How To Store Shampoo Bars (5 Easy Ways)

Shampoo is an essential component of your grooming routine (assuming you have hair on your head), so it is important to know what to do about storing your shampoo bars when they are not in use. You don’t want to leave them just anywhere for fear that they might come in contact with running water and dissolve before you are able to use them. 

How To Store Shampoo Bars

Also, you will want to keep them away from small children and pets who might not know what they are and attempt to consume or destroy them. 

If you wish to enjoy the plastic-free shampoo experience that these bars provide, we encourage you to read on to learn more about it. 

What To Look For With A Quality Storage Solution

There are two big things that you should zero in on when looking for the proper storage solution for your bars of shampoo. 

Those are the airflow available to the shampoo bars and the drainage situation.

You want the bars to be exposed to dry air when possible, and you also want them to have good drainage in order to maintain them for as long as possible. 

If your storage solution falls short on either of those elements, then you need to consider another plan. 

Options For Storage

Options For Storage

You have a variety of choices for how to store your shampoo bars in a way that meets the criteria that we have already discussed. 

If you are interested in keeping the bars as safe as possible for as long as possible, then you ought to consider the storage options you have available.

1. Soap Dish

Soap dishes are one of the best ways to store shampoo bars because they are both practical and stylish at the same time. 

You can show off the shampoo bars that you are so proud to use in your shower while also making it easy to grab and use whenever you need to.

People like a soap dish because it is made from a simple wooden design that is pleasing to the eye. 

However, you should keep in mind that you will need to keep that piece of wood clean by properly cleaning it at least once every two weeks. 

You don’t want mold or mildew to pop up on the dish, and that is a distinct possibility if you are not careful about maintaining it. 

2. Shower Caddy

No, we are not talking about the type of caddy you might see out on the golf course! Rather, this is a shower caddy that hangs down from your shower head and typically stores other products for you.

If you wanted to, you could convert that into something that stores your shampoo bars as well. 

There is no reason why it couldn’t be used for this purpose.

You just need to be sure that the caddy provides proper ventilation to the shampoo bars so it can effectively handle the situation. 

If you believe that you can handle that, then a shower caddy is something that you should use for the storage of your shampoo bars as well. 

3. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Some people have become very creative with their caddies and have ordered them as a bathtub caddy tray. 

If you are the type of person who enjoys taking a bath at least once in a while, then you will surely love the bathtub caddy tray.

A bathtub caddy tray is a great choice because it sits across the length of your tub.

It has special storage areas contained within for each and everything that you might need to bring into the tub with you. 

From a special spot to put your phone, to areas where you can store something like your shampoo bars, there is no question that the bathtub caddy tray is the ideal choice for you to keep these plastic-free shampoo bars safe from water. 

4. A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Container

There is a reason why so many DIY television shows are popping up these days.

People are interested in being more industrious and learning how to fend for themselves in this world. 

They love to tackle projects large and small, and there is nothing to stop someone from building their own DIY container to carry their shampoo bars in. 

We know that the type of person who is likely to want a plastic-free shampoo experience is also likely interested in being environmentally friendly in other ways as well. 

Thus, they will probably want to see what can be done to create a container that they can use to protect their shampoo bars from water exposure using materials that they already have.

People have done this using:

  • Old tin cans
  • Previously used soap containers
  • Bags were originally meant for other purposes
  • And more

The ingenuity that comes out when someone is put on the spot to create a DIY container for their shampoo bars without bringing new materials into the picture is truly astounding. 

It is something that we all need to take note of and try to learn from. 

5. Soap Saver Bag

The concept of using soap that does not involve plastic is so popular now that the public is well aware of it.

In fact, if you happen to stop by some local trade shows or a flea market, you are likely to see at least a few homemade soap saver bags for sale. 

People can construct these by using materials that they already have in their homes such as yarn.

A soap saver bag is one of the best ways to store shampoo bars because it provides the airflow that we mentioned above. 

Dry air coming in contact with the shampoo bars allows them to last a lot longer than they otherwise would have. 

If you decide to go for a soap saver bag, make sure you look for one that has proper ventilation. This helps shampoo bars get the air that they need so they can last as long as possible for you. 

What To Do With Shampoo Bars When You Are Done With Them?

What To Do With Shampoo Bars When You Are Done With Them

The best thing about a plastic-free shampoo bar is that there is nothing to throw away when you are done with them. 

They are activated by water, and this means they dissolve over time. When you are done using them there is nothing left to clean up or do. 

They simply dissolve until there is nothing at all left of them. That is much more friendly for the earth than many of the other options on the market. 

When you think about all of the plastic shampoo bottles that you have thrown out over the years when you have finished using what was in them, it can get pretty troubling.

It is a good thing an option like this exists that can help keep more plastic bottles out of landfills and help you feel better about the choices you have made in regard to the environment. 

You do NOT want to get caught up in a guilt trap about your environmental impact, and this is a great way to avoid doing so. 

Are Shampoo Bars As Effective As Traditional Shampoo? 

Are Shampoo Bars As Effective As Traditional Shampoo

Finally, it must be said that shampoo bars are indeed as effective as traditional shampoo at getting the job done. 

We know that you don’t want to purchase something solely because it is good for the Earth.

People like it when they can do something good for the planet, but they are also interested in making sure the products that they purchase are useful to them as well. 

This is why you should know that shampoo bars are at least as effective as traditional shampoo, if not more so. 

Shampoo bars skip on all of the unnatural chemicals that may show up in traditional shampoos, and that gives them the distinct advantage of being useful for those who want to avoid chemicals.

As such, you should have extreme confidence that your shampoo bars will get the job done and will help you feel better about what you are doing for the planet at the same time.

Just make sure you look for proper storage solutions for them! 

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