Can Purple Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out? (Answered)

Purple shampoo is great for getting rid of yellow or brassy hair, but is it safe to use? For example, can purple shampoo make your hair fall out? If used correctly, there’s no need to worry. Read on for more guidance.

Can Purple Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out

Purple shampoo does not make your hair fall out if you use it correctly. Instead, you should limit using purple shampoo to one or two times a week and ensure you don’t leave it on your hair longer than directed. 

While you don’t have to worry about purple shampoo making your hair fall out, it’s vital to understand how to use the product appropriately. 

This article will discuss how purple shampoo works, how to correctly use it, and who can benefit from it.

How Does Purple Shampoo Work?

Since you know purple shampoo won’t cause hair loss if used correctly, you might be interested to learn how it works and the benefits it can provide.

Purple shampoo contains purple pigments to counterbalance bold and yellow shades on lightly-colored hair.

The specialty shampoo can be effective for blondes, someone with highlights, or those with gray hair.

In addition, purple shampoo contains very tiny molecules of purple dye that help blonde hair look less yellow.

The effects are temporary and change the tone of your hair instead of your color.

Since yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color spectrum, they complement each other. When used correctly, the colors can cancel one another out.

Finally, purple shampoo is a treatment rather than a cleansing solution to get rid of dirt in your hair. You will want to use regular shampoo first to clean your hair. 

It also should not be used as a daily shampoo.

How To Choose The Right Purple Shampoo

How To Choose The Right Purple Shampoo

Choosing the right purple shampoo will set you up for success. 

Ensure you do some research and find a shampoo with high-quality ingredients and one that will not further damage your hair.

There are a wide variety of purple shampoos on the market, and you can decide what ingredients are essential when selecting the best one.

A purple shampoo with artificial colors will have a more robust potency, but products are available using natural dyes from plants, if you prefer something without too many chemicals. 

Avoid anything with formaldehyde, which can cause hair loss and irritate your scalp.

If your hair is dry, avoid any vigorous foaming purple shampoos. The excessive foam will further dry your hair and continue to strip it of nutrients.

When shopping for a purple shampoo, It’s best to purchase one from a salon or a beauty supply store. 

While it’s always nice to buy something at a low price, the quality of the product will also be lower and your hair will pay for it in the long run. 

Finally, if you have curly or dry hair, look for a purple shampoo without sulfates, so the formula is gentler on your hair. 

Causes Of Hair Loss

If you are concerned about hair loss, the following are reasons why your hair might fall out:

  • Weaves or hair extensions
  • Dreadlocks
  • Tight buns, ponytails, or braids
  • Cornrows
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Anemia

While some hair products can cause hair loss, there usually is something else causing your hair to fall out. 

For example, when you expose your hair to specific treatments regularly, it can damage the hair follicles and eventually lead to hair loss.

So, if you doubt purple shampoo, understand that it can be beneficial if used correctly and will not cause hair loss.

Signs You Could Benefit From Purple Shampoo

Signs You Could Benefit From Purple Shampoo

Here are a few signs you could benefit from purple shampoo if you are unsure it is right for you:

  • Your hair looks yellow rather than blonde.
  • Your gray hair could use uplifting.
  • You want to prevent brassiness, or unwanted warm tones, in your hair.
  • Keep yellow out of bleached hair.

As with every hair treatment, ensure you are using it correctly if you don’t see the benefits of purple shampoo. Sometimes user error is the culprit of unpleasant results.

How To Correctly Use Purple Shampoo

There are a few guidelines to follow to ensure you fully benefit from purple shampoo and don’t cause lasting damage:

1. Use Purple Shampoo Like Regular Shampoo 

The application process of purple shampoo isn’t much different than how you usually shampoo. 

Start by wetting your hair with lukewarm water. Warmer water will help your hair absorb the shampoo better.

Next, you want to massage the shampoo thoroughly into wet hair from root to tip. Ensure you apply the shampoo to the areas of your hair that appear brassier.

