Can You Leave Olaplex On Overnight? (All Products Explained) 

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While Olaplex’s hair products are known for their restorative properties, you’ll want to take a close look at each product in the Olaplex line before leaving them in while you sleep. In this article, we’ll address whether you can leave Olaplex on overnight and how to best use these popular products.

Can You Leave Olaplex on Overnight

What Is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a line of hair products that are designed to restore hair from the inside out. It uses a patented system that is able to repair broken bonds within hair strands, strengthening and protecting hair.

While there were originally seven different products in the Olaplex line, the line has expanded, and there are now 10 products in total. 

Some products are specifically designed to be used by stylists, while others are made for home use. 

Although the benefits of Olaplex can vary based on the product that you use, virtually every product in the line can restore and enhance your hair. 

Olaplex products are frequently used by stylists and are often recommended for at-home use. 

Benefits Of Using Olaplex

Benefits Of Using Olaplex

Olaplex Can Repair Hair That’s Badly Damaged

Hair that is badly damaged can be difficult to style. Olaplex is able to repair damaged disulfide bonds within hair strands, making it possible for hair to recover from significant damage. 

It’s very common for stylists to use Olaplex on clients that use harsh hair treatments, like bleach. Olaplex can help to correct some of the damage that these products cause, bringing hair back to health.

Olaplex Protects Color-Treated Hair

Artificial hair color becomes less vibrant over time, even when a permanent dye is used. Many hair products actually strip dye from the hair, causing color to fade very quickly. 

Olaplex products can protect hair from the damage that color products cause and prevent color less at the same time. 

Since these products were specifically formulated for color-treated hair, they are able to deliver great results without causing color to fade. 

Olaplex Strengthens Hair and Provides Protection from Future Damage

When the bonds in your hair are boosted, your hair will be less likely to break. You’ll experience less hair fall, and split ends may not be as pronounced. 

Using Olaplex products can immediately improve the appearance of your hair, but it can also help you to avoid damage going forward. 

It can protect against many damaging factors, including heat styling and sun exposure. 

Your hair can be damaged very easily, which is why protective products like Olaplex can be so beneficial. 

Olaplex Can Reduce Frizz

Frizz can be difficult to deal with. While some hair types are naturally prone to frizz, Olaplex can be a very effective frizz treatment. 

Many Olaplex products are specifically designed to infuse hair with moisture, which can help hair to fight frizz. 

There are four factors that lead to frizz: 

  1. the condition of the hair
  2. the diameter of the hair strand
  3. the level of curl
  4. environmental conditions. 

While Olaplex can’t change the weather, it can influence every other factor. It can even improve the curl pattern of naturally curly hair. 

Olaplex Smooths Hair and Adds Shine

While Olaplex works to restore bonds on the inside of hair strands, it changes the way that hair looks on the outside as well. 

Healthy hair strands will naturally reflect more light, giving hair a beautiful shine. It can also smooth out hair strands, minimizing frizz and flyaways. 

Many people see a difference in their hair immediately after using Olaplex, but you can expect to see more dramatic results after two weeks. 

If you keep using Olaplex products, the condition of your hair should continue to improve. 

Olaplex is Free of Harmful Ingredients

Not all Olaplex products use the same ingredients, but you can be confident that any product in the line is free of ingredients that can cause your hair harm. 

Ingredients that are known to be damaging, like silicones and parabens, are not found in any Olaplex products. 

If you have curly or wavy hair, using products that contain damaging ingredients can make your hair much more difficult to style. 

Olaplex products can safely be used on any hair type, which is one of the reasons these products are popular across the world. 

There Are Plenty of Products to Choose From

Another major benefit of Olaplex is that you can choose products that are tailored to your hair’s needs. 

While Olaplex recommends using multiple products in their line for best results, you don’t have to use all 10 products to transform your hair. Instead, you can choose the products that address your hair’s needs. 

If you have color-treated hair, it’s likely that your stylist will recommend using Olaplex 1 and 2 while you’re in the salon. 

You can swap out your standard shampoo and condition for Olaplex products or try using the styling products in the line. 

No matter which products you wind up using, you can expect to see a real difference in your hair. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 0 On Overnight?

Can You Leave Olaplex 0 On Overnight

Olaplex 0 loses efficiency after 45 minutes, which means it’s not necessary to leave it on overnight. 

While leaving the product on for longer won’t damage your hair, there is a risk that the product could wind up in your eyes. 

