Their Neighbors From Hell Cut Down Trees in Their Garden Because They Blocked Their View

A young girl recently told the story of how her parents’ garden was vandalized by a couple of rude neighbors who unlawfully cut down trees in their garden.

Here’s what she had to say.

That’s Not Very Lady-like
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The girl’s parents had found their dream holiday home with a beautiful garden and three spectacular tall trees that must have been over a hundred years old. The trees were not only magnificent, but they were big enough and tall enough to block the view of the next-door house, so the parents had complete privacy in their holiday home.

The family had been staying at the new home to renovate it, but after a few weeks, the parents had to get back to work, so they left.

Soon after, the mother got a phone call at work. It was a friendly woman living near their new holiday home. She told the mom that the neighbors on the other side of their home were on their property with chainsaws, and she didn’t know what they were planning to do. 

The mom was shocked and said, “Wait, what, can you stop them”?

Unfortunately, the helpful neighbor could not stay put as she had to go to work, but she would contact the local police and get them around straight away. 

The mom was thankful and immediately told her husband what was happening. 

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The family then rushed to pick up their daughter from school, caught the ferry, and raced to their holiday home. 

But they were too late. The beautiful trees were gone. There were just three ugly stumps left in the middle of the lawn. The glass wall surrounding the patio had also been broken when the trees were cut down, so there was glass everywhere. The police had been, but they were too late as well.

Things got even worse. They suddenly heard the sound of chainsaws and looked over to their neighbor and saw three men sawing up some logs for firewood. Logs from their trees. 

The father shouted to them, “Hey, why did you cut down our trees?” Unbelievably one of the men then claimed they were good neighbors and that the trees might have fallen onto the house.

The trees were healthy, so the father said: “you trespassed and cut down our tree without our consent. We are calling the police”. The men were worried, so one tried to bribe the teenage girl with ice cream if she stopped her dad from phoning the cops.

The family found out later that the neighbors had cut down the trees because they were blocking their view of the sea. They were issued a hefty fine and were also sentenced to do community work. The family was devastated, and although the mom has planted new trees, she knows it will take many years before they grow as tall and beautiful as the trees cut down.

The young girl shared her story with the Reddit community, who wanted the family to take action.

One user said, “Tell your parents to get a lawyer. Trees can be worth tens of thousands of dollars. They could have a significant lawsuit here.”

Another wrote, “If they were cutting it into firewood, charge them with theft. If they take one little stick, charge them. Don’t back down. Use what they did to have them trespassed from your property. Then, if they bring their dog to do its business or for anything else, have them charged with trespassing.”

 Source: Reddit

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