Benefits Of Titanium Flat Irons (Why They’re The Best)

If you’re shopping for a new straightener and are overwhelmed by the different types there are to choose from, take a deep breath. Titanium flat irons are a great option for most people who want sleek, smooth hair and in this article, we are going to explore all the benefits of titanium flat irons.

Benefits Of Titanium Flat Irons

Why Does The Type Of Flat Iron You Use Matter?

When you see flat irons made of everything from titanium and tourmaline to different types of ceramics, you might be wondering what the difference is.

It would be easy to assume that they all must do the same thing, but that’s not necessarily true.

Many people who regularly straighten their hair have a favorite type of flat iron.

Usually, preference for a certain type is stemmed from the type of hair you have or how frequently you straighten your hair.

Titanium flat irons are an all-around great option because they work well on all hair types and last a long time if you take good care of them.

7 Benefits of Titanium Flat Irons

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1. Maintain A Consistent, Even Temperature

One of the main reasons to choose titanium flat irons is because of the way that they heat.

Titanium heats up very quickly and maintains an even temperature across the plate once it has reached full temperature.

Being able to control temperature is a big reason why professionals and hair enthusiasts alike love to use titanium flat irons.

Most titanium flat irons also have adjustable temperature settings so that you can fine-tune them for exactly the right amount of heat for your hair.

2. Great For All Hair Types

Titanium flat irons work on all hair types.

Other flat irons may be better suited for only thin, delicate hair, but titanium works well on all types of hair from the thickest, coarsest curls to the thinnest, most delicate hair.

If you are a hair stylist, a titanium flat iron is a great investment because it can be used on any client.

Simply adjust the temperature and you will be ready to move swiftly from clients with various different hair types with ease.

3. Create Smooth, Frizz-Free Styles

There’s nothing worse than when your freshly straightened hair starts to get frizzy or puffy as soon as you encounter moisture or humidity.

Titanium has smoothing properties and produces negative ions that help to smooth the hair’s cuticle to prevent unwanted frizz.

A titanium flat iron is the ultimate tool to create that enviably mirror-shiny, sleek hair no matter how frizzy or curly your hair is naturally.

4. Lightweight For Comfortable Styling

You may notice that titanium straighteners feel lighter than ceramic straighteners or even other metal straighteners.

This is because titanium itself is very light, so it makes the overall tool feel much more lightweight and easy to manage.

If you have a lot of hair, you will thank yourself for getting a titanium straightener. You will notice fewer ounces when you pick up a titanium flat iron.

It will make a big difference when you have lots of hair to straighten at once. Say goodbye to exhausted arms every morning after styling your hair.

5. Replace Your Flat Iron Less Often

While it’s always good practice to replace your flat iron every 2-3 years, you may be able to enjoy your titanium flat iron a little bit longer than that.

With proper care and average use, your titanium flat iron could last up to 5 years.

A big reason why titanium flat irons last so much longer than other flat irons is that titanium is a very durable material.

The plates can take a lot of heat and use before needing to be replaced.

So, if you want to get more time out of your straightener you will be happy with a titanium flat iron purchase.

6. Reduce The Risk Of Damage To Your Hair

Don’t be afraid of dreaded heat damage when you use a titanium straightener.

Titanium is a great material for hot tools because while it conducts heat well, it also protects your hair from getting fried.

The smoothing metal plates glide across your hair without catching or causing any tangles or breakage, and you’ll be left with shiny, smooth locks that last all day.

7. Achieve Effortless Styles Quickly And Easily

Gone are the days of having to wait several minutes for your flat iron to reach full temperature before you can start using it.

Titanium flat irons heat up very quickly, which means that you can get your hair styled and ready in record time.

Whether you need to straighten your curly hair or just touch up a few pieces before you head out the door, titanium flat irons work much more quickly than other materials.

If you’re short on time and just need your straightener to get the job done in a few minutes flat, titanium is a great option.

How Long Will It Take To Straighten My Hair With A Titanium Flat Iron?

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The length of time it will take to straighten your hair with a titanium flat iron will vary based on a few factors.

The length, thickness, and texture of your hair are the three main things that impact how long it will take to achieve the straight, sleek style you are after.

If you have long, thick, coarse hair, it might take you 20-30 minutes to straighten your hair. If you have hair that is short or thin, you might be able to get it straightened in 10-15 minutes.

These times will vary as you get more skilled at straightening your hair, so you may be able to cut that time back even more with your titanium flat iron.

The great thing about titanium flat irons is that they do cut down on your overall styling time because you can adjust the temperature to the perfect amount of heat for your hair type.

The titanium plates hold heat evenly and consistently, so it will require fewer passes to finish your style.

Are Titanium Flat Irons Only For Professionals?

Professional stylists love titanium flat irons because they work well on all hair types and heat up quickly, which can save a lot of time in the chair.

Although titanium flat irons are a favorite of professional hair stylists, you can use them at home too!

The main thing to be careful of when you are using a titanium flat iron is to make sure you’re using the appropriate temperature.

As tempting as it can be to turn the heat all the way up to 450 degrees to get your hair straight quickly, resist the temptation!

Using too much heat can cause significant damage to your hair. It’s important to use the least heat possible to get the look you want to preserve the health of your hair. 

Is a titanium flat iron better than a ceramic one?

Both titanium and ceramic flat irons are good hair tools. Depending on what you are looking for out of your flat iron, you might prefer one over the other.

Titanium flat irons are great if you have thick, coarse, or very curly hair that you need to straighten. The plates hold heat evenly and have smoothing properties that help you obtain the sleek, straight style you are after.

How much do titanium flat irons cost?

You can get a titanium flat iron at a variety of different price points depending on your budget.

Prices range anywhere from $30-$200 depending on the brand and features of the flat iron. Amazon, big-box retailers, and beauty supply stores carry a wide range of options to meet your hair needs and budget.

Are more expensive titanium flat irons better than cheaper ones?

Although you can easily get a titanium flat iron for under $50, it’s true that you get what you pay for. Titanium flat irons in the $100-$200 range are usually professional-grade and tend to last longer and work much better.

More expensive titanium flat irons tend to have a more reliable heating element, and helpful features like automatic shut-off and are built to hold up to daily use.

Do I need to use a heat protectant with a titanium flat iron?

Heat protectants are important to use on all hair types any time you use hot tools on your hair.

This includes titanium flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, and more. Apply a heat protectant spray or cream product to damp hair before using any hot tools to create a barrier against unwanted damage.

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