The Best Purple Hair Dye For Black Hair (Without Bleach!)

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If you have black hair and you’re wondering if you can pull off purple hair dye without resorting to the use of bleach, then yes you can and we’ve got you covered.

How To Use Purple Hair Dye On Black Hair Without Bleach

In this article, we will explain how you can use purple hair dye on black hair without the use of bleach.

It’s definitely possible, and we will cover the shades you can expect to achieve and take a look at the different options available to you, as well as aftercare.

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The Benefits of Avoiding Bleach

Bleach enables you to lift your hair color by several shades and is ideal for going from a dark base color to a lighter blonde or a much lighter pastel shade.

However, it can’t be denied that bleaching does take its toll on the hair.

Even if you are bleaching healthy, virgin hair that has not been bleached or colored before.

This is because bleach opens up your hair’s cuticles and breaks apart the proteins in your hair to remove the color.

This will leave hair significantly lighter in shade but also much dryer and weaker.

Bleached hair may also feel frizzy, straw-like, and break easily. It is more open to environmental stresses like the sun, heat styling, and chlorine.

Bleached hair, therefore, needs a lot of special care. Use a deep conditioner to mitigate this damage or try a keratin treatment after bleaching or dyeing your hair.

Also check out these hair dyes for keratin treated hair!

Can You Dye Black Hair Purple Without Bleach?

Despite what you might think, it is entirely possible to dye black hair purple without bleach. In fact, you have a few options – from wash-out dyes to strong permanent dyes.

There are some things to bear in mind though:

Be Realistic About The Result

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to get a light purple shade on a base of black hair without bleaching it first. It’s just not possible.

Instead, opt for deeper shades like indigo or a more burgundy purple. You can however get some surprisingly bright purple shades from wash-out dyes. This includes sprays, waxes, and hair chalk.

Just don’t leave in the hair dye longer than recommended. As much as you want your hair to take color, leaving hair dye for too long can cause irritation or an itchy scalp. Always follow the instructions on the box.

Which Purple Shade To Choose

You need to decide what purple shade you’d like on your hair.

If you’re starting with a dark base like black or very dark brown, deeper shades like indigo, amethyst, and burgundy will look great on you.

Just don’t expect to be pulling off lavender or violet dye. Unfortunately, these lighter shades of purple will not be possible to achieve for black hair without bleach.

You could also try mixing red and brown hair dye for a more subtle burgundy color.

If you have blonde or brown hair, try one of these purple hair dyes.

What Type Of Hair Dye To Use?

If you’re looking for a purple hair dye for black hair without having to resort to the use of bleach, we’ve got you covered.

There are a few options available for you:

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent color is just that: permanent. It lasts forever in theory but will still fade over time.

Permanent dye is the longest-lasting option of the three choices but you will still have to do some maintenance to keep your hair color looking its best.

With permanent color, you can opt for a shade that is close to your own natural hair color for the best results.

Most shades of permanent hair color do contain some level of ammonia which will lighten your hair color a little but not nearly as much as bleaching.

This is why you need to opt for a shade close to your own, otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you want to try a new purple hair dye for your black hair without using bleach, there’s always the option of semi-permanent hair dye.

Semi-permanent hair dyes do not permanently change your hair color but will wash out after a while. Usually, they last between 8 to 6 washes but this depends on the brand and your hair type and condition.

Temporary Hair Color

If you just want to temporarily change your hair color for a certain event – say for Halloween, a party or for a concert, there are temporary options including color sprays, coloring shampoos, hair chalk or hair waxes.

These can create surprisingly vivid, eye-catching tones, even on dark hair.

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Preparing Your Hair For Purple Hair Dye

Patch Test

Before dying your hair, you should always carry out a patch test, even if you’ve used that particular brand of dye before.

Each dye will have its own instructions on how to do the test, but it usually involves putting a small amount of dye on your inner elbow and leaving it to dry.

If you develop irritation or feel unwell, you should not use the dye.

Prep Your Hair A Few Days Before

It’s a good idea to not wash your hair for a few days before coloring, or at least leave off from washing your hair for as long as you can.

The build-up of natural oils on your scalp will help protect your hair and scalp from the dye, reducing the risk of irritation and damage to your hair.

It’s also a great idea to deep condition your hair a few days prior to dying it to make sure your hair is in the best condition possible.

This will ensure a more even color result and help protect your hair from the drying effects of the dye.

The 7 Best Dyes To Color Dark Hair Purple

Here’s our round-up of some of the best purple hair dyes on the market that will look great on your black hair, and save you from having to bleach your lovely tresses.

1 Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye In Violet

This oil-based hair dye helps to keep your hair healthy, shiny and in beautiful condition.

