Why You Should Grow Out Your Hair (6 Reasons)

Looking for reasons to grow out your hair? If you’re tired of chopping your hair, you can cancel the trip to the barber or hair salon and start enjoying the many benefits of having a beautiful mane.

reasons to grow out hair

There are many reasons to grow out your hair, whether you’re a man or a woman. Having longer locks feels luxurious and empowering. It also opens the door to more styles and self-expression, which can do wonders for your appearance and self-confidence. 

6 Reasons For Women To Grow Out Their Hair

Reasons For Women To Grow Out Their Hair

Women can enjoy the following benefits by choosing to grow out their hair:

1.    Saves Time and Money

When you have shorter hair, you’ll need to make regular appointments at the salon to maintain the look.

In the long run, this can add up to a significant time and money investment. Letting your hair achieve its natural length is the lazy way to beautiful hair that feels and looks good with minimum upkeep. 

However, keep in mind that you might need to pop in to see your hairdresser

2.    Offers a Wider Range of Styles

It’s normal for women to switch up their looks once in a while, and styling your long hair differently is the best way to achieve an instant makeover.

Taking a look at some of the popular hairstyles, you have ponytails which can be worn in various ways. 

You can use your long hair to create all sorts of optical illusions. Long hair can be styled to make you look more elegant, sporty, youthful, chic, casual, and everything in between.

3.    Always Fashionable

Long hair never goes out of style, and history is filled with many beautiful women that had long hair.

Even fairytales like Rapunzel emphasize the benefits of growing out your hair.

The main reason why long hair is always trendy is that it be styled in many different ways, so it’s a look that can evolve with changes in the fashion landscape. 

If you want your hair to remain trendy, it’s important to get the right cut and color. You should also keep your hair in good condition, so it looks healthy and complements any outfit.

4.    It’s Beautiful and Luxurious

We have all seen those hair product commercials that advertise women with beautiful, bouncy, and shiny locks, and most agree that those silky tresses are gorgeous.

When you’re rocking long hair that is well-kept, you will feel more empowered because of how beautiful and luxurious your hair feels. 

You’ll be motivated to pamper yourself and your hair to keep your hair in its gorgeous state.

5.    Balances Your Silhoutte

It may come as a surprise but having hair of the right length can improve the way others view your body.

This is especially beneficial to pear-shaped women. Getting a sleek and short haircut when you’re bottom-heavy can make your silhouette seem bigger. 

However, having voluminous curls, for instance, helps to balance your proportions and streamline your silhouette.

This usually works by creating more volume at eyebrow level, but this varies depending on the shape of your face. 

It’s best to talk with your hairstylist to discover the best options. Also, a chat with a fashion stylist can help you figure out how to dress to enhance the benefits of your long hair.

6.    Looks Great on Everyone

Short hair doesn’t always suit everyone, but you can almost always guarantee that long hair will look great on you.

That’s likely because having long hair is the same as keeping it in its natural state. 

Wherever you go, you’ll see women with different body types and face shapes, but they all look great with long hair.

Sometimes, letting your hair grow allows you to showcase it in all its glory by highlighting your hair’s natural curls and color, for instance. 

and get your ends trimmed here and there, but this usually won’t take much of your time.

6 Reasons For Men To Grow Out Their Hair

6 Reasons For Men To Grow Out Their Hair

Men can see many benefits from growing out their hair too.

Benefits include:

1.    Challenges Stereotypes

If you grew up in a traditional setup, you might have been told that long hair isn’t suitable for men.

But it’s equally important to set your own reals instead of always following what society says. You’ll find that having long hair doesn’t mean you can’t embrace your masculinity or look professional.

2.    Can Be for a Good Cause

If you have the patience to grow long hair, you can change someone’s life for the better.

When you decide to chop off your long hair, you can always donate it to organizations like Wigs for Kids to help children dealing with hair loss develop more self-esteem and confidence.

3.    Protects From Cold

This is one of the most practical benefits of having long hair.

Having long hair provides the natural insulation you need to keep warm when outdoors when the weather gets cold.

4.    Increases Confidence

Long hair can enhance attractiveness in men, especially when it’s cut and styled by a professional that knows what they are doing.

It can also increase your confidence as you discover the beauty of hair growth, which can highlight your hair’s natural thickness and curls.

5.    It’s Fashion

No doubt that celebrities have helped promote long hair by looking cool and badass.

For instance, you have celebrities and movie characters like Thor, Kurt Cobain, and Nicholas Cage have inspired many men to grow out their hair.

Sometimes, long hair can be advantageous because it will still look cool even when it’s unkempt. 

6.     Makes Life More Interesting

Many men have kept short hair all their life and have gotten used to having the same look and visiting the barber.

However, growing your hair is one great way of getting out of your comfort zone and switching things up so that life is more interesting.

Growing long hair can teach you that change is sometimes good and motivate you to stop being complacent in other areas of your life.

5 Ways To Quickly Grow Your Hair

Ways To Quickly Grow Your Hair
Attractive young woman with beautiful long hair on light background

Now that you have more than enough reasons to grow out your hair, it’s time to apply the following tips to convince your hair to grow quickly.

1.    Use Natural Hair Growth Treatments

Although there’s a limit to how fast your hair can grow, it never hurts to supply it with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.

The goal of natural hair growth treatments is to prevent hair damage and breakage. 

This can be achieved by using hydrating and moisturizing natural oils that improve the general health of your hair.

Natural oils like olive oil, argan oil, and coconut oil, as well as other ingredients like shea butter, make your hair more manageable and reduce tangling.

2.    Trim Your Hair Regularly

This may seem counterproductive, but regular micro-trims are the key to making your hair grow faster.

If you don’t trim your hair when you should, it means your split ends will continue to travel further up the hair shaft.

 So, you’ll have to get rid of more hair when you finally decide to chop off the frayed ends.

3.    Work on Improving Your Scalp’s Health

Paying attention to the health of your scalp can help you quickly grow your hair.

That’s because the top skin layers of your scalp, the dermis, and epidermis, are where the hair follicles are found.

When your scalp is healthy, your hair follicles receive enough blood and nutrients, creating optimum conditions for hair growth.

The best way to take care of your scalp is by using a quality scalp oil or serum.

For instance, scalp products containing essential oils help minimize the production of harmful bacteria and fungi while promoting circulation.

4.    Take Beneficial Supplements

Having a healthy diet and the right amount of nutrients in your body can also boost hair growth.

For instance, research shows that foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins like zinc, iron, biotin, and riboflavin can encourage hair health and growth.

The easiest way to increase your nutrient intake is to take supplements, but be sure to seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before doing so.

5.    Avoid Excessive Handling of Your Hair

When growing out your hair, you need to handle it with care. Here are some ways to ensure you’re giving your hair enough TLC to keep it growing at a faster rate.

  • Brush and detangle gently. Only use a brush on your hair when necessary and detangle starting from the ends and working your way upwards. 
  • Avoid excessive heat styling. Frequent use of hair straighteners and curling wands can weaken your hair, causing breakage and taking away some of that length you so desire. Use a heat protectant if heat styling is necessary.
  • Don’t bleach or color-treat your hair. Bleaching and color treatment is more likely to develop split ends or break off.
  • Use microfiber towels. When drying your hair, don’t rub on it, but use a microfiber towel to gently pat it dry. 
  • Condition your hair regularly. It’s essential to keep conditioning your hair during your hair growth journey. Conditioner helps to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.
  • Shampoo less. Washing your hair too often strips away its natural oils, so avoid cleansing your hair excessively. When shampooing your hair, a bonus tip is to use cold water to flatten the cuticles and keep your hair protected.

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