How To Pre-Poo For Low Porosity Hair

How To Pre-Poo For Low Porosity Hair: Easy Guide

The terms, pre-poo, low-poo, and no-poo are spoken about frequently in the curly girl community and for good reason, too. These methods help protect your scalp’s natural oils from being stripped by the harsh ingredients in shampoo products. In this … Read more

Energy Drinks And Hair Loss

The Truth About Energy Drinks And Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many factors such as chronic stress, hormone imbalances, and over-styling. But have you ever considered energy drinks and their potential connection to hair loss? It’s probably never crossed your mind. Diet plays a huge … Read more


Looking At Hair Restoration: Hair Transplants

Choosing to have a hair transplant or opting for hair restoration is a big decision. Often these decisions are based on wanting more fulfilment from life and to feel better about yourself. Hair restorations and hair transplants can completely transform … Read more