She Wouldn’t Let Her Son Give Up His Seat for an Elderly Lady on the Bus and She Wonders if She Was Wrong

A mother reached out to the Reddit community to ask if she was in the wrong for not giving up her son’s seat on a bus so that an older woman could sit down. 

Here’s what she had to say.

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The mother usually drove her 17-year-old son to his weekly therapy appointments. However, on this particular day, her daughter borrowed the car because of an emergency at work, so the boy and his mom had to take the bus.

“It wasn’t ideal, but I’d rather he take the bus than miss an appointment,” the woman said. 

Now her son often forgets to eat, and although she usually makes sure he’s fed, they were so busy during the morning that it slipped her mind. 

As they got on the bus, all the seats were taken. Due to hunger and the movement of the bus, the boy wasn’t doing so well. So as soon as someone got off and a seat became available, the mom encouraged the son to sit down and then tried to find a chocolate bar in her bag.

Meanwhile, an elderly woman and her daughter stood next to the mom. They had seen the son take the seat, and so the daughter tapped the mom on the shoulder. 

“She asked if my son could move so that her elderly mother could have a seat,” the mom said. 

Although she obviously felt terrible, her first concern was her own child.

“My son was not doing great, and standing would have made it harder. I found the chocolate, and he was eating it slowly, but if he stood up right then, I can assure you he would’ve fainted,” she said.

The mom apologized to the daughter and explained the situation and that her son wasn’t feeling well. “She rolled her eyes at me and said that she saw him standing earlier and that he’s a young, healthy teenage boy. He’ll be fine,” the mom said.

She apologized once again and told her that he wasn’t feeling well and that if he was, he would’ve offered her mother a seat.

“The daughter told me to look at her mother, and I admit, the poor woman looked really tired. But I couldn’t”. Her son had started to lean against her, so she told the woman one last time that she was sorry and suggested she ask someone else.

“I then heard them both whispering and calling me entitled,” the woman explained.

When the mom and son eventually got off the bus, another woman interfered and told them that “a teenage boy can handle standing more than an elderly woman can .”She also said that she hoped someone would treat me like that when I’m her age.”

The woman was so shocked by this comment that it made her think. She felt bad about the situation and so asked what the Reddit community thought.

One user said, “You handled it the same way I would have, politely explaining that your son wasn’t feeling well and needed to sit. I’m sure there were many other people they could have asked, and many other people that could have offered, so I’m not sure why they felt the need to pick on you and your son.”

Another said, “It totally makes sense that they asked, but they should have accepted your answer. Your son legitimately needed the seat, despite being young. This is a frustrating scenario people with invisible disabilities often face.”

What do you think? Should the mom have offered the seat to the elderly lady?

Source: Reddit

She Wouldn’t Let Her Son Give Up His Seat for an Elderly Lady on the Bus and She Wonders if She Was Wrong

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