Olaplex recommends leaving it on for 10 minutes. 

In addition, Olaplex 0 is intended to be used as the first step in a multi-step system. The product primes your hair for repair.

You’ll see better results if you combine Olaplex 0 with another product in the Olaplex line. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 1 On Overnight?

Olaplex 1 is specifically designed for salon use and is not intended to be left on overnight. 

It should be left on hair for a minimum of 10 minutes. For badly damaged hair, it’s best to leave the product on for longer. 

It’s unlikely that sleeping with Olaplex 1 on your locks will damage your hair. However, it’s often mixed with other products that can be damaging, such as bleach or hair color. 

It’s best to use this product under the guidance of your stylist. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 2 On Overnight?

Leaving Olaplex 2 on for longer increases its effectiveness. According to Olaplex, the product can safely be left on the hair overnight as long as steps are taken to protect the eyes.

With that said, the company doesn’t recommend sleeping with an Olaplex treatment on the hair. 

Like Olaplex 1, Olaplex 2 is designed to be used in salons. When using this product, you should follow the instructions of your stylist for best results. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 3 On Overnight?

Olaplex 3 should be left on your hair for 10 to 90 minutes. Once 90 minutes have passed, the product should be washed out. 

While sleeping in Olaxplex 3 is unlikely to damage your hair, the product was not designed to be a deep conditioning treatment or to be left on overnight.

This product is often mistaken for a conditioner, but it’s actually just a protective hair treatment.

The product is intended for weekly use, but Olaplex has said that it can be used up to three times a week. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 4 On Overnight?

Olaplex 4 is a shampoo that’s designed to cleanse hair without stripping color or causing damage. Even though it’s a restorative shampoo, it’s best not to leave the product in your hair for more than 10 minutes. 

Leaving Olaplex 4 in your hair overnight could make your hair dry.

Ideally, Olaplex 4 should be combined with a conditioner and other products in the Olaplex line. It’s an excellent shampoo for those with color-treated hair, but like all shampoos, it’s not made to be left in the hair for very long. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 5 On Overnight?

Can You Leave Olaplex 5 On Overnight

Olaplex 5 should not be left on overnight as it is a bond-maintenance conditioner and not a leave-in treatment.

It’s recommended to leave the product in for at least 5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes. 

Afterwards, the product should be rinsed out and combed through.

Using Olaplex 5 can help you to remove knots and tangles in your hair. If you leave it on while you sleep, you won’t be able to remove tangles from your hair before you go to bed, which could cause your hair to become matted. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 6 On Overnight?

Olaplex 6 is a leave-in treatment that does not need to be washed out of your hair. Not only can you sleep in the product, but it’s best to leave it on your hair until it is washed. 

It should be applied to the hair after it has been shampooed and conditioned.

Leave-in treatments are a fantastic way to provide hair with extra moisture.

Products like Olaplex 6 are a particularly great option for people that have thick, curly, or frizzy hair. Some people with thin hair may find that leave-in treatments like Olaplex 6 weigh down their locks. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 7 On Overnight?

Olaplex 7 can be left in hair overnight as it is a styling oil that can be applied to wet or dry hair.

It’s not intended to be washed out of hair and can be left in the hair until it’s washed again. The product can be used alongside other styling products, such as hair gels or mousse.

Hair oils like Olaplex 7 can be an excellent way to treat frizz or smooth out flyaways. It’s best to use a small amount of product on the hair to keep hair from becoming overly oily. 

Can You Leave Olaplex 8 On Overnight?

Olaplex 8 is a hair mask that’s designed to infuse hair with moisture and can be left on overnight.

While the product only needs to be left on the hair for 10 minutes, you’ll see more dramatic results if you leave it on your hair for longer.

If you use Olaplex 8 overnight, it’s best to cover your hair with a shower cap or a hair wrap to keep the hair mask in place.

After you wash out the mask the next day, you can style your hair as usual.

Can You Leave Olaplex 9 On Overnight?

You can leave Olaplex 9 on overnight as it is a lightweight styling serum that’s designed to be left in your hair until its next wash.

Olaplex recommends applying the product to clean, damp hair as the first step in your styling routine. 

The product is intended to be used on wash days, but it can also revitalize hair in-between wash days.

Simply dampen your hair and apply a small amount of the serum, starting at the ends of your hair and gradually working upward.


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