some studies suggest they may disrupt hormones, so it’s best to avoid them postpartum.

6. Avoid artificial fragrances. Postpartum, you’re likely to be more sensitive to ingredients, and artificial dyes and fragrances will only exacerbate that.

7. Choose alcohol-free. Alcohol is incredibly drying on hair – so if your postpartum mane is already a little lackluster, added alcohol in shampoo won’t help with hair loss.

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The Best Shampoo For Postpartum Hair Loss

As recommended above, you want to be supporting and restoring the fundamental building block of your hair – the protein keratin.

The best shampoo for postpartum hair loss will therefore contain proteins like biotin or collagen, which will work to promote hair growth by strengthening the keratin in your weakened hair.

You’ll soon be back to having beautifully glossy, elastic hair that’s looking its prepartum healthy self. Look for shampoo with DHT blockers, too.

1. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

There’s no silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or petroleum in this shampoo.

Perfect for dry or damaged postpartum hair loss, the castor oil and shea butter will deeply moisturize and restore nutrients and shine to revitalize your hair and invigorate your scalp.

Use with conditioner if you want to really nourish your locks.

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2. Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume

This luxurious shampoo is expensive, but it’s beloved by beauty editors worldwide. If you’re keen to boost the volume and bounce of your hair with an extra special formula, use this Oribe shampoo.

Cruelty, paraben, and sulfate free, there’s lupine protein in here as well as palmetto extract, so you’re getting both the protein you need and a DHT blocker to minimize hair loss.

Stimulate your follicles and notice your hair thickening – it’ll thank you for the extra love.

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3. OGX Biotin and Collagen Hair Thickening Shampoo

This budget friendly shampoo is sulfate free and nutrient rich thanks to the vitamin B7, biotin, wheat proteins and collagen in the formula.

After only a few washes, your hair will have more body and volume. Use with the biotin and collagen conditioner for best effects to avoid hair loss.

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4. Plaantur 39 Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner 

This shampoo has been around for so many years, it’s a firm favorite in many people’s bathroom cabinets.

Caffeine is a natural DHT blocker, thereby working to disrupt the non-growth hormone and support your hair’s growth right from the roots.

Phytoflavones from white tea also minimize the impact of DHT and stimulate the scalp, supported by zinc and niacin. There’s no silicone in this formula either which can help prevent hair loss.

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5. Pura D’or Anti-Hair Thinning Shampoo

This shampoo is another old favourite for women looking to reduce hair thinning. Made in the U.S., it works to deeply cleanse the scalp without impacting natural oil production.

By hydrating and replenishing your locks, it minimizes frizz and breakage.

Vegan and cruelty free, it also contains no sulfates – but biotin, black cumin seed oil, pumpkin seed oil and nettle extract block DHT whilst supporting natural protein production.

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6. Cel Microstem Natural Hair Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

Anti-thinning shampoo and conditioner that works with stem cells to boost the health of your hair follicles? Yes please. Sulfate and paraben free, all ingredients are natural and designed to give dull, dry hair some new life.

Deeply moisturizing, this will also cleanse product build up without stripping natural oils. Biotin also works to support your hair’s keratin and can help minimize hair loss.

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7. TruuMe Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Ginger has long been used as a natural ingredient to treat dry, itchy scalps, but it’s also fantastic at both nourishing and activating the hair follicle.

Combined with oomelo peel, this shampoo works to provide an all-natural, non-toxic formula that will moisturize and enrich your hair with nutrients without causing any extra grease or oil.

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8. Grow Me Hair Growth Shampoo

Another favourite, you won’t find any sulfates, parabens, or palm oil in this shampoo. What you will find are plenty of protein and DHT-blockers, like lupine protein, biotin, caffeine, argan oil, and vitamins B3, B6, B7, E, and H.

It’s also pH neutral and vegan, in case you needed anymore persuasion. Revitalise, cleanse, and nourish both your scalp and mane.

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9. Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo

Avalon is a fantastic all-natural brand, and this shampoo lives up to its standards. Vegan and cruelty-free, there are no parabens, phthalates, or artificial colors or fragrances in this formula, with all ingredients certified organic.

