He Gave His Own Daughter Her Own Hotel Room After His Step Daughters Made Her Sleep on the Floor And Now His Wife Is Furious

A father recently stepped in when his stepdaughters treated his own daughter unfairly. Their mother thinks he acted wrongly, but here’s what he has to say.

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After his father passed away, his wife, their 16-year-old daughter, and his two stepdaughters, who were 17 years and 19 years old, flew to his hometown to attend the funeral. It was an overnight stay, so his wife booked two hotel rooms, one for the girls, which had one large bed, and one for them.

At about 11 pm, his 16-year-old daughter called him crying, saying that her stepsisters insisted she sleep on the floor as they said, “It’s better this way… we’re more comfortable this way.” These were fairly typical teenage tantrums, but the father decided to deal with the situation quickly. 

So he told his daughter to grab her things, and proceeded to book the girl her room. Meanwhile, the disgruntled stepdaughters called their mother to explain that their little stepsister had been given her very own room. When the dad returned to his room, his wife was pretty angry, and an argument started. 

He explained why he did it, but she felt it was a waste of money and that their daughter “could’ve sucked it up for one night on the floor.” He called her unreasonable for saying this, but she told him it showed the other two girls that he was “playing favorites.” 

The next day the family went home, and the argument still continued, with his wife accusing him of mishandling the situation. His wife dealt with all the hotel reservations, so he felt that she had created the problem, and he just tried to solve it. 

Since he had known his stepdaughters from when they were little, he regarded them as family, so he felt there was absolutely no favoritism. 

He had several choices that night. Firstly, he could have let his daughter sleep on the floor. He could have booked another room for his stepdaughters. He could have booked another room for the eldest, 19 years old. But after a long and distressing day, he probably didn’t have the energy to think about things and just wanted the problem to disappear, and the quickest way he could do that was to separate the girls.

The man asked Reddit for advice. Was he wrong for giving his daughter her own room or was he right?

One user said, “What I’m getting from this is that your stepdaughters were trying to live up to the Disney depiction of step-sisters and were shocked when they couldn’t just bully her into getting what they want. What’s extra gross is that they did it when coming back from Shilo’s grandparent’s funeral. Talk about cruel.”

Another said, “the bullies would have each taken a bed and still bullied her and tried to force her on the floor. Even if there had been three beds, I think there’s no scenario with them unsupervised in the same room where they wouldn’t have found a way to make her miserable.

What do you think? Was the situation handled badly? Was it his wife’s fault for just booking a room with only one bed for the three teenagers? 

Source: Reddit

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