The 21 Most Beautiful US Cities According to Americans

Whether a city has gorgeous, old-fashioned architecture, a stunning skyline, peaceful parks, or awe-inspiring surrounding wilderness, a recent internet survey asked, “What is the most beautiful city in the US?” Here are the top 21 suggestions.

Savannah, Georgia

Photo Credit: Sandi Cullifer/Shutterstock.

“As a resident, there’s nothing like walking through the squares on a warm evening.”

“Savannah is the most beautiful city I’ve ever been to.”

“For real. I know how it must look for me to pick my own city, but…Savannah is just gorgeous.”

Charleston, South Carolina

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“I’ve heard good things about Charleston and have been meaning to go there.”

“I haven’t visited, but I am interested in visiting in the future. I hear Charleston is beautiful.”

“I just adore Savannah & Charleston. They are both so pretty and lovely to be in.”

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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“From the cities I’ve visited in person, I would say Santa Fe has a special place in my heart because it feels so different from the rest of the country in terms of culture and aesthetics.”

“The Rocky Mountains can be seen in the background. It’s also the highest-elevation capital city.”

Duluth, Minnesota 

Photo Credit: JL Jahn/Shutterstock.

“It is pretty in the summer and fall. I have only seen pictures of Duluth in the winter; I dare not go there that time of year.”

“I was stunned; it looks way different and even more beautiful in winter. The beach is incredible, too. It’s snow that looks like white sand down to the icy shore with small bergs.”

Santa Barbara, California

Photo Credit: Max Angell/Shutterstock.

“I just drove through it on a road trip, and I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place.”

“I was fortunate enough to go to college in Santa Barbara, and I could not agree more.”

“I was in SB for a few days for a wedding. By the time we left, I was browsing Zillow.”

Chicago, Illinois

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“This is my choice, especially when a big thunderstorm is getting ready to roll through.”

“I highly recommend the Chicago architecture boat tour. I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve done it twice; such a cool look at the city. I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own town.”

New Orleans, Louisiana

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“I love New Orleans; the Garden District and the French Quarter are particularly stunning.”

“My husband and I go into the city quite often just to enjoy the music and walk around.”

“I’ve got a friend from Italy, and he says New Orleans is his favorite city in the world.”

San Francisco, California

Photo Credit: Jeff Whyte/Shutterstock.

“I’m always in awe of its beauty when I’m there. The city is having issues, but otherwise…”

“It’s still gorgeous. It’s the only city I’ve ever been to that I feel romantic about. You’ve got the burbs, the wharf, the Mission, the hills, SoMa, and the Bay all within a few miles of each other.”

Washington DC

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“The area around the mall, the museums, monuments, memorials, etc., are still stirring.”

“The whole NW section of the city is pretty nice, too. Not to mention the cherry blossoms!”

“Agree with this. Definitely tops for any big city. Northern Alexandria is beautiful!”

Flagstaff, Arizona

Photo Credit: Tim Roberts Photography/Shutterstock.

“I’m very fond of Flagstaff, especially the center and the mountains above. I’ve only been once, but I thought it was lovely.”

“It was a lot less touristy than I expected. The downtown had some fun shops, but for a place that’s basically a hub for several popular national parks, it seemed surprisingly normal.”

Tacoma, Washington State

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“I like Seattle and Tacoma because you are surrounded by mountains, water, and forest.”

“Yeah, but I find Tacoma more beautiful than Seattle. Seattle still needs to figure out its waterfront.”

Boston, Massachusetts

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

“I’d argue parts of Boston are pretty nice. Beacon Hill, Old North, views along the Freedom Trail, views of the skyline from across the Charles and the harbor on a nice day.”

“I like Boston and agree with you, but I could never find a car park, so it’s hard to see it.”

Juneau, Alaska

Photo Credit: Greg Browning/Shutterstock.

“While the surroundings are pretty, the city itself is bleak. There are two ways a city can be pretty. Nice architecture, nice landscaping, parks, etc., and then the landscape it is surrounded by. Juneau falls into the second category.”

“Can confirm; the whole Inside Passage of Alaska is amazing.”

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Photo Credit: Rotorhead 30A Productions/Shutterstock.

“You’re right. It’s absolutely gorgeous. A feast for the eyes. And, yes, my friends and I found out -the hard way- how bananas the politics are, especially in the panhandle.”

“It’s a hidden gem, though Northern Idaho, in general, is a very weird place politically.”

New York City, New York

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“People experience NYC differently to most cities (there are places for tourists to see all over, so they walk through the working/residential neighborhoods). They don’t stick to the tourist stops. I feel like if you add up all their incredible views, parks, and architecture, it has to be up there.”

Burlington, Vermont

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

“It’s the best town in America. The view out over Lake Champlain is pretty unreal.”

“In South Burlington, going down to the waterfront is a lovely sight to see. Church Street is also a good walk to see various attractive shops and restaurants.”

Laguna Beach, California

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“Like a big city? Or any size city? I fancy Laguna Beach in South California. I love coastal and mountainous regions, and this city has both.”

“That city is my favorite place in the whole world! So, so, so beautiful!”

Tucson, Arizona

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

“Tucson is gorgeous, and when you see the monsoon sand storm from afar in the late summer.”

“I’ve only been to Tucson once, and it was like 116 degrees Fahrenheit, but despite the heat, I really did find it to have a certain charm.”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.

“Pittsburgh in the spring and fall when the trees change colors is probably the most underrated.”

“When you go through the tunnel for the first time and see the skyline… It’s actually quite beautiful. I love coming back from the airport just for this view!”

Honolulu, Hawaii

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“The scenery surrounding Honolulu is pretty tough to compete with.”

“They’ve got nature, battleships, and a great architectural style. The mixed-density housing and abundance of parks make for a really dynamic urban environment.”

Portland, Oregon

Photo Credit: Wollertz/Shutterstock.

“In my opinion, it kind of depends on what you like: nature, or city? In terms of nature, I’d say Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding cities have beautiful natural scenery.”

“My list goes like this: Boston, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh.”