How To Use Batana Oil for Hair Growth (Easy Guide)

In this article, we reveal how you can use batana oil for effective hair growth. Whether you are looking for a natural hair loss remedy or to find out how to create your own hair mask, our handy guide uncovers everything you need to know about batana oil.

How To Use Batana Oil for Hair Growth

Batana oil has been proven to help stimulate your hair follicles which assist with promoting hair growth. It also has healing properties which help to repair damaged hair and moisturize a dry scalp leaving you with shiny, healthy hair overall.

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What Is Batana Oil

Originating from La Moskitia in Honduras, batana oil is extracted from the American Palm Tree and produced by the indigenous people of Miskito.

This tribe has since been referred to as the “Tawira”, meaning people of beautiful hair. They have been using this oil for hundreds of years and it is thanks to them that we now have access to it and the incredible benefits it brings to both hair and skin.

At room temperature, the oil becomes a smooth, brown paste, which has been known to have a coffee-like odor.

Batana oil is rich in antioxidants and amino acids and these properties help to treat damaged and dry hair. This aids in replenishing your locks with moisture.

Another great aspect of batana oil is that it works well to promote hair growth and reverse hair loss.

Benefits Of Batana Oil For Hair

Batana oil offers many benefits for your locks and the best part is that it’s not only great for encouraging hair growth but beneficial to your skin as well.

Here are some of the key benefits:

Replenishes Your Hair With Moisture

Batana oil is not only great for hair growth but as a source of nourishment for your strands as well.

This oil is mainly an emollient which means it is extremely moisturizing for your hair.

Exposing your hair to harsh chemicals and heat styling products may lead your hair to becoming dry and in need of additional moisture.

Batana oil is therefore ideal for treating your damaged ends from becoming overly parched and restoring your moisture level to promote healthy hair.

Helps To Create Thickness

If you’re looking to have thicker, stronger hair batana oil is a good solution. It has a high concentration of fatty acids which penetrates the outer layer of your hair shaft.

The batana oil can help repair damaged hair which makes it an ideal oil to use for hair growth.

Works As A Natural Hair Dye

Did you know batana oil can work as an all-natural hair dye? This multi-beneficial oil will help to darken your grey and white hairs and help restore your strands back to its natural hair color without the use of harsh chemicals.

Adds a luminous shine

Apart from batana oil being able to aid hair growth and adding moisture to dry hair, it also helps to create a healthy shine.

Thanks to the composition of oleic and linoleic acids it helps to restore a natural shine to your strands.

Your hair can sometimes lose its shine thanks to being damaged by exposure to UV, pollution, or even the use of commercial hair dyes.

Batana oil will help to provide your hair with a protective coat along the shaft which will reflect more light. This will result in your hair becoming smoother and shinier long term.  

Batana oil also has some great benefits for skin including:

  • Repairing a damaged scalp
  • Moisturizing skin
  • Helps to fade scars
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Works as a skin emollient

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How Batana Oil Can Help with Hair Growth

Now even healthy hair doesn’t necessarily grow fast, so how can batana oil help? 

Well, around 90% of the nutrients found in batana oil are made up of oleic and linoleic acids. It also contains a host of fatty acids and antioxidants.

Together these elements help to penetrate your locks and offer much-needed nourishment. This process can lead to encouraging hair growth and achieving added length.

Try the Au Natural Premium Organics Batana Oil from Amazon.

It’s made from exclusively natural ingredients so it’s suitable for all hair types.

Simply scoop a small amount on to your fingertips and apply it to your wet hair. Let it stand for around 20 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water and wash as per your regular routine.

This product helps to rejuvenate your hair back to a healthy state so you can enjoy vibrant, shiny hair all season long.

How To Use Batana Oil for Hair Growth

If you’re wondering how to use batana oil for hair growth, we reveal a simple method you can try at home:

1. Warm up a small amount of batana in a double boiler. We don’t recommend using a microwave as the heat will spoil it before it has a chance to develop into an oil.

2. Wait for the oil to cool slightly and apply gently over your scalp

3. Massage the oil into your scalp and down the shaft of your hair using your thumb and index finger. Use a comb to ensure it is covered evenly

3. Place a shower cap over your head to secure the heat and this will also help with the absorption of the oil into your strands

4. Let the oil soak for around 20-30 minutes

5. Rinse the oil out of your hair and wash your hair as normal

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