The 6 Best Steam Hair Straighteners in 2023

In this handy guide, we explain all there is to know about hair straighteners vs steam straighteners and highlight six of the best hair tools on the market in 2021.

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What Is a Steam Hair Straightener?

Frequent styling using a regular flat iron can cause damage to your natural hair. Side effects include weakened, dry strands lacking shine.

To combat these negative symptoms, steam hair straighteners are highly recommended for healthy styling. They lock in moisture and result in silky shiny hair that’s soft to the touch.

Steam hair straighteners in their essence are regular flat irons that are designed to include a vaporizing feature. This type of styling device sprays your strands with water steam during the styling process.

Unlike common hair straighteners on the market today, steam hair straighteners don’t rely on your hair’s natural moisture to straightener the strands but sprays water directly onto your hair in the form of steam, so your hair’s natural moisture levels are reserved.

The steam promotes moisture absorption, so the final result is soft, smooth, and shiny hair.

Another advantage is that this styling process helps to reduce the appearance of frizz and tame flyaways.

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6 Best Steam Hair Straighteners In 2023

Best Steam Hair Straightener 2021: MKBOO Hair Straightener

1. Best Steam Hair Straightener 2021: MKBOO Hair Straightener

We have compiled our top six list for the best steam hair straighteners in 2021 with MKBOO Professional Nano Titanium Hair Straightener with Steam as the winner.

This straightener is exceptionally durable, and we feel that it provides the best overall results. Designed with ceramic-coated titanium ceramic plates and a 3D comb attachment to make the process simple and easy to use.

The combs work to separate your hair strands, to minimize the risk of snags or damage to your locks.

Fitted with a 360-degree swivel cord, it can accommodate styling your hair from any angle and will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of use.

Why We Like It

It is also safe to use on natural back hair and is fitted with large plates so you can place thick and curly hair into the straightener for simple styling.

These large ceramic plates also help with providing even steam distribution so that every strand of hair receives the same exposure to the heat.

This nifty tool also features an advanced steam iron generator to give your natural hair a truly glossy finish.

Another added benefit we liked is that the temperature can be easily adjusted from 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you have the freedom to select the ideal heat from five different heat levels to suit your specific hair type.

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DORISILK Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Steam Straightener

2. DORISILK Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Steam Straightener

Second place in our top six list for the best steam hair straighteners in 2021 is the ceramic tourmaline steam straightener from DORISILK.

We highly recommend this steam straightener for all your hair styling needs as it is one of the most versatile styling tools on the market today.

It is effective in both straightening and curling your locks and the results will stay with you throughout the day.

It is safe and gentle for styling natural black hair and only takes 60 seconds for the plates to heat up making the process both simple and quick.

It is also dual-voltage compatible meaning that you’re able to travel with it while on vacation or abroad.

Why We Like It

The various heat levels allow you to choose between six different temperature settings, so you have the ability to find the most suitable setting for your specific hair needs. This helps to minimize the chances of breakage and heat damage to your locks.

This steam flat iron is designed with not one but five conditioning steam vents releasing vapor that hydrates and moisturizes your hair during styling. The finished product is salon-quality hair with a glossy shine.

One of our favorite elements of this styling product is that it has 2-in-1 functionality, so you won’t have to purchase a straightening and curling tool separately. Designed with 3D floating plates, it enables you to curl your tresses with minimal effort.

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FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

3. FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

In third place, we have the FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron.

Easily tame flyaways and control frizz with this high-quality heat styling tool. It is suitable to use on a variety of types of hair ranging from over-processed strands to thick and curly locks.

If you’re looking to create a dead straight effect with a high gloss finish this heat styling tool is able to achieve that look effortlessly.

It is travel-friendly and designed with revolutionary steam technology and includes thirty-eight adjustable high heat settings.

It also comes with an LED digital display, so the exact temperature is displayed during your styling process. It reaches 450 degrees Fahrenheit but still remains safe and gentle to use on your hair.

Why We Like It

The FURIDEN Steam Hair Straightener functions by slowly releasing steam while the ceramic heating plates gently lock in moisture into your strands. This results in minimizing the risk of dryness and split ends caused by applying heat styling tools to your hair.

The ceramic heating plates help to release negative ions that smoothen your hair cuticles while you style so you can enjoy pin-straight hair after every use.

Finally, one of our favorite elements of this straightener is that it was created using vapor infusion technology. This results in your hair becoming more resistant to humidity, so your strands won’t become affected when exposed to a hot climate.

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OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener

4. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener

In fourth place on our list for the best steam hair straighteners in 2021 is this luxe, all-black styling tool by OSIR. Unlike most steam hair straighteners on the market today, this one consists of titanium heating plates.

Most flat irons commonly have ceramic or ceramic-tourmaline heating plates. The clamp is fitted with two high-quality titanium plates that are infused with a ceramic material to give it an edge.

