She Kicked Her Friend Out of Her House After She Kept Turning Up the Heat – Did She Go Too Far?

As the saying goes, ‘my house, my rules,’ but that wasn’t quite what this woman found when she recently had a houseguest staying over.

The woman posted her dilemma online, asking for advice on what to do.

Here’s the situation.

too hot
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The woman owns the house, which she inherited from her family. She has lived alone for a few years and has two cats who keep her company.

The woman also has a health condition that causes her to overheat quickly, so she prefers cooler temperatures and keeps the thermostat set at 63 degrees. The cats don’t mind. They’ve got fur coats to keep them nice and toasty. 

The woman knows the house can seem chilly to others, so when guests visit, she cranks it up to around 72 degrees. But these guests usually leave after a few hours, allowing her to quickly cool the house down again.

But the woman started getting pushback after one of those guests stayed on a more permanent basis. The guest was a close friend of the woman. She’d become homeless and needed a place to stay.

The homeowner knew her houseguest would struggle with the temperature at 63 degrees. So despite the discomfort it caused her, she kept it around 68 degrees. 

But 68 was not warm enough for the houseguest. And instead of putting on a few extra layers, she kept turning the thermostat up past 75.

The woman would turn the temperature back down and ask her friend not to touch the thermostat. But an hour later, she’d start overheating and see that her friend had turned it back up.

This went on for weeks and weeks and weeks.

The homeowner knew she had to put her foot down. She told her guest that 68 was a fair compromise and not to touch the thermostat again.

The guest lost her mind—big time.

Even though she was paying zero rent and contributing nothing to the heating bills, she launched into an angry tirade. She screamed that 68 was not livable, that she couldn’t deal with the ‘freezing temperature,’ and started name-calling the woman!

The homeowner must have the patience of a saint. Because rather than kicking her ‘friend’ out onto the curb, she proposed another compromise. 

She offered to buy the guest a stand-alone heater for her room. That way, she could keep warm in her room, and the homeowner wouldn’t overheat in the rest of the house.

But the houseguest refused, saying she had a right to be warm all over the house and shouldn’t feel trapped in one room.

The homeowner finally snapped and realized she couldn’t live with this kind of person anymore.

She told her friend to leave, giving her a month’s notice to find alternative accommodation.

But this only made the guest angrier, and she accused the homeowner of being cruel and a bad friend.

Now the homeowner started to feel guilty. She even began doubting herself, asking, “Am I in the wrong here? Am I really in the wrong?

What do you think of the situation?

Source: Reddit

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