How To Treat Split Ends With A Brazilian Blowout

Split ends happen to the best of us. It can leave beautiful glowing locks looking dull and damaged no matter how much you wash, condition, or treat your hair. That is where a Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction Treatment comes into play.

brazilian blowout split end treatment

A Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment utilizes a bonding compound that will seal broken hair strands back together. It strengthens your hair and brings back that healthy shine you love.

This article will fill you in on what a Brazilian Blowout Treatment is, how it works, and what to expect before, during, and after the process.

Treating Split Ends With A Brazillian Blowout 

Treating Split Ends With A Brazillian Blow Out

Split ends are almost unavoidable unless you can make your way to a salon for maintenance and protection on a weekly basis. 

We spend a lot of time coloring, styling, and exposing our hair to the elements every single day. This can lead to split ends.

Luckily, there is a great way to treat these frizzy, frayed, and flimsy strands, and it is through a Brazilian blowout treatment; in a salon, or even right in your own bathroom.

Brazilian Blowout Treatment in a Salon

If you want a professional treatment, it is going to cost you, but you will end up with a great treatment that is going to last quite a bit longer than the home version, and the outcome might be a little bit more noticeable.

Salon Brazilian blowout split end repair treatments only take about 20 minutes to have completed and can be done on their own or during a cut or following a color.

This process uses a heat-activated Thermo-Marine bonding formula that binds weakened, split ends together, and firmly holds them in place until your next appointment or your next haircut. 

Contrary to a totally Brazilian blowout, the split end treatment only goes on the tips of your hair, which is why the appointments are considerably shorter compared to their counterparts.

Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatments at Home

What if you don’t have time to go to the salon, or more importantly, the money? 

You can get a Brazilian blowout kit and do it right from your own home. 

These kits are easy to find, affordable, and can give you a look or correction you are going for without heading out to the hairdresser before your next cut.

Actually, a Brazilian blowout split end treatment at home is a great way to keep your hair looking fabulous in between trims, cuts, and other frequently scheduled salon services. 

Finding these hone treatments online will be easy.

Many companies have jumped on board with this hair repair trend, advertising products to be just as good as the salon at a fraction of the cost.

However, you really want to be careful with the options you choose.

What to Expect from a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment

What to Expect from a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment

These split-end treatments, whether from home or the salon, are usually pretty quick and painless. 

They take about 20 minutes from start to finish and are definitely worth the effort.

If you are considering attempting this process at home, here are some simple steps to follow to ensure it is done right:

What You Will Need

  • A bottle of Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair 
  • A quality shampoo
  • A clean, dry towel
  • A wooden round brush
  • A blow dryer
  • A flat iron

Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment Directions:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a quality shampoo, cleaning the hair strands and removing build-up
  2. Use a clean towel to remove as much access water as possible while still keeping the hair damp (not dripping).
  3. Apply the product to the ends of your hair about two to three inches up from the tips or anywhere you see the damage. This process is done by combing the solution through the hair, ensuring it is evenly distributed to each strand. (Thicker hair or hair that is very damaged will require more product.)
  4. Use a rounded soft-bristled, wooden brush and blow dryer on your hair until it is completely dried and smooth. It is best to use medium heat and to keep the blow dryer about 2-inches from the hair to avoid product burn-off.)
  5. Finally, a flat iron is used to straighten out your hair and seal the split ends. Pass the flat iron through each section multiple times at a slow and steady pace, ensuring it is getting plenty of time and heat to seal.

Do not rinse your hair. Once you have finished straightening your hair with the flat iron, that is the end of the process. 

You do not have to rinse the product from your hair, and you can resume any and all activities right away.

And it is literally as easy as that. 

This treatment will give you a straight-from-the-salon look for weeks before another round is required or you get to the professionals for a trim to permanently remove the damaged hair.

Difference Between a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment and a Brazilian Blow Out

Difference Between a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment and a Brazilian Blow Out

While they boast the same name, a total Brazilian blowout and a Brazilian blow-out split end treatment aren’t much alike at all. 

These processes differ in many ways starting with the product itself.

A Brazilian blowout is a salon-performed process that can take more than an hour to complete and uses a keratin formula to insert protein and nutrients into damaged porous hair. It slowly fuses the strands back together to give the hair a frizz-free, smooth, and healthy shine. 

The Brazilian blowout split end treatment doesn’t use keratin at all. 

The split end treatment is used solely to temporarily bond the dead ends back together until they can be trimmed away.

Frequently asked questions

How Long Does a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment Last?

Typically these split end treatments will only last a few weeks. If you have the process completed at a salon, you could continue to see results for about a month; at-home treatments will usually be much less.

Do Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatments Repair Split Ends?

These types of “touch-up” treatments do not repair damaged hair and split ends; they simply bond the ends together to give the appearance of healthy hair until the hair is cut.

Are Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatments the Same as Keratin Treatments?

No, a complete Brazilian Blowout does utilize keratin to fill in porous hair and gives you a fuller, smoother appearance. However, the split end treatments use a thermo-marine bonding formula that, while still using proteins, seals the fibers together for a quick touch-up.

Can You Get a Brazilian Blowout Treatment And a Split End Treatment at the Same Time?

Yes, you can have both a Brazilian blowout and a Brazilian blowout split end treatment done at the same time. This dual-action treatment is especially beneficial for anyone with thin, fragile, or damaged hair.

Can You Get A Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment on Dyed or Bleached Hair?

Absolutely. You can get a Brazilian Blowout split end treatment done on color-treated and even bleached hair. This is a great way to help treat damage caused to the tips of your hair from the dyeing process.


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