15 Best Gels For 4C Hair (Complete Buying Guide)

If you’re on the lookout for the best gel for 4c hair, then look no further. In this article, we will do a roundup of a few of the best 4c gels out there and look at a few things to consider when choosing one.

Best Gels For 4C Hair

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Our Top Picks – Best Gels For 4C Hair

What Is 4c Hair?

4c hair is afro-textured kinky hair. It has a dense curl pattern and is dry and spongy in texture.

4c hair is made up of small tight coils of hair. Due to the density of the coils, it is harder for the hair’s natural oils to move through the hair.

This can leave 4c hair dry and more susceptible to damage.

Why Is Gel Important For 4c Hair?

4c hair can be a challenge to coax into the style you want to achieve.

Some products claim to have certain benefits for your hair. And while they may deliver in nourishing your hair, they can fall short in the style and performance department.

A good gel should keep your hair sleek, and your curls defined and can be useful for the following:

Lay Edges

To lay edges and tame baby hairs, gel can really help. They help you achieve a sleek, ‘finished’ style.

Slick Back

To get a slicked-back look, gel can be used to lay down all the hair, not just the edges. Avoid this style too frequently though, as it can result in alopecia later in life.

Wash And Go

When using the ‘wash and go’ method, gel can be used for curl definition. Gel has more hold than curling or twisting cream so you can enjoy defined curls for longer.

15 Best Gels For 4c Hair

We’ve had a look around and compiled a list of 16 gels with benefits for 4c hair:

1. Eco Styler – Olive Oil Gel

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The eco styler gel provides maximum hold lasting for up to 3 days. The alcohol-free formula provides definition for curls.

Blended with olive oil, this product moisturizes as it holds twisted or braided styles. Twists and braids will shine with this maximum hold styling gel.

Why We Like It

Lightweight formula means hair won’t look stiff.

2. Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Styling Gel

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Tricky hairstyles get the edge with the Edge Booster styling gel. This strong holding gel will keep your 4c natural hair in place all day. Blended with natural Camellia Sinensis seed oil, this gel gives your hair a high shine as it nourishes.

Why We Like It

Long-lasting as you only need a small amount to achieve your look.

3. Shine N Jam Conditioning Gel

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The Shine N Jam gel works well in protective styles in 4c hair. Soft braids, locs and twists will all benefit from this. It helps lay down any frizz and seals hair in braids.

Formulated with natural honey extract, this gel adds strength to hair while moisturizing. Even in humid conditions, this product guarantees hold due to its thick texture.

Why We Like It

Paraben free

4. Gorilla Snot

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This high-hold gel is perfect for dense natural 4c hair. Great to create the perfectly laid bun. Leaving your hair residue-free, this product lets you style your hair while protecting.

Why We Like It

Peach and pineapple scent

5. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel

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Powered by a high-tech styling agent, Alpha XTR, this product pledges the ‘strongest gel hold ever’. Best used for slicking down 4c hair or achieving a sleek bun or high puff. Also great for taming those baby hairs and lay edges.

Why We Like It

Easy to remove with a little shampoo when you’re done with your style

6. Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino and Quinoa Frizz Control Gel

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From Briogeo comes Curl Charisma which promises light to medium hold for 4c hair. This product gives you long-lasting natural-looking curl definition with superior movement.

 With a blend of quinoa extract and keratin amino acids, this gel adds strength and elasticity to hair to fortify against damage.

Added to this, rice amino acids and tomato fruit ferment lock out frizz and promote consistent curl formation by sealing the hair cuticle.

Why We Like It

93% naturally derived

7. Taliah Waajid Tight Hold

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This gel gives serious hold without any unsightly flaking. A good choice if you need to touch up locs and twists, or even create new ones.

 An all-natural alcohol-free formula, it defines curl pattern while reducing frizz.

Why We Like It

Blended with yarrow root and rosemary making this a good option for sensitive scalps

8. Pattern Strong Hold Gel

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This gel provides long-lasting hold without damaging any part of the hair. Perfect to create a slick look or to keep any 4c hairstyles in place. A blend of aloe vera, sea moss, and chia seeds nourish and strengthen hair while the sweet floral fragrance doesn’t overpower.

