4 Amazing Benefits of Burdock Root Tea Rinse for Hair

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Tea rinses have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to their nutritional properties. In fact, did you know that a burdock root tea rinse contains vitamin A which can help you with hair loss? Let’s take a look at all the benefits of a burdock root tea rinse.

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Written By Chia Kougianos

So, what is a burdock root tea rinse?

Burdock root tea has been used for centuries as a rinse to combat thinning hair and bald spots, relieve scalp irritation and encourage overall hair growth. This incredible herbal plant also helps to restore softness and promote luxurious locks all season long.

In this article, we explore some of the wonderful benefits of applying this rinse to your hair and some of its redeeming qualities for promoting your overall health and wellbeing.

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What’s The Deal With Burdock Root Tea?

Burdock root tea is extracted from the roots and leaves of the burdock plant that is mostly native to Europe and parts of North America.

Burdock Root Tea is packed with Vitamin A and contains vital fatty acids. These help to create the important protein responsible for promoting healthy, nourished hair and boosts overall health which is a great bonus.

This ancient Chinese root is becoming increasingly popular as more people have begun to value the remedial benefits it has to offer and what it can do for your body when added to your lifestyle.

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What Makes A Burdock Root Tea Rinse Good for Your Hair?

It’s Rich In Essential Nutrients And Acids

Want smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair? Burdock root includes various essential nutrients such as phytosterols, chlorogenic acid, flavonoids, iron, and essential fatty acids.

It also contains the necessary amino acids which are great for building keratin and other essential hair proteins.

Recognized as a medicinal herb, it can be used to achieve a mirror-like shine, soothe scalp irritation, and repair cases of scalp conditions.

Prevents Hair Loss And Hair Fall

This root is a great source of Vitamin A and as a result, it helps to nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

It also contains tannins which aid in strengthening the core of the hair, thus reducing hair fall and hair loss.

It has also been proven to help with relieving dandruff and itchy scalp which is another added benefit in the journey to healthy hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

Thanks to the combination of fiber, essential fatty acids, and vitamins in the Burdock roots it increases the amount of hair in the anagen phase.

This helps to promote hair growth and decrease the levels of hair fall.

Improves The State Of Your Scalp

Say goodbye to bad hair days. A Burdock root tea hair rinse helps to strengthen your hair due to its rich source of vitamin A and positive essential fatty acids.

It also works as a powerful solution to combat common scalp conditions, such as itchiness, redness, and other infections.

Other benefits include the prevention and treatment of dandruff and less greys.

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How to Make Your Homemade Burdock Root Tea Hair Rinse

burdock root tea on bamboo

Burdock root has several incredible benefits when added to your hair care routine.

The great news is that it can easily be applied to your hair as a conditioner or as a rinse.

To create your own product at home simply follow the easy steps below:

Burdock and Honey Infusion Root Tea Hair Rinse

1.         Take a heaped teaspoon of Burdock Root and place it in a Pyrex jug

2.         Boil 500ml of water

3.         Add the hot water to the Burdock root in the jug

4.         Let it brew for at least five to ten minutes

5.         Strain the Burdock with a strainer so that only the nourishing infused liquid left remains in the jug

6.         Add a drop of honey or Agave to the infusion and use this mix as a final rinse on freshly washed hair to enjoy the full benefits of the burdock root plant

What Are Some of The Other Amazing Benefits of Using Burdock Root Tea as a Hair Rinse?

  • Prevents hair dryness and eases detangling.
  • Strengthens and conditions the hair as it is extremely nutritious for the hair scalp.
  • Helps to treat dandruff and itchy scalp conditions thanks to its essential fatty acids.
  • Improves the blood circulation to the scalp which assists in hair growth.
  • Softens the hair and prevents frizz for easily manageable hair.
  • Removes product build-up.
  • Add natural tints or highlights for a healthy glow and shine.

When Can You Expect to See the Results of Burdock Root Tea Rinse on One’s Hair?

If you are looking for a new, organic method to make your hair grow and shine, the burdock plant is your best bet.

It’s an excellent organic remedy and one that can be achieved from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy sleek and glossy tresses with the simple application of a burdock root tea rinse for your hair.

Whilst this process requires dedication and a bit of patience, you will be able to experience the amazing benefits around 6-8 weeks of application if you use it on a regular basis.

The added bonus? Burdock root tea is not just beneficial as a hair rinse. is also great for glowing skin, bright eyes, and strong nails, too.

Are There Any Side Effects of Including Burdock Root in Your Diet?

The burdock plant offers great medicinal benefits and has an amazing effect on your overall health and wellbeing.

It is generally safe to use however, any herb or natural remedy may cause possible side effects.

There is also a chance the herbal plant may interact with your other medications.

For this reason, we recommend you tell your doctor about any herbal supplements you’re taking.

Also, consult your GP with any questions you may have about including the burdock plant in your diet.

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Some of the potential side effects include the following:

Burdock Root May Affect Pregnancy

Although this herbal plant has been used for generations, there have been relatively few scientific studies to evaluate the side effects of the burdock root during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women should avoid using this herb or use it with extreme caution after consulting their GP first.

Allergic Reactions

Burdock tea has been known to cause a rash outbreak on your skin if you prove to be allergic to the burdock plant.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to check whether you are allergic to plants such as daisies, marigolds, or chrysanthemums.

If you are allergic to these plants, there is an increased risk of having an allergic reaction to the burdock root plant and you should avoid it.


This multi-purpose herb is known to be a natural diuretic containing detox properties.

Avoid the use of this plant if you are taking other diuretics or water pills, as it can lead to increased dehydration in your body.

Risk of Bleeding

Burdock tea may increase the risk of slower blood clotting and if you suffer from bleeding disorders, you may have to give this special herb a miss.

It may also increase the risk of bleeding during surgery according to WebMD. As a result, you should not use burdock root for at least two weeks prior to surgery.  

Altered Blood Sugar Levels

Based on animal research and limited human study, this plant may cause increases or reductions in your blood sugar levels.

Caution is advised in patients with diabetes or hypoglycemia, and in those taking medication or supplements that affect your blood sugar levels.

May Cause Electrolyte Imbalances

Another possible side effect of burdock root is that it may also cause electrolyte imbalances.

These imbalances can be experienced through changes in your potassium or sodium levels in the blood as a result of diuretic effects in your body.  

Unfit for Children’s Use

There’s little known information out there about burdock root consumption in children under the age of 18 years old.

It is highly advised that you consult a healthcare provider before giving this supplement to your child.

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