These plates are uniquely designed in that there are no gaps between the titanium plates and the clamp limiting the potential for any cold spots.

This in turn minimizes the risk of heat damage as you can limit the heat exposure on your hair and speed up the styling process.

Why We Like It

The OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener releases steam automatically so you don’t have to manually push any buttons to release the steam during styling. Thanks to the well-timed steam you save time and also protect your hair in the process as it is constantly hydrated and moisturized.

The steam hair straightener is designed to include a rubber grip handle, so you have control over the styling tool and prevent the risk of exposing your fingers and hands to the hot iron.

This tool also offers a variety of temperatures so you can select one that is suited to your specific hair needs.

The highest setting is ideal for natural hair that’s known to be coarse and thick. Choose the lowest setting for tresses that are known to be dry, straight, and have minimal movement and body.

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Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener

5. Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener

In fifth place on our list for the best steam hair straighteners in 2021 is the Solofish Salon Grade Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener.

It features two sets of advanced ceramic heaters that heat up in under 15 seconds or less offering a speedy styling process which is great if you have limited time.

We highly recommend this straightener as it is simple to use and safe to apply to natural hair.

Why We Like It

This styling tool is designed with the safety of the user in mind. It is created with an automatic shut-off feature that will switch off the device after any period of inactivity.

We love that this styling product includes a set of thermal protective gloves so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself during the styling process.

Despite its compact size and being travel-friendly, this steam straightener offers high performance with salon-quality results.

The flat iron is created with five steam vents in total that deliver steam evenly throughout your locks.

There is even the choice for a 15-minute constant steam setting which is perfectly suited to use on dry, dull hair as this provides a boost in hydration resulting in a glossy finish.

Finally, this nifty tool is designed with six different temperature settings making it suitable to use on all different hair types.

The lowest setting is ideal for those that have delicate or fine hair. For those of you with coarse, thick hair a higher temperature setting will be ideal to achieve smooth, straight locks in the final result.

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Madami Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

6. Madami Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron

Last, but certainly not least on our list for the best steam hair straighteners in 2021 is the Madami Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron.

It is designed with ceramic plates that are coated with negative ions to help smooth and tame frizz and provide a glossy shine.

Why We Like It

This handy straightening iron has three different steaming settings ranging from medium to high and includes an option where it can be turned off.

This helps you have control over the level of steam applied to your hair making it ideal to suit any hair type by finding your custom temperature.

It is also safe to use and is fitted with an automatic shut-off feature so that it switches off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

Finally, Madami Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron is designed with a 360-degree swivel cord making it easier to hold and use during the styling process.

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How to Use a Steam Hair Straightener

If you’re wondering how to go about styling your hair using a steam hair straightener the process is simple.

We recommend starting with clean, dry hair that has been brushed and is free from any knots and tangles.

For added protection, we suggest using a heat protectant spray first before applying the styling tool.

This way your tresses are protected, and you will reduce the risk of damage from heat styling.

  1. The first step entails adding distilled water to the steam reservoir as per your steam hair straightener’s instructional booklet.
  2. Turn on the vapor setting to release steam so you can begin styling your hair and choose a steam level to suit your needs
  3. Gently take a section of hair and place it in between the two plates and clamp down, moving the hair straightener down towards the ends
  4. Repeat this step until you have completed straightening all sections of your hair

Who Should Use a Steam Hair Straightener?

If you’re wondering whether a steam hair straightener is best suited to your styling needs, consider these points below:

  • Steam hair straighteners are ideal for those who regularly style their hair with straightening irons and other hot styling tools
  • If you have damaged or frail hair, using a steam hair straightener on your natural hair is best as it helps to replenish moisture rather than strip it away
  • Steam hair straighteners are perfectly suited to use by both men and women
  • They are safe to use on colored and relaxed hair or those with a perm
  • It offers longer lasting results
  • Suitable to use on both thin and thick hair
  • Offers impressive results when styling natural black hair

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Hair Straighteners vs Steam Straighteners

Regular Hair Straighteners Irons

A straightening iron can be used to both straighten or curl your hair.

The effects are often long-lasting, and the process is fairly simple and easy to do. The downside is that over time it may result in damaging your hair due to the excessive heat and stripping your hair of its natural moisture.

The tools straighten your hair by placing the strands of hair between the heated plates enabling direct contact with the heat.

This could result in your strands drying out and may cause your hair to become brittle, damaged, and even dull.

Steam Hair Straighteners

A steam hair straightener offers a gentler approach to styling your hair resulting in the same effects with less damage.

The reason is due to the way the two irons are constructed. The main mechanism of a steam straightener is to store water within the iron and use the steam to straighten your hair rather than relying on direct heat.

The finished product is healthy, shiny locks with minimal damage.

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