7 Benefits Of Perming Hair (With Examples)

If you are tired of spending too much time and money on creating bouncing curls or waves, a perm may be a great solution. Here are 7 benefits of perming hair you can’t afford to miss

Benefits Of Perming Hair

What Is A Perm? 

A perm (short for “permanent”) is a hairstyling technique that alters hair texture to make it curlier or wavier. 

In other words, it’s a great way to create bouncy, joyful curls or relaxed, fashionable waves in flat straight hair. 

There are two main formulations of perms:

Chemical Perms

Also referred to as a ‘cold perm,’ the chemical perm requires no heat. 

You still wrap the hair around rods of different sizes, but the rods are not heated.

Instead, a chemical solution is used to induce a thermal induction to change the hair’s structure, reshaping it into its new look. 

You then let it set to process for a specified time, depending on your hair type. A neutralizer is then applied to stop the thermal induction when processing time is up.

Thermal Perms

Thermal perms use a thermal perm machine to keep the rods at a constant high temperature.

A chemical solution is then applied, resulting in soft, loose natural waves—a great perm for long hair lengths. 

7 Benefits Of Hair Perming (with examples)

The back of a head filled with perming rods and elastic bands.

1. A perm Adds Volume

If you dream of adding bulk to your ordinarily flat hair, then a perm can make this come true. You can also opt for a no-curl perm that will give you volume but no curl. 

You backcomb a section of hair and place a velcro roller under it but not wrap the entire length of hair around it.

The result gives your hair the full-volume look you want while still keeping your hair straight.

2. Lessen Styling Time

With a perm, you’ll have less styling time in the morning which means more time for sleeping in. You no longer need to painstakingly curl every strand of your head to achieve your desired look.

3. Less Washing

Now with your new curly do, less hair washing is required to maintain those new curly locks better.

A perm will continue to stay curly until the treatment begins to wear out. If cared for properly, a perm can last anywhere from two to ten months. 

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4. No More Tangles

Another benefit of getting a perm is that your newly created curls won’t get tangled as much as when your hair was straight.

It is of course important to maintain your perm and make sure that you follow a hair care routine suitable for curly hair.

5. Makes You Feel and Look Good

The main benefit of perms is that glamorous bouncy or wavy curls can just make you feel great.

Gone are the days when only straight hair was considered a beauty standard. These days, curly hair is all the rage, and perms have truly come back in fashion.

6. Ends Bad Hair Days

If you’re regularly struggling with waves and curls that simply won’t behave, perms can be the solution.

Having a treatment that ensures perfect curls every morning will make you feel much better about the start of your day,

7. Choice of Curl

Perms have come a long way since their rise to popularity 30 to 40 years ago.

You can get nine types of perm curls; from tight curls to loose waves, your dream hair is at your fingertips.

Types of Perm Curls

A person perming a woman's hair.

There are nine in total, but here are the most popular types of perms:

The Body Wave Curls

The body wave is a popular perm these days as it makes your hair wavy and volumized without causing tight curls.

Your hairstylist will use rods significantly larger than the spiral perm rods.

Spot Perms Curls

Spot perms or partial perms concentrate the waves or curls on a single section of your hair rather than the complete head.

It’s a terrific approach to add a little volume in the mid-hair region or boost volume in a thinning section of your hair. 

It also works wonders if you have one side of your hair that is less curly than the other; larger rods are usually used.

Root Perm Curls

Root perms are similar to spot perms in that they only perm one part of your hair, but at the root, not the mid-shaft or the ends. 

This is the best way to create a natural volume look for your hair. It’s also a great way to add a bit more curl to your perm that has grown out.

Digital Perm Curls

Digital perms are perfect for people who want loose, natural waves without harsh chemicals used in traditional perms and have very straight or thin hair. 

Digital perms generate your curls with a better-balanced mixture of chemicals and infrared heat. 

Warning – this perm curl style requires a reservation, so plan a day on being in the salon chair for a while.

Multi-Textured Perm Curls

One of the most realistic, tightly curled styles comes from a multi-textured perm. 

It accomplishes this by employing a variety of hair perm rod sizes to produce even more curl shapes than a body wave perm. 

Because it creates tight curls, this perm should only be used on medium to long hair.

Your hair will be full of bounce and texture. The look should last several months with good hair care and style products.

Cons To Perming Hair

What are the cons to perming hair? Aside from the apparent risk of slight hair damage, some other downsides include:

  • It takes away from your natural hair length
  • Brushing it can be a chore
  • You can’t wash your hair for a couple of days after a perm
  • It can become heavy in humid weather

Is Perming Bad For Your Hair?

A woman with very curly hair, staring straight at the camera against a white background.

No matter how you sugarcoat it, there will be some damage when you perm your hair. 

A perm, though, won’t fry your hair as a bleaching session would, but it will still change the makeup of your locks, resulting in some damage. 

However, if you get a professional (rather than attempting it yourself) to do your hair, your hair will emerge healthy and unharmed. 

When not done correctly, a perm can cause more harm to your hair, especially if you have hair damage already. 

A perm absorbs into the cuticles of the hair. If you have hair damage, it can lead to your hair becoming brittle or worse.

Can Perms Damage Hair Permanently?

A perm shouldn’t cause too much harm if your hair is already healthy. 

Getting a perm if you have lightened or bleached hair is slightly riskier, so seek an expert’s help before you do.

If you have color-treated or bleached hair, always use a perm targeted for colored-treated hair. 

It will be less harmful to your hair and will better protect it. Cold (acid perms) perms are slightly less destructive than hot perms ( alkaline perms). 

Getting a perm does change the outer layer of your hair, so dryness and frizz can happen.

After a perm, though, caring for your hair correctly can instantly restore your hair.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How Much Do Perms Cost?

Perms done by salon professionals can range in price from $40 to $200 on average, with most people spending around $80. Perm prices vary depending on the length of your hair, the type of perm you choose, and whether you want an all-over, partial, or no-perm perm.

How Often Should You Get A Perm?

For short to medium-length hair, the average interval between perms is three to four months; where you can then get a root perm where they treat the regrowth at the root. Remember always discuss with your stylist what is best for your hair.

How Long Do Perms Last?

Perms can last between two to ten months, depending on the type of perm you get, your hair care routine, and how fast your hair grows.

Can You Shower After a Perm?

You should wait 48 hours after having your hair permed before washing your hair. You can shower; just make sure your hair does not get wet, as it can result in inconsistent curls.

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