The Company Refused To Pay Him so He Decided To Sabotage His Own Work

A man recently shared his sweet revenge story about the time he got revenge over a company that refused to pay him for his work. 

Here’s what he had to say.

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The engineer used to work for a company that provided specialized equipment used in manufacturing. He left that particular company to work elsewhere, but one afternoon he got a call from one of his previous clients who wanted a new unit installed. 

The engineer explained that he no longer worked for the company but was persuaded to do the job anyway, as the ex-client was willing to pay twice the current rate. The engineer gladly accepted and drove down on the weekend to install the unit. 

He set to work, and after about six hours, his ex-client arrived. When the engineer told the man that he was almost done, the client said, “sorry, but they just don’t have the budget to pay you.” The engineer was shocked! 

The company wanted the engineer to install the unit, and then once all the hard work had been done, they were going to use their own, cheaper engineer to finish the installation.

The man was seething with rage, as he had just spent six hours installing the unit. 

Thinking of his next move, he knew that a small button inside the unit changed the unit into test mode, and the unit was useless once pressed.

It was also only possible to reach this button using a pin, so it wasn’t easily pressed during installation. 

The engineer noticed that this was not mentioned in the installation process, and so, unless you are an expert, there is no real way of telling if the equipment is in test mode or if it’s just not working.

After driving down to do the job, and spending hours installing the unit, only to be told that he wouldn’t be paid, the engineer clicked the button, collected his things, and left. 

The following Monday morning, the engineer got a call from his ex-client. At first, he decided to decline the call just to make the guy sweat a bit. 

He knew his old company wouldn’t get involved since someone else had already installed the unit. He also knew other engineers would never figure it out, as it was a specialist unit. So he “just had to let him stew”.

A few days later, after many missed calls, he finally answered his phone to a furious ex-client demanding to know where he had been. He said they couldn’t “figure out how to configure the machine and needed my help.” The gleeful engineer explained that since he wasn’t being paid, he wasn’t going to help out any further. Once bitten, twice shy.

Out of desperation, the ex-client apologized and said he would work something out if the engineer could get there as soon as possible. So this time, the engineer demanded £7000 ($8400) up front.

He screamed at him for a bit and hung up but called back a day later, sounding quite defeated, before agreeing to the terms. Once the money was in his account, the engineer turned up for work and spent 20 minutes changing the unit from test mode to working. 

Was the engineer right to do what he did? 

Source: Reddit

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