10 Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair in 2022

In this article, we provide a run-down of the 10 best hair dyes for Asian hair and discuss what type of dye you should go for.

Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair

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Characteristics of Asian Hair

Have you ever wondered what makes Asian hair unique and some of its distinct traits? Here are a few characteristics that mark Asian hair:

  • It’s common for Asian hair to be naturally straight but may have a slight wave at times
  • Asian hair grows perpendicular to the scalp as opposed to Caucasian hair which grows diagonally to the scalp
  • It is often stronger and thicker in texture
  • Asian hair fibers and cuticles are slightly larger in diameter compared to Caucasian hair
  • Asian hair is known to be moisturized and well-nourished which is largely a result of it being so straight.
  • It’s often dark in appearance as the natural color of Asian hair is either dark brown or black
  • Asian hair the fastest growing hair types when compared to African and Caucasian hair

What Is the Best Type of Dye for Asian Hair?

Here are a few key points to keep in mind before making your hair dye purchase:

Hair Dye Consistency

One of the advantages of having Asian hair is that your strands are known to be plentiful and thick in texture. The result is hair rich in volume.

The downside is that you will need a larger amount of hair dye to effectively color your strands. We recommend looking for a non-drip hair dye formula to reduce the risk of mess during the application process.

When it comes to the type of consistency of the hair dye we suggest opting for foam or cream-based formula so that the product can be easily maintained on your hair.

The added plus is that thicker formulas are easier to apply and provide the best coverage as a result of even color.

Another key point to keep in mind is the type of ingredients in the hair dye and whether or not the hair dye contains nourishing ingredients.

Luckily, Asian hair has the characteristics of low porosity hair and so in general, it’s a very strong hair type. However. all chemical processes cause damage and so it’s best to look for a dye that has moisturizing oils.

These will help condition your hair during coloring.

Hair Dye Color

One of the most important aspects of finding the best hair dye for Asian hair is selecting a complementary color for your locks. It’s also key to determine whether the dye complements your skin tone.

We recommend looking for cool, ashy brown, and copper colors to suit the gold and olive tones in Asian skin.

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The 10 Best Hair Dyes for Asian Hair

Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color

1. Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Color

The hydrating formula from Kao Prettia Bubble Hair Dye is one of the main reasons we selected the product as the winner for the best hair dye for Asian hair.

 It’s infused with a smoothening silk essence to gently moisturize your hair strands and cuticles during the application process and includes extracts of pure honey resulting in silky hair post-coloring.

The rinse-off treatment which lasts around 3 to 4 weeks also contains amino acids and royal jelly extract which is ideal for combatting hair breakage and dryness caused by most hair dye formulas.

An added advantage is that the Kao Prettia hair dye has a soft foaming consistency so you can ensure smooth, even coverage when coloring your hair.

It also ranks quite high when it comes to affordability, so it is perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly hair dye option.

The only downside is that the packaging contains no English instructions for those looking to have a full understanding of all the ingredients used.

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Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color in Dark Choco

2. Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color in Dark Choco

The Mise en Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color hair dye in Dark Choco is one of our favorite choices when it comes to the best hair dye for Asian hair. The color is known to last between 5 to 6 weeks.

One of the leading factors in this foam hair dye making our top ten list is the Secret Magic Oil ingredient which helps to prevent damage to your strands after coloring and results in vibrant, soft, shiny hair.

The dying process is so simple and is applied as you would with shampoo but onto dry hair.

The foam-based formula consists of multiple bubbles which speed up the dying process and will transform your color in around 20 minutes.

It is also suitable to use on most hair types and is ammonia-free which is an added plus.

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Revlon Total Color in Dark Brown

3. Revlon Total Color in Dark Brown

If you’re looking to find an organic alternative to a chemical hair dye, this vegan formula by Revlon Total Color contains no parabens, gluten, sulfates, or silicones.

Free from harsh chemicals found in most commercial hair dyes today, it’s gentle to use on Asian hair and is non-damaging.

This permanent dye consists of a non-drip coloring formula which is ideal to apply on Asian hair resulting in even color with no risk of patches.

One of the advantages we found is that the hair dye is also fragrance-free and non-irritating, so it is great for those that are prone to allergies or sensitive skin.

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Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

4. Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring

The Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring dye makes it onto the list at number four and is one of the best hair dyes we found for coloring Asian hair.

