9 Surprising Benefits Of Hair Extensions Clip-Ins

Do you dream of long-flowing locks? Or perhaps you fancy changing up your style in the short term? Then clip-in hair extensions could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. In this article, we will highlight 9 benefits of hair extension clip-ins.

Benefits Of Hair Extensions Clip Ins

Clip in hair extensions have lots of benefits. They are an easy way to change your look temporarily and won’t cause damage to your own hair. Easily washed and maintained, clip-in hair extensions allow you to add length and thickness to your own hair with no long-term commitment.

9 Benefits Of Hair Extensions Clip-Ins

Benefits Of Hair Extensions Clip Ins

Clip-in hair extensions offer a whole range of benefits for you to enjoy such as:

1. Added Length

Waiting for your hair to grow to the length you want can take a really long time (and a lot of patience!).

If you want to temporarily hurry things along, then clip-in extensions are there for you.

Using clip-ins means you can achieve your desired length for a special occasion. 

Or perhaps there’s a certain look you’ve been dying to try. Either way, clips ins will give you the length you desire.

2. Added Thickness

If your hair is a little thinner than you’d like, then clip-in hair extensions can add thickness and volume to your natural locks.

This gives you lots more hair to play with and have fun styling.

3. Easily Applied

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply, even for those of you who aren’t especially adept at styling hair.

They can be quickly put in or whipped out to take you from day to night.

Due to their easy application, and the fact that you can apply them yourself, you’ll save time and money by avoiding a salon visit. This definitely makes for a winning situation.

4. No Damage

Clip-in hair extensions won’t damage your precious tresses if applied correctly. There is no need for excessive heat or glue, the extensions are simply clipped into tangle-free roots. 

You can decide on the weight of the weft according to the volume of your hair. 

If you feel that the weft is becoming too heavy at any point, it can easily be removed.

5. Clips ins are Temporary

Clip-in extensions are the perfect way to change your look temporarily. If you want extra length for a special occasion, they can easily be clipped in. 

If you are very active and often have your hair tied up, they can easily be clipped out.

There’s no need to commit for any period of time as the extensions can be left in for a day or even a week. It’s entirely up to you!

6. Easy To Maintain

Clip-ins are incredibly easy to maintain. Not only are they quick and easy to apply, but they are also easy to wash. 

Simply remove them from your natural hair and smooth them with a comb. Wash in cold water using hydrating shampoo. Simple!

7. Easy To Style

Clip-in extensions are easy to style. They can be attached to your roots and then styled as you would style your own hair.

This encourages the extensions to blend in with your own hair.

Alternatively, you can style the extensions before you clip them in. This can be a good way to save time if your mornings tend to be hectic.

8. They are Comfortable

There’s no denying that you want your extensions to look good and give you that extra length. 

However, comfort is important too. Wearing a hair extension for extended periods of time means it needs to be comfortable in order to be sustainable.

Clip-in hair extensions have clips lined with silicone. This helps the weft stay secure and avoids any pulling or tightness, keeping your scalp feeling comfortable.

9. Confidence Boosting

Having longer fuller hair can give your confidence a boost. Sometimes that’s all it takes to unlock the feeling of security in your beauty, both inside and out.

Can Clip In Extensions Help Hair Grow?

Can Clip In Extensions Help Hair Grow

Yes. Indirectly clip-in hair extensions may be able to help your hair grow.

This is because they act as a kind of protectant for your natural hair, keeping it safe from the damage caused by external factors.

Additionally, the application of hair extensions to your own hair requires some extra care and attention. This can include careful combing/brushing, washing, nourishing, using a heat protectant, and avoiding the use of chemicals which could be damaging. 

The extra care shown to your clip-in extensions will naturally benefit your own hair too.

This will leave your hair in a healthy state, and healthy hair is more likely to grow.

Can Clip-Ins Damage Your Hair?

Can Clip Ins Damage Your Hair

If the proper care is not taken, then clip-ins can potentially damage your hair.

Leaving them in the same position for too long can cause tension at the part of the hair the weft is attached to.

To avoid this, try to vary where you position the wefts of hair. Also, you could try backcombing your hair prior to application.

This can help give some support and take the pressure off your hair.

Leaving clip-in hair extensions in when sleeping or washing your hair can potentially cause damage. The extensions may become tangled up in your natural hair. 

The effort to get them apart can put a lot of stress on your own hair causing damage.

If used correctly, clip-in hair extensions could be just the solution you’ve been looking for in order to achieve long hair with all the volume and none of the commitment.

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