Is Sparkling Water Good For Your Scalp? (Solved)

It’s common knowledge that keeping your scalp healthy is the best way at maintaining a healthy head of hair. However, is it really as simple as regularly washing your hair with ordinary shampoo and regular water? If you’re experiencing scalp irritation, flakes, or an excess of oil, then read on to discover how sparkling water can help improve scalp health.

Sparkling Water For Your Scalp

Sparkling water can be beneficial to the scalp when diluted with tap water. It can help to balance the scalp’s pH and remove excess residue, resulting in less irritation and flakes, commonly caused as a result of dandruff.

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Why Use Sparkling Water on Scalp?

While there is nothing particularly wrong with using regular tap water on your hair and scalp, it can be an issue if you live in an area with hard water.

As hard water is higher in minerals, this can weigh the hair down and cause it to dry out, becoming more prone to damage.

If you’re unsure if regular water is damaging your hair and scalp, then consider these questions:

  • Do you have thick, curly hair that tends to get very dry?
  • Do you have fine hair that often falls victim to product build up?
  • Is your hair flat and lifeless?
  • Is your scalp greasy or dry and flaky?
  • Has your hair become straw-like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it might be worth considering switching up your hair routine.

And yes, that starts with looking at the water you wash your hair with.

Take a look at these maps to check the hardness of water in your area:

USA (Image by
How To Spot Calcium Build Up in Hair
United Kingdom (image by
How To Spot Calcium Build Up in Hair
How To Spot Calcium Build Up in Hair

If regular water isn’t thoroughly cleansing your scalp, then the rest of your hair is going to suffer as a result of this.

Switching to sparkling water instead can erase those common hair issues by providing your scalp with a deeper clean.

Benefits of Sparkling Water

When using sparkling water on the scalp, it can be a very effective way of cleaning the hair, leaving it looking shinier and healthy-looking.

These are some of the benefits of switching to sparkling water:

  • Creates a healthy pH of the scalp
  • Removes traces of dirt and product build up
  • Feels gentle and refreshing
  • Acts as an exfoliator by lifting dirt and oil trapped in the pores
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Reduces frizz and brittle ends
  •  A deeper clean for the hair and scalp
  • Increases hair volume

There are very few reported side effects when using sparkling water on the scalp, so if you are unsure and curious about the benefits, then start off by adding it to your routine for just a week or two.

You should be able to see the difference after just 1 or 2 washes, but for hair that’s been damaged over a prolonged amount of time, it could take a bit longer.

If there’s any kind of reaction to the hair or scalp then discontinue use.

How Sparkling Water Can Help Detox The Scalp

A sparkling water scalp solution is a great way of detoxing the scalp and removing any product build-up.

The pH of sparkling water is 3 – 4, which means it is quite acidic, while regular tap water is between 6.5 and 9.5.

Using sparkling water can help to neutralise the pH of the scalp, reducing common scalp issues such as dandruff and dry scalp.

It’s the particles in the sparkling water that are so effective at cleansing the scalp.

They are able to cling to traces of dirt, bacteria, excess oil, and other residue that could be building up on the scalp.

Sparkling water therefore works as an exfoliating or detoxing shampoo by getting in deeper of the pores of the scalp to remove any gunk that could be clogging it up.

This is something that regular shampoo and regular tap water might not be able to get rid of.

While sparkling water detoxes the scalp, it also improves the overall health of the hair. You may have heard that a happy scalp equates to a happy head, and that definitely rings true.

A healthy scalp with a balanced pH is key to maintaining healthy, nourished hair and promoting hair growth.

A lower pH leads to fewer bacteria getting trapped in the pores, which leads to fewer hair issues.

This is a particularly good solution for those who have significant product build-up caused by using various chemical shampoos and hair masks.

By thoroughly cleansing the scalp and removing the residues, it will allow your scalp to begin producing its natural oils once again, resulting in hair that is smoother and glossier.

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The Importance of Scalp Care

Keeping the scalp healthy and clear or debris and excess oils is vital for hair health.

Simply washing your hair with ordinary shampoo and conditioner a couple times a week might not be enough. You could be neglecting your scalp’s needs!

If you have any of these symptoms, then you shouldn’t be ignoring them:

  • An itchy scalp
  • A flaky scalp that becomes red and sore
  • Spots on the scalp
  • A dry scalp
  • Excessive oil on the scalp
  • Roots that appear greasy after 1 day of washing
  • Dry hair and brittle ends

If you experience any of these symptoms, then your scalp is crying out for extra care and nourishment, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

It could be as easy as switching to a gentler shampoo, or it could be avoiding using conditioner on your scalp if your roots are often oily.

And sometimes, it’s not about what you are doing, it’s about what you’re not doing.

Some people have a balanced scalp, while others do not. If your scalp is unbalanced, then it needs some extra attention.

A sparkling water scalp solution is one way of doing this, ensuring you are diluting it with regular water before applying it to the scalp.

Another thing to consider when shampooing is to make sure you use your fingers to gently work the product in instead of your nails, as this can further irritate the scalp and lead to more flakes.

You can try a scalp massager which is great for a gentle but effective clean.

Don’t forget about exfoliating your scalp as well – once a week may be sufficient at removing product build-up and ridding the scalp of impurities.

Try the As I Am Dry & Itchy Scalp Care Shampoo which is free from sulfates and parabens.

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