It’s ideal to use as a first-timer for at-home coloring as the non-drip formula makes the cleanup quick and easy and reduces the risk of stains on your skin and bathroom floor.

It consists of rich emollients designed to keep your hair looking soft and shiny. It is also ammonia-free and sweetly fragranced which is great for hiding the distinct hair dye formula smell that arises from most brands.

While this option is affordable and great for those on a budget, the disadvantage of using this product is that the results are not long-lasting and will need to be refreshed after 4 weeks or so.

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Bigen One Push Cream Color

5. Bigen One Push Cream Color

The Bigen One Push Cream Color kit is next on our top 10 list and is one of our contenders for the best hair dye for Asian hair.

The Bigen brand has been hailed as Japan’s no.1 hair coloring brand since 1905 and has consistently gained popularity over the years for its unique dye formulas that are affordable and easy to use.

Choose between a variety of complementary shades ranging from Mahogany Copper Brown to Dark Caramel Brown all set to keep your gray hairs at bay offering full coverage.

The kit consists of a one-push bottle that is applied directly onto your hair without the need for pre-mixing and a special comb brush to ensure even coloring.

The specially formulated hair dye includes evening primrose oil, grape seed oil, collagen, and even eucalyptus oil so that your strands are kept moisturized and nourished throughout the coloring process.

The only disadvantage we found is that the hair dye contains ammonia and phenoxyethanol.

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Dariya Palty Hair Color in Gray Ochre

6. Dariya Palty Hair Color in Gray Ochre

Ranking in at number 6 for the best hair dye for Asian hair is none other than the liquid formula from Dariya Palty hair color in Gray Ochre.

Formulated to work as a hair treatment it offers the best of both worlds ensuring your hair is colored while staying hydrated and well looked after.

Consisting of grape oil, orange oil, and apricot oil your strands will feel well-nourished and moisturized post-coloring. Silk proteins have also been added which help to create longer-lasting color.

The gentle formula includes seaweed extract that acts as a barrier between the product and your hair limiting any possible risk of hair damage from the dye.

We enjoyed that this product is ready-to-use and doesn’t require any mixing or developer during the coloring process. It is presented in a bottle with a custom-made brush nozzle for easy application.

The main disadvantage of this product is that it is not recommended for use on chemically treated hair.

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L’Oreal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue

7. L’Oreal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue

If you’re looking to target gray hairs while transforming your hair color, L’Oréal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue is an ideal choice for you.

It’s one of the best hair dyes for asian hair offering multi-tonal color from the comfort of your own home.

 The rich, non-drip mousse formula also consists of a conditioning base with a UV filter, so your hair is moisturized during coloring.

Ideally suited to Asian hair it can also be used on most hair types and is set to target gray hairs while depositing luminous layers of color and shine. It’s also versatile in that it can be used to retouch roots making it a great DIY hair dye choice.

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Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment

8. Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment

The Rishiri Kombu Hair Color Treatment makes it onto our list at number 8 and is one of our recommendations for the best hair dye for Asian hair.

 It’s also safe to use as it’s a natural-based formula free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

Rishiri Kombu acts as a hair treatment as well as a hair dye which helps to maintain the PH levels of your scalp and improve the overall texture of your hair.

This organic dye has been specially developed to offer complete coverage of gray hair so you can enjoy a vibrant color transformation.

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ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Color

9. ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Color

The ShoHan Instant Powder Hair Color provides even distribution of color and is a leading Japanese hair dye brand thanks to its long-lasting results.

The gentle formula is free from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and is one of the best hair dyes to use for Asian hair. It also works to reduce the risk of hair loss that may occur due to regular exposure to hair dye.

The ShoHan formula consists of strengthening hair fibers and is infused with conditioning elements to help moisturize your strands during coloring. Providing great gray hair coverage, it is available in four different shades.

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Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color

10. Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Color

This brand uses Color Blend Technology which helps to result in multi-tonal hair color, so your strands enjoy vibrant color with a blend of 3 tones and highlights.

Last but certainly not least is this permanent hair color from Clairol Nice’n Easy. The non-drip formula is ideally suited to apply on Asian hair and offers an even color distribution with ease.

The formula is oil-infused and includes a conditioning base making it gentle and safe to use on most hair types. An added advantage is that it provides 100% coverage for gray hair

The only downside is that the application process is fairly time-consuming and takes around 45 minutes to effectively color stubborn gray hairs.

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