6 Benefits Of Keratex Hair Oil (And Where To Buy)

Using oils like coconut and argan oil on hair can condition and strengthen strands, as well as reduce frizz and help with conditions like dandruff. But whilst you may have heard of jojoba or almond oil for your hair, you probably haven’t heard of the traditional Ayurvedic keratex hair oil.

Benefits Of Keratex Hair Oil

Keratex hair oil has many benefits thanks to the properties of the Ayurvedic herbs that it’s made from. Keratex oil is anti-fungal and can therefore help to manage dandruff. It also contains antioxidants.

It’s a wonder haircare product that has been used for centuries in India thanks to its benefits.

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What Is Keratex Oil?

Keratex oil is made in India by the company Dabur India Limited.

It is an Ayurvedic medicinal hair oil and has been used to nourish the scalp, moisturize hair strands, and reduce the risk of hair fall and shedding. 

Keratex oil is typically made of a combination of five Ayurvedic herbs – jyotishmati, jatamansi, brahmi, manjistha, and tial taila.

These all have different properties that combine to give keratex oil its many benefits. 

The original keratex oil from Dabur uses sesame oil as its base.

Sesame oil has many benefits for hair, including reducing frizz and split ends. It is also antibacterial and antifungal, so contributes to the management of dandruff.

Brahmi has many benefits, including being anti-inflammatory and containing many antioxidants.

It’s for this reason that brahmi is beneficial for hair, as it can help to reduce oxidative stress on your strands and may contribute to the management of dandruff.

Like the brahmi herb, jyotishmati is also anti-inflammatory and may therefore help with dandruff.

Jatamansi has also been linked to reduced hair shed and even hair growth in men. It improves the health of the hair follicle, which is essential for hair growth, and may therefore contribute to the overall volume. 

Is Keratex Oil Good For Hair?

Is Keratex Oil Good For Hair

There are many benefits to using hair oil. Typically, hair oiling is a process where oil is massaged into the scalp and hair strands.

It has been used for centuries and is well known in Ayurvedic medicine and practice. 

Keratex oil is good for hair in much the same way as other hair oils such as coconut or jojoba oil.

Amongst its many benefits, keratex oil nourishes and moisturizes hair, and can help to control dandruff thanks to the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties of the ayurvedic herbs that make up keratex oil.

There are no known side effects to keratex hair oil, but it would be wise to perform a patch test prior to use.

Take a small amount of keratex oil and apply it to the skin of your elbow crease or behind your knee.

If you don’t experience an allergic reaction or any irritation, then you should be okay to use keratex oil on your scalp and hair strands.

6 Benefits Of Keratex Hair Oil 

6 Benefits Of Keratex Hair Oil 

1. May reduce hair fall and thinning

When you massage keratex oil into your scalp and strands, you’ll be encouraging blood circulation to the area. This is essential for hair growth, as well as supporting the health of hair follicles. 

As such, by using keratex hair oil, you may be reducing hair fall and even supporting hair growth and strength.

2. Nourishes and moisturizes hair and scalp

One of the main appeals of regular hair oiling is the nourishment and moisture it offers to dry, parched strands.

Regular use of keratex hair oil will intensely moisturize and condition both the scalp and the hair.

As such, for those who experience dryness, it can help hair to stay sleek, and may reduce scalp dryness.

3. May help with dandruff management

As described above, the Ayurvedic herbs in keratex oil have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

This means that using keratex oil may help to mitigate or manage dandruff, as well as reducing the risk of other infections.

4. Minimizes hair breakage and split ends

If your hair is frazzled and in need of love, keratex oil will help.

It works to smooth and moisturize hair strands, which in turn supports their structural integrity. You’ll likely notice less hair breakage and fewer split ends by incorporating the oil into your routine. 

5. Improves hair texture

By smoothing hair frizz and maximizing shine, keratex oil will improve hair texture. You’ll be turning coarse, dehydrated, rough strands into silky smooth locks.

6. May help reduce gray hairs

There’s anecdotal evidence that keratex oil can help hair to retain its natural pigmentation, thereby reducing the risk of graying hair.

Where Can I Buy Keratex Oil?

Whilst keratex hair oil is made in India by Dabur, it can nonetheless be purchased on Amazon.

When purchasing, take care that you do go for a Dabur product, as this is the original keratex oil.

Dabur Keratex Oil

This keratex oil comes in 100ml and is the original product from Dabur. Use it to help with haircare concerns including hair loss and dandruff.

The base oil for this formula is sesame oil, which has many benefits for hair, amongst them the reduction of frizz and prevention of split ends.

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How To Use Keratex Oil For Hair

How To Use Keratex Oil For Hair

If you plan to integrate keratex oil into your haircare routine, follow these easy steps. Remember that it’s best to be sparing with the amount of oil you use initially, so as not to waste any.

  1. Apply the keratex oil to clean fingertips. 
  2. Using circular motions, massage the keratex oil into your scalp and hair strands. If you work your hair into sections prior to doing so, this might make the process more manageable.
  3. If there is any keratex oil left on your palms, you can massage this into your hair, too.
  4. Cover your newly oiled hair with a shower cap or silk scarf. Leave for an hour, or even overnight if your hair is in need of intense moisture.
  5. After the hour, or on the following morning, shampoo your hair as normal. Take care that you get the oil out of your hair, rinsing thoroughly so as to cleanse any oil away.

How Often Should I Use Keratex Oil On My Hair?

Whilst it is typical in Ayurvedic practice to oil your hair almost every day, in reality, this may be complicated.

If you can integrate keratex oil into your haircare routine once or twice a week, you’ll likely notice the benefits.

Coordinate your hair oiling around the days when you need to wash your hair, as this will make the process more streamlined and easier for you to integrate both steps into a regular routine.

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