Also good to define curls when you want to wash and go.

Why We Like It

The slippery texture of this gel makes it easy to distribute throughout the hair

9. Curlsmith Hydro Style Flexi Jelly

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Inspired by generations of homemade hair care, Curlsmith has come up with a blend of natural, curl-loving ingredients to create a premium product that delivers results.

This lightweight liquid gel has a strong hold which defines and enhances curls. It won’t weigh hair down or cause build-up. Supercharged with hyaluronic acid, this gel gives hair a boost of moisture.

Why We Like It

Blended with green tea to give hair strength and shine

10. Lemongrass Hold It Styling Gel

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From Alikay Naturals comes Lemongrass Hold It Styling Gel. This product promises to meet all the needs of your 4c hair. It delivers long-lasting definition and firm hold for curls.

As well as that, it combats frizz and leaves hair flake-free. Good for a wash and go or can be used on second or third-day hair.

Lemongrass oil strengthens hair follicles, promotes healthy hair growth, and soothes an itchy scalp.

Why We Like It

No petroleum or silicone

11. Instant Control Edge and Braid Gel

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This gel is optimized to really lay those edges down. Many hairstylists use this for their clients with natural hair. It stays in place and works even in the most challenging conditions like very hot weather. Also works well for braids.

Why We Like It

Blended with coconut oil to nourish hair

12. Xtreme Wetline Gel

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The Xtreme Wetline Gel is a versatile product. It can be used for lots of styles: from slick ponytails to wash and go’s. It can also be used to achieve curl definition.

This gel is particularly good for those of you who like to wear your curls out. It doesn’t get too hard, nor does it dry out your hair.

With this gel, you can enjoy long-lasting style without the worry of flaking.

Why We Like It

Aloe vera formula keeps hair hydrated

13. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel

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Ouidad, the self-proclaimed curl experts, know a thing or two about how to keep your curls looking good.

Packed with protein, this product forms a ‘weightless flexible lattice that expands with the rise in humidity to support definition in your curls while eliminating frizz.

It gives your 4c hair a flexible hold that is crunch-free and doesn’t feel sticky.

Why We Like It

Sulfate-free and paraben-free

14. As I Am Smoothing Gel

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If you are blessed with coily curls, then this could be the gel for you. This gel has a thick yet lightweight consistency that really works to hold 4c hair in place. Formulated with wheat protein and aloe vera, it nourishes hair as it strengthens. The hydrating formula means your hair won’t dry out.

Why We Like It

Easy to wash out

15. Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control

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Design Essentials have created a gel that promises to help you achieve your best hair.

The Sleek Edge Control gel moisturizes and defines, as well as smoothing the hairline. All while protecting those delicate edges.

It reduces frizz and manages flyaways without leaving behind any residual build-up.

With this product, you can add texture to shorter styles. It also gives touchable hold and high shine.

Why We Like It

Works well on both wet and dry hair

What To Consider When Buying A Hair Gel For Natural Hair

What To Consider When Buying A Hair Gel For Natural Hair

There are a few things to consider when choosing a hair gel for your natural hair.


Look for a gel that is alcohol-free. In general, alcohol is not a desirable ingredient to have in a product designed to care for your hair.

As 4c hair can already be a little on the dry side, the content of alcohol in a gel could be damaging and leave hair looking lifeless and dull.


You’ll need to consider how porous your hair is when choosing a hair gel.

For high porosity hair, you’ll need a gel that is stronger and thicker with moisturizing properties to combat frizz.

On the other hand, if your hair is low porosity, you’ll want to choose a gel that is lighter in order to avoid product build-up.


Think about the styles you tend to go for. Some products are highly versatile and operate in an all-in-one capacity.

Other gels, however, work better for certain styles. Some are designed specifically for edge control, while others are better for protective styles.

Other gels still are best used for curl definition.

You will get more out of the product, and indeed more for your hard-earned cash if you opt for the optimum gel for your 4c hair needs.

So, with so many gels on offer for 4c hair, you can get choosing and experiment and see which one works best for you.

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