9 Crazy Hair Cutting Superstitions You Never Heard About

For as long as we’ve known, hair maintenance has been a huge part of the modern human experience. We did some digging and found 9 crazy hair-cutting superstitions you might never have heard about before!

Hair Cutting Superstitions

According to The American Academy of Dermatology, human hair grows around half an inch per month.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the average person gets a haircut every 2.5 months to keep their hair nice and trimmed.

But did you know that throughout history, many haircutting superstitions have made their way into general society, often disguised as good or bad luck omens?

Let’s take a look!

1. Cutting Your Hair on Good Friday Will Prevent Headaches

Many of these hair cutting superstitions go back several generations and can be found in retellings of old traditions.

According to Irish Culture and Customs, Good Friday was dedicated to prayer, penance and fasting.

Many women would even let their hair hang down as a symbol of mourning.

Both men and women would, therefore, use this day to have their hair cut.

According to old Irish folklore, it was said that hair cut on this specific day would result in thicker and longer hair growth.

More importantly, it would prevent headaches!

So, if you’re Irish with thinning hair and suffering from migraines…maybe give it a go?

2. Always Burn Your Cut Off Hair

cutting hair superstitions

It is said to be bad luck to throw away your cut off hair. The obvious solution? Burn it!

According to superstition, thrown-away cut-off hair could be picked up by birds who will use the hair for nesting.

Birds will weave their nest so tightly with your hair that you will end up with a headache or your life may even become intertwined with the bird and you will suffer the same fate as them.

Another hair cutting superstition warns that your cut off hair could be stolen by someone with bad intentions.

Such a person may cause you to become a victim to evil plots or even wicked spells. 

Burning your hair could also be a foretelling of your future. If the hair strands burn brightly, you will live a long life.

If they dissolve quickly, it is said to be a warning of death. 50/50 chance of a long life? I’ve had worse odds.

3. Cutting Your Hair At Night Means A Family Member Will Die

This is one of the only hair-cutting superstitions that actually sort of makes sense.

Not the superstition that a family member will die of course! But the fact that you shouldn’t cut your hair at night seems like really good advice.

This superstition stems from older times when people didn’t have lightbulbs and were relying on oil lamps.

Cutting hair at night without proper lighting could result in unsanitary conditions such as hair in food or a dirty household.

In order to prevent young men and women from cutting their hair late at night, this rather morbid hair cutting superstition was passed down by the older generation.

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4. Cutting Hair On A Tuesday Could Mean A Short Life

This is a dark one. According to Hindi tradition, the second day of the week is called Mangalwar and this is also the day of the planet Mars.

It is supposedly a good day for things like arguments, combat, or even war!

However, according to Hinduism, cutting your hair (and nails) on a Tuesday could shorten your life as well as cause high amounts of debt.

Not the most optimistic of hair cutting superstitions so if you’re planning a long life and high flying career, better choose another day for haircuts!

5. If A Pregnant Woman Cuts Your Hair, It Will Grow Faster

Throughout history, pregnant women have been seen as a symbol of life, rebirth and good luck.

It is, therefore, no surprise that this particular hair-cutting superstition has found its way into popularity.

It is a known fact that pregnancy can cause hair to grow quicker and thicker as hormones rage through the body.

A good protein or hydrating hair mask may do the trick but if you happen to have a pregnant friend who knows a thing or two about scissors, book yourself in for an appointment now.

6. No Haircuts On The First Day Of The New Year

It is no secret that the Chinese take their traditions very seriously. According to Lunar New Year etiquette, you should never cut your hair on the first day of the New Year.

The Chinese character for ‘hair’ is also the first character in the word ‘prosper’. This means that you will literally wash your fortunes away if you cut your hair.

There are even those who believe you should not shower on the first day of the New Year. I’m not one for superstitions, but this is probably one I could live with.

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7. Cutting Your Hair On Sundays Will Attract Evil.

As we’ve seen, many of these hair-cutting superstitions derive from old myths and folktales. They can also stem from religious beliefs, much like this superstition.

Many women actually recall their Catholic grandmothers talking about the dangers of cutting hair on a Sunday.

According to Catholic beliefs, Sunday is the Lord’s resting day and no work should be carried out…apparently not even cutting hair!

8. Cut Your Hair On A Monday For Good Health

Although we’ve not been able to pinpoint the source of this particular superstition, it is believed that it has been passed down through generations.

Monday is the start of the week and symbolizes a new beginning.

It is a great day to leave the past week behind and cutting your hair on a Monday may, in fact, be good for your physical and mental health.

9. Shaving Your Baby’s hair Will Make Their Hair Grow Thicker

This is just one of many superstitions which involve cutting baby hair.

In fact, many ‘baby cutting hair’ superstitions seem to stem from old wives’ tales that predicted bad luck if you cut the child’s hair too early.

On the other hand, they may also derive from cultural rituals. For example, in Hinduism, a child’s baby hair is seen as a negative thing, and boys are given a complete shave as early as in their first year.

Another interesting ‘cutting baby hair superstition’ is that your child will have bad hair if you cut it before their first birthday.

This could be because it might mess up the child’s hair pattern or because the baby’s head hasn’t fully developed.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these hair-cutting superstitions. It’s crazy to think that some of our ancestors believed in these myths, many stemming from old wives’ tales.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these hair-cutting superstitions. It’s crazy to think that some of our ancestors believed in these myths.

However, many of these superstitions do seem to derive from a scientific standpoint.

It is then interesting that somehow religious and traditional explanations were deemed more appropriate and passed down to generations of hair-cutting individuals.

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