This Bride Won’t Pay for Her Share of the Bachelorette Party and Is Ignoring Her Friend’s Request for Money

Weddings are a joyful occasion when friends and families come together to celebrate. But, unfortunately, they can also cause tension and arguments, especially when arranging expensive bachelorette parties that not everybody can afford.

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This woman was absolutely delighted when one of her closest friends asked her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding. Being given the role of a bridesmaid is a sign of true friendship.

But everything started to fall apart after the (very expensive) bachelorette party/trip.

The would-be bride decided she wanted to go all out. And why not? You only (hopefully) have one bachelorette party. So why not make it one to remember forever?

The bride decided on a weekend stay at a luxury location. She also made a list of expensive activities, excursions, and restaurants to visit.

The woman and the others booked everything the bride wanted. This was her weekend, so they decided to make it as special as possible.

The bridesmaids said they’d pay for the last night’s entertainment and food. But the agreement was that everyone, bride included, would evenly split the cost of everything else, which included food, accommodation, travel, drinks, etc.

But now, after the trip, the bride still hasn’t paid her fair share of the bill, which came to thousands of dollars. The woman has sent a few polite reminders by text, but the bride is flat-out ignoring all of them.

She wants to speak to the bride in person and clear the matter up. But the other bridesmaids aren’t so keen on that idea. They’ve agreed to pay the bride’s share and not mention it to her again, meaning this woman will be hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Now she feels trapped in an impossible situation. On the one hand, the trip was super expensive; she simply couldn’t afford to pony up the cash for someone else’s share (which they promised to pay!). But on the other, she feels like the cheap scrooge for worrying about the money and wanting it back.

On top of all that, she’s starting to think that the bride isn’t as good of a friend as she first thought. That’s natural. Because what kind of friend cheats you out of cash after they said they’d pay it and then ‘ghosts’ you for chasing it up? 

Unacceptable. It’s passive-aggressive BS. Not how people, especially friends, should be treated.

Plus, this isn’t the first time the woman has had money issues with this particular friend.

She feels it’s time to set some boundaries, stand up for herself, and call out her friend’s selfish and rude behavior.

She’s drafted a message to the other bridesmaids, explaining how she’s uncomfortable with them covering the bride’s expenses due to the financial strain and because it’s not what they agreed.

But she still hasn’t sent it and is wondering if she should.

Would you hit send? Or would you delete the message and drop the issue? 

Source: Reddit

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