Strengthen and nourish hair strands with biotin, palmetto, quinoa protein and vitamin E to effectively combat hair loss.

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10. Faith in Nature Natural Coconut Shampoo

Free from sulfates from the start and always containing ingredients, Faith in Nature is an ecologically conscious brand producing excellent haircare.

Ingredients are vegan and cruelty free, and all fragrance is natural. Coconut oil hydrates hair to boost moisture levels naturally, leaving hair silky soft and manageable. It will also smell divine – what’s not to love? 

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11. Hair Restoration Laboratories Hair Restore Shampoo

Sulfate free, this is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals, and is never tested on animals.

It also contains caffeine, green tea extract, palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, black seed extract, and cayenne fruit extract (among other ingredients) – all of which are fabulous for blocking DHT and promoting healthy hair growth. Help hair grow back naturally with this scientifically-backed shampoo.

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12. Nioxin System 2 Shampoo

Dermatologically-backed, this shampoo is one component of Nioxin’s three-part system for caring for thinning hair.

The other treatments are a conditioner and a serum for both hair and scalp. Protect against damage whilst restoring shine to thicker-looking, fuller hair.

Peppermint oil and biotin, among other ingredients, nourish, cleanse, and support your hair’s keratin levels. 

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13. Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Argan oil and keratin combine to nourish and treat damaged hair, restoring volume and bounce to lifeless locks.

Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E, as well as jojoba and avocado oil deliver intense nutrients, and there are no sulfates, parabens, silicones, or harsh chemicals added to this set. Your scalp and locks will feel hydrated and cleansed, but never weighed down by dense formula and build up. 

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14. DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Shampoo and Conditioner

Vitamin B2 and caffeine work to stop hair shedding, stimulate healthy hair growth, and enhance growth starting from the roots.

Hair will look denser and healthier within a few washes, working to support the hair growth phase and block DHT. You also won’t find any added perfumes to this formula. 

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15. Thicktails Stimulating Hair Shampoo

With caffeine, biotin, and palmetto extract, this shampoo is designed for daily use in order to help hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier.

Other ingredients include B5 and glycineto reduce scalp irritation and support hair growth naturally. All natural, this formula is also cruelty, sulfate, and paraben free. 

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Is Postpartum Hair Loss Reversible?

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Reversible

 Typically, by the time your baby is one years old, your hair will have returned to its bouncy, luscious self. Postpartum hair loss is therefore not permanent.

However, if you’re still experiencing significant hair loss – for example, if you’re losing big clumps of hair – after nine to twelve months, it’s best to seek out advice from a doctor. 

Ways To Combat Postpartum Hair Loss

 Thankfully, there are strategies by which to combat and manage postpartum hair loss.

Obviously, using the best shampoo for postpartum hair loss is a massive component, but you can take other steps to ensure your hair stays as healthy as possible. These include:

Drink water

This is an obligatory rule for life both postpartum and not, but if you’ve just given birth, it’s vital that you maintain your body’s moisture levels, keeping everything as hydrated as possible. That way, you’re giving your hair the best possible chance.

Choose A Balanced Diet

You want to be ensuring you get as many vitamins as possible – particularly those which are rich in amino acid.

Protein Is Important

, as keratin is the main component of your hair and keeps it in its growing phase. Look for collagen-rich foods such as cottage cheese, beans, chicken, eggs, and red meat.


Vitamin D and vitamin B12 are also important to support your hair follicles and blood circulation.

Use The Right Hair Brush

Don’t yank your hair, don’t tie it up when it’s wet, and be as gentle as possible with it to minimize shedding.

Maybe invest in a wide-toothed comb, and ensure your hair scrunchies don’t have any metal in them, which may pull further strands out.

Cut Your Hair

If your hair is shedding, cutting it shorter will help it to look fuller, and layers will add texture and bounce.

Plus, you’re less able to pull your locks back into a tight ponytail – which is a strong no for postpartum hair.

Avoid Heat

Step away from the curling iron and straighteners. Heat will only exacerbate the process of hair thinning and hair loss.

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