Her Boss From Hell Wouldn’t Let Her Have Time Off So She Recorded Him Screaming and Got Him Fired

An employee recently shared a story online about she got back at her boss, who had let power get to his head. 

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Have you ever had a boss who was so mean that it bordered on abuse? Well, this employee and her colleagues certainly did, and their horrible boss had a particular problem with female employees. He acted as if they were “dumb and needed assistance with every step,” she said. 

He loved screaming at people and expected everyone to sacrifice their personal lives for their job. He was indeed the boss from hell. 

The revenge plan started when he didn’t allow the employee time off to go to her sister’s wedding, even though her holiday had already been booked and confirmed. 

The woman decided enough was enough and decided to showcase his abusive behaviors for everyone to see. 

She didn’t do the obvious thing and complain to HR but instead got her colleagues in the department to put a list together of all his inappropriate behaviors. 

She wasn’t the only one who had an issue with the bad boss. The whole department hated him. So, getting them to work together didn’t require much persuasion. 

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Their long list of transgressions included how he canceled people’s booked holiday leave, used rude and inappropriate language, raised his voice in the office, and just general stuff that made him a nasty boss to work for.

They knew that if they could get his lousy behavior on tape, they’d have the evidence to get him fired.

So they engineered a genius plan in which a co-worker would intentionally make a mistake. The newest recruit in the company volunteered as she, too, hated the boss. “She made an intentional beginners mistake in her paperwork, something bound to get her roared at,” the woman said. 

And it worked! The boss had a tantrum and scolded her in front of everyone, and the whole thing was caught on camera. 

The employees carried out the last step of their plan. They sent an email with the video to everyone who worked for the company, even the CEO! Their boss, of course, also received the email, but he was far too busy answering emails and phone calls from people from all over the company who were contacting him to ask what the email was about.

HR also got the email and investigated the various incidents which had been documented. It wasn’t long before they ‘took heavy disciplinary action,’ which led to his ‘resignation.’

What do you think? Should she have dealt with the matter differently and spoken directly with HR?

Read the whole story on Reddit here

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