Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: What You Need To Know

Keratin bond hair extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair without the commitment of cutting off all your hair. In this article, we discuss the things you should know before getting keratin bond extensions.

Keratin bond extensions cannot be treated like your natural hair. They typically last about three months or more with proper care and maintenance. If you do not care for them in the right way, the extensions will begin to shed prematurely.

What Are Keratin Bond Hair Extensions?

Keratin bond extensions are small strands of hair that are attached to your own with a keratin protein.

They last for several months, and you can remove them whenever you choose within 3-6 months without any damage to the existing hair strands.

Once attached, the keratin bonds seal around each strand of your natural hair, creating a single unit you can style and take care of just like regular hair.

These extensions come in many different colors, lengths, and textures, so it is easy to personalize them.

Before you attach your extensions, make sure to test first using the glue.

Attach the extension onto some strands of your natural hair to see how long they last and what level of damage is done when removing them.

If you feel that the extensions are right for you, then you can proceed with getting them fully attached.

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Benefits of Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin bond hair extensions are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add length, volume, or fullness to their natural hair.

Keratin bonds do not damage the natural strands of your hair and help you avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and dyes that can cause permanent damage to your scalp and skin.

Benefits of these extensions include:

They Boost the Volume and Length of Your Hair

This is the most common reason why women choose to go for keratin bond extensions.

If you have short hair, they can add length and volume without worrying about damaging or breaking off their natural hair due to harsh chemicals.

If you want thick, luscious locks that make heads turn wherever you go, this is an excellent way of achieving your goal.

They’re More Natural-Looking

Unlike other hair extension methods, these extensions are not very distinguishable from your natural hair when you attach them.

They blend in naturally with your hair and look extremely natural without harsh chemicals or processes that may damage your existing hair.

They Last Long and are Durable

Keratin hair extensions come with a long lifespan of about three to six months.

This is because they are highly durable and can last for the entire time without showing any signs of wear or tear, except maybe some minimal shedding due to natural reasons.

Of course, you need to take good care of these extensions by brushing them regularly and washing them when needed with a delicate shampoo.

However, they’re incredibly durable such that even if you don’t take good care of them in the beginning stages, they’ll last for at least three months without any trouble whatsoever.

Easy To Apply and Remove

You can apply and remove these extensions easily, making them a good choice for those who would like to use and remove their extensions as they please.

In addition, you can add these hair extensions to both natural and colored hair.

However, it’s best if you first consult your stylist about how to use a keratin bond extension before applying one.

They’re Gentle on Your Hair

These extensions don’t require harsh chemicals to be applied to your hair so that they won’t damage it in the long run.

They’re Easy to Maintain

The extensions don’t require any special care and can generally last for around three months if you don’t wear them daily.

This means you’ll not only save yourself the bothersome journeys to your hairstylist, but also the costs involved.

Even better, once you decide to remove these extensions, it’s an easy process that will take you less than an hour to complete.

They Allow Your Hair to Move Naturally

The extensions are lightweight, which means they won’t weigh your natural hair down.

They’re also flexible enough that you can style them without any problems, just like your natural tresses.

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Can Keratin Bond Extensions Cause Hair Damage?

Can Keratin Bond Extensions Cause Hair Damage

If you’ve chosen to use a keratin bond extension, you probably must be wondering what its potential effects are on your hair.

While the process of applying a keratin bond extension is not very complicated, it does involve heat.

This heat can potentially damage your hair, and you may be wondering how this will affect your hair’s health in the long run.

The answer to that question largely depends on two factors; the type of product used for application and whether or not you take proper care of your hair.

If you leave the extensions in your hair for too long, denying them the freedom to breathe and grow, your hair will possibly suffer damage.

Doing research beforehand and making an informed decision will help you avoid any future problems with the health of your hair, such as split ends or breakage.

Things to Consider Before Getting Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Getting your keratin bond hair extension is always a great idea, especially if you need longer hair.

But things can turn against you if you fail to check all the factors for and against keratin extensions before settling for the same.

Some of the things to consider are:

The Condition Of Your Hair

Your hair’s condition should be healthy and shiny, without any damage.

These extensions are not recommended for damaged or thinning hair as the bond will not last so long before it loosens up.

If your natural locks are in good shape, then you can go ahead with getting keratin bond extensions to avoid further problems like split ends and breakage.

Your Budget

Keratin hair extension prices vary from one salon to another, and the amount can range between $35 and $100 per set.

If your budget is small, go for synthetic hair as it is cheaper than human hair.

The Length of the Hair Extensions

Usually, those with shorter hair should go for mini-bond extensions, while those with long hair should settle for medium-sized ones.

The length you choose will depend on how much longer and voluminous your natural tresses are or what look you prefer to achieve.

The Number of Extensions

Usually, extensions are attached one or two strands at a time.

Therefore, getting 20 hairpieces for your tresses may not make sense as they will be too heavy and might fall off easily.

It’s best to go for ten pieces instead, which gives you enough volume while staying lightweight at the same time.

Think About the Hair Pieces’ Thickness

You don’t want to end up with hair extensions that are too thin, as they will surely slip off your head and fall apart.

If you have short or medium-length tresses, then super thick ones may prove challenging to fix on your scalp, which is why it’s best to go for those half an inch thick.

For those who have long and voluminous hair, it’s best to choose one-inch extensions.

These will look great on your mane without weighing you down or making life difficult for you in any way.

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Styling Keratin Extensions: How Difficult is it?

Installing keratin extensions can take up to two hours or longer if you’re considering adding some unique styling.

However, if you’re up for something simple like just adding them to your natural hair, then it’ll take less than an hour.

If you want some unique styling, the process will depend on how intricate your extensions are.

For instance, clip-on styling can be best if you could easily put on and remove the hair extensions whenever you want.

On the contrary, you could consider weaving and bonding if you want the extension to last longer.

Glue-on methods work with adhesives that you can remove if you want to wash and maintain your natural hair.

However, even when these extensions come off, it will take a long time for them to detach from the original strands completely, so keep this in mind before making a final decision.

Your hairstylist’s experience also impacts how well the extensions will be applied to your natural hair.

For instance, those who have worked with a particular type of extension before can easily detect and fix any mistakes that occur during the process.

Also, keep in mind that no matter the kind of keratin extensions you choose, the styling process will still require time, patience, and effort.

So how difficult or easy it is to style your keratin extensions depends on the specific style you choose and the level of experience of your hairstylist.

Caring For Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Caring For Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin bond hair extensions are a popular choice among those looking to achieve longer and thicker hair.

However, as with other types of hair extensions, maintaining your long locks requires extra effort.

First, after properly fixing the keratin bonds extensions, it is also essential to use an organic conditioner and deep conditioning treatment once a week, as you would with your hair.

Secondly, wash your hair with a shampoo suited for extensions but don’t wash your hair every day. Doing it only twice or thrice a week should be enough for those wearing extensions that require little maintenance, like clip-in or weave.

Thirdly, you should avoid using too much heat on your hair for the first month at least.

If you are used to blow-drying and straightening your tresses daily, it is best to do these only once a week after washing instead of every day. Too much heat could lead to damage to both natural hair and extensions.

Fourthly, it’s best to be gentle with your hair when washing or combing. Treat it like you would treat the hair of a baby.

Lastly, don’t go overboard in caring for them, especially if you want to keep the extensions for long. After a month or so of usage, you can go back to your regular styling routine.

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