Staff Get Back at Obnoxious Hotel Guest After They Find Out That He’s Actually an Employee

Recently, a hotel worker took to the internet to share a story about successfully confronting a troublesome guest who had been causing constant misery for the hotel staff.

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The man was scheduled to work the second shift at the hotel, which was 3 pm – 11 pm. As he walked in, he noticed that both his co-workers looked like they had been crying.

He asked his manager, “What’s wrong?” and he replied, “We have a major jerk as a guest.”

The ‘jerk’ was very demanding and wanted free upgrades and screamed at the staff, including the two co-workers who had been left in tears.

They were fresh out of high school and didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. The hotel worker later learned that the man wasn’t just rude to the staff at the front desk, but all the departments within the hotel had experienced problems with this particular guest.

Taking over the shift, the man was naturally curious, so he looked up the guest to check him out. He recognized the name! The guest was, in fact, an employee of the hotel chain but worked at a different hotel.

Now employees of the hotel chain were perfectly entitled to get discounts at other hotels, however, only on the condition that they behaved respectfully to all staff members. This was company policy; failure to be respectful could cause you to lose all employee benefits. In worst cases, you could even be suspended.

The hotel worker knew all of this, so he decided to teach the rude guest a lesson.

He got the manager to call the hotel where the guest worked and asked to speak with the general manager to explain just what had happened.

Not only did the general manager give them his personal cell phone number in case of more incidents, but moments later, he rang reception, asking to be put through to the guest’s room.

This seemed to do the trick, as there weren’t any more incidents. But the hotel worker wasn’t entirely satisfied.

He noticed that the guest was using both his employee discount AND the hotel rewards account. This was not allowed under company rules. So he called customer service, who opened an investigation. The hotel worker removed the rewards from that particular stay and deactivated the guest’s key, which meant he had to come to the front desk to get a new one.

The next day he checked the guest’s rewards account and was satisfied to find that it had been suspended and later on closed down.

What do you think? Did the hotel worker go too far?

Source: Reddit

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