You can use purple shampoo on dry hair; however, you are better off using wet hair.

Using purple shampoo on dry hair can lead to uneven absorption and will not have a widespread application.

As a tip: If you use purple shampoo on highlights, ensure you focus on those hair strands to fully receive the benefits of purple shampoo. 

Finally, some purple shampoos can stain your skin, so it’s wise to wear gloves when using the product.

2. Don’t Leave Purple Shampoo On Longer Than One Hour 

Leaving purple shampoo on longer than one hour can cause dullness. 

While it won’t damage your hair long-term, it won’t look as vibrant as you’d like and can sometimes leave purple streaks.

You want to read the label to find the exact time you should leave the shampoo on. If it says 4-6 minutes, do not exceed that time.

When rinsing your hair, be careful not to pull or tug at it as it can damage your locks.

Thoroughly Wash Purple Shampoo Out 

You want to ensure you thoroughly rinse all the purple shampoo out of your hair.

Once you thoroughly wash the shampoo, apply conditioner to help condition, strengthen, and further tone your hair.

For best results, rinse your hair with cool water. Colder water helps close your scalp’s cuticles after washing, adds shine, and reduces frizziness.

Before you get out of the shower, ensure you clean the inside to prevent staining of your bathroom tiles.

Only Use Purple Shampoo Once Or Twice A Week 

When overused, purple shampoo can make your hair look overtones and dull.

In addition, you can begin to develop build-up in your hair, which may appear darker and have uneven tones.

If you are new to purple shampoo, limit use to once a week until you’ve used the product for several weeks.

Also, if your ends are brittle, consider adding conditioner when applying purple shampoo

If you need to use the product more frequently, you might want to call your stylist.

For example, a professional can better access your hair situation and suggest a better treatment for brassiness.

Finally, always read the shampoo bottle. 

Every brand works differently; some require you to use it more often because it contains a low pigment of purple.

Side Effects of Overusing Purple Shampoo

Side Effects of Overusing Purple Shampoo

Can purple shampoo make your hair fall out if not used correctly? While it is technically possible, the following are more likely side effects of overusing purple shampoo.

  • Overusing purple shampoo can cause brittle and dehydrated hair.
  • Your hair can take on a blue or purple tone and destroy your blonde color or highlights.
  • Not using purple shampoo correctly can cause split ends.
  • Purple shampoo can cause hair thinning and cause the appearance of balding.

Discontinue use immediately if you notice any unpleasant side effects caused by purple shampoo. 

Before using it again, ensure you thoroughly wash out any leftover purple shampoo.

Does Purple Shampoo Turn My Hair Purple?

Purple shampoo does not contain any chemicals to dye your hair purple. When used, it isn’t dying your hair a lighter color; it’s enhancing the brightness.

In addition, purple shampoo is not permanent like regular hair dyes on the market.

Instead, nothing sticks to your hair fibers, so the pigments will be washed away after you shower next.

However, if you use the shampoo too often or leave it on longer than directed, it can add purple hues to your hair. The color is not permanent and will wash away.

What Do I Do If I Used Too Much Purple Shampoo?

Regular shampoo can help with any damage or purple tinting if you’ve overused purple shampoo. You will want to lather and rinse at least twice to ensure you have thoroughly cleaned your hair.

You can also try a clarifying shampoo if the regular shampoo isn’t working. Clarifying shampoo is designed to help remove build-up, restore the natural pH balance of your hair, and rejuvenate damaged strands.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo On Brown Hair?

Purple shampoo brightens light hair; if you have dark hair, you will want to consider which color complements your tone.

For example, brunettes can use a blue shampoo to freshen their look.

Similar to purple shampoo, blue shampoo adds blue-toned pigments to your hair leaving a more vibrant hue.

Also, if your hair is more orange than yellow, then blue shampoo will work better for your hair type.

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