What Kind of Bowl Can You Mix Hair Bleach In? (Avoid THIS one)

Mixing hair bleach in most bowl types is usually nothing to worry about. But what’s the best choice and which should you definitely avoid? The answer may surprise you.

What Kind of Bowl Can You Mix Hair Bleach In

There are many different types of bowls that will work for mixing hair bleach. The only type of bowl that you absolutely should not use is a metal mixing bowl because the metal can oxidize the hair dye which could cause it to not color properly.

Why Shouldn’t I Use a Metal Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

When mixing bleach and developer, you should not use a metal bowl. Metallics react negatively with the chemicals in the bleach and dye.

The result of this reaction is that the color can behave unpredictably or be applied unevenly.  Furthermore, bleach mixed in metallic bowls loses its lifting power.

You should avoid bowls made of copper. The corrosive chemicals in bleach may react badly with the metal and it could stain your hair or cause damage.

Can I Use a Ceramic Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

ceramic bowl on a table

Ceramic mixing bowls are commonly used for mixing hair bleach and hair dye is a good choice.

Ceramic is a very sturdy, non-porous substance that makes it a perfect match for mixing hair bleach. This is because ceramic doesn’t absorb the chemicals present in hair dye and bleach.

In addition to the lack of absorption, a ceramic mixing bowl also has a high resistance to corrosion and high chemical attacks.

This means that a ceramic mixing bowl can withstand repeated use of the many chemicals used in the mixing of hair dye without wearing down over time.

This, therefore, makes it a safe bowl to use.

Can I Use a Plastic Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

assorted colored plastic bowls

Plastic mixing bowls are very popular for mixing hair bleach and dye. Plastic is non-porous so it has similar properties to ceramic.

The chemicals from the hair dye mixture will not be absorbed by the material of the bowl.

Beyond the non-porous property of plastic, it is also a very cheap material to use for producing many things.

This means that plastic mixing bowls are available almost everywhere and can be cost-effective.

One possible downside to using plastic mixing bowls is the corrosive nature of the bleach that will be mixed in the bowl over and over. This repeated exposure can wear down the plastic over time.

Obviously, this is not a great disadvantage, but it could be something to consider.

Can I Use a Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

Many confuse stainless steel with metal, but stainless steel is actually free of any metals. Therefore, it would be safe to mix hair bleach in it.

Stainless steel is a sturdy material for a mixing bowl, but it may not be your first choice.

Although this material is inexpensive and resistant to corrosion, the bowl may discolor due to the bleaching effect of hair dyes and bleach.

You should never leave strong chemicals to dry in a stainless steel mixing bowl because it will cause damage and staining.

If stains are not a concern for you, then a stainless steel mixing bowl could be the perfect bowl for you to mix hair bleach in.

Can I Use a Glass Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

glass bowl on a wooden table

Glass is another substance that would work well for mixing hair bleach. Glass is non-porous so it will not absorb any of the chemicals from the mixing process.

This also means that the glass mixing bowl would be easy to clean after each mixing of hair bleach.

One downside, however, of using a glass mixing bowl is its fragility.

The smooth surface of the glass can easily slide through your fingers which means you might drop the bowl. Glass breaks easily when dropped or handled roughly.

One benefit of using a glass bowl is its availability. You probably have a glass mixing bowl in your kitchen, which means that you have access to a mixing bowl without buying a new one.

This economic impact could be the persuading factor in making your choice.

Can I Use a Porcelain Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

Although there is no reason to not use a porcelain mixing bowl for mixing hair bleach, it is unlikely that this will be the material you choose for this task.

Porcelain is a more refined form of ceramic.

Both are made from clay, but porcelain is made from more refined clay and it is fired at higher temperatures. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic, so that makes it more desirable.

What might stop you from choosing this type of mixing bowl, however, is its expense.

Porcelain is more expensive compared to ceramic or other types of mixing bowls. This makes it a less likely choice especially since it is not as readily available.

Can I Use a Silicone Mixing Bowl for Mixing Hair Bleach?

Silicone mixing bowls are good alternatives to other mixing bowl types.

Silicone is more eco-friendly than plastic, so if this is something you look for, then silicone is the option for you.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, silicon lasts longer without any degradation or damage.

The ability to withstand hard wear is an important factor when deciding what type of mixing bowl to use since it is something that you would use frequently.

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