It contains no ammonia so smells more pleasant than many permanent hair dyes with a delicate floral fragrance. The violet shade is rich and gorgeous and is perfect for use on dark base tones.

2 L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye In Dark Purple

The L’Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Gel Hair Dye in Dark Purple is another great shade. It is ideal for dying black hair purple without bleach.

It will leave your dark hair with beautiful deep purple, shiny tones. The gel formula comes with an easy applicator and is suitable for all hair types.

It also comes with a deep conditioning mask, works in just 20 minutes and gives extra shine to your hair.

3 Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Hair Dye In Ultra Violet

This salon favorite is a great brand to choose from if you’re looking for bold color.

This semi-permanent formulation is quite a bluish-purple, but could easily be mixed with their Electric Amethyst shade to create your own custom shade of purple.

Manic Panic hair dyes are easy to use and very handily come in a resealable tub so they are long-lasting. All of their hair dyes are free from harsh chemicals and are vegan and cruelty free.

The high quality ingredients help to condition your hair as well as dye it. This brand also has a very long lasting color result for a semi-permanent dye, lasting up to 6 weeks. Amazing!

This means you can keep your purple shade for a good while, without having to expose your hair to a more damaging permanent dye.

4 L’Oréal Colorista Washout Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

The L’Oreal Paris Colorista Washout in purple is a semi-permanent color that comes in a conditioning hair mask formula.

It lasts approximately 1-2 weeks, which is about average for a semi-permanent hair dye.

This gorgeous purple shade is perfect for dark brown or black hair and is ideal if you want to achieve a dark purple shade without the commitment that comes with a permanent dye.

5 Rebellious Colours Semi-Permanent Hair Dye In Purple Fury

Brit-based brand Rebellious Colours is 100% vegan with a gentle formula that conditions your hair. It is also suitable for frequent use.

It is free from harmful chemicals, peroxide, ammonia and PPD.

When the Purple Fury shade is applied to black or dark brown hair you will get an amazingly deep, rich purple color. It lasts 4-8 washes so is ideal if you’re experimenting and don’t want to commit to a color.

6 Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary Brunette Hair Color In Violet Purple

This temporary hair makeup shade is especially designed for darker shades of hair. Ideal if you’re just looking for a temporary color for an event that will wash out.

With this ‘hair makeup’ you can give your hair purple highlights.

Great for festival and summer hair looks, it can be mixed with other colors from the range to create your own custom shade.

7 HTRUIYATY Hair Color Wax In Purple

Here’s another option if you’re just looking for a temporary hair color that washes out.

Since it’s a wax, it combines purple color with styling.

It’s made with natural ingredients, is easy to shape, easy to wash out and causes no damage to the hair, unlike permanent hair dyes.

Ideal for one off events like Halloween, parties and cosplay.

How To Take Care Of your Colored Hair

Once you’ve taken the plunge and dyed your black hair purple with a permanent or semi-permanent hair dye, you’ll want to take care of the color to keep your locks looking their best.

So here are some tips on how best to maintain your color:

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Frequently

Try not to wash your hair too frequently to help preserve the color better. Instead, make dry shampoo your new best friend!

When you do shampoo, you’ll probably see some of the purple color going down the drain the first couple of times.

This is normal, but you’ll find that using sulfate-free shampoos or co-wash with gentle ingredients will help maintain your color.

If you’ve dyed your hair with a semi-permanent shade and still have some dye left over, you can always add a small amount to your conditioner each wash day to help top up your shade.

Be aware that this only works with semi-permanent dye, however, as leftover permanent dye must be thrown away due to the oxidizing effects of the developer.

Wash Your Hair With Cool Water

Washing your hair with cool or lukewarm water will help to maintain your color, as hot water opens up your hair’s cuticles, causing color to fade faster.

Finishing off with a cool rinse (as cold as you dare) will seal your hair’s cuticles again, creating less frizz, more shine, and better preservation of your purple shade.

Use Color Protecting Hair Products

Color protecting shampoos, conditioners and styling products help to preserve your luscious purple locks for as long as possible.

Look for color safe formulas that are specially designed for dyed hair.

Deep Condition Your Hair Regularly

Dyeing is tough on the hair.

Regular deep conditioning helps your hair to retain moisture and smooths down the hair’s cuticles to stop color escaping.

Aim to deep condition your hair with a mask or coconut oil at least once a week to help keep your hair in its best condition.

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

The UV rays of the sun will fade your lovely bright purple color, and may even change its hue entirely with prolonged exposure.

For this reason, it’s best to cover your head before going out in the sun or invest in a UV protection spray for your hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling is another culprit for color fade.

Try to avoid heat styling altogether and let your hair dry naturally after washing.

Or, if you’re addicted to blow-drying and hair straighteners, use a heat-styling spray to protect your hair from heat damage.

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