She Wants to End Her Engagement Because Her Fiancé is Obsessed With Football

A woman recently wrote a post on Reddit to ask for relationship advice. 

She and her partner are soon getting married, but there’s just one problem. Her fiance has an unhealthy obsession with football, and now she’s thinking, “do I really want to be with someone like this?”

Here’s what she had to say.

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The woman has been with her fiancé for around five years, and they got engaged 12 months ago.

Her partner has always been a massive football fan and follows the latest news religiously. He even brings up football at every opportunity—a real superfan, so to speak.

It wasn’t too much of an issue at first. The woman even played along, showing interest in her fiancé’s football team, so they had something to talk about. She’d sometimes also wear a jersey on game day to show him that she supported his hobby.

But in the last few months, she feels that the sport is turning her partner into someone she doesn’t recognize.

In her own words, he “absolutely loses it.”

He screams at the top of his lungs, slams the floor, hits the chair he’s sitting in and punches his fist into the desk while watching games on the computer.

The woman finds this a bit embarrassing, but it impacts her in other ways. She has extreme anxiety, and loud noises and aggressive behavior trigger symptoms, even when it’s not directed at her.

Her partner knows this, as she has explained it to him over and over and over again. He does listen to her and promises to tone it down. But all that goes out the window after kick-off when he turns into a lunatic again.

The worst is when his team loses or has a bad game. If it looks like it’s going to happen, she stays well out of his way. The woman even admitted to being afraid of sitting in the same room with him when the game was on.

Furthermore, it is also impacting their time together. Sundays and Mondays are the only days the couple has off. But as these are football days, her partner rarely offers to take her out or go somewhere nice with her for a few hours. And on the few occasions they go out, he spends half the time watching football on his phone and checking the latest team news.

She recently told her partner that she doesn’t think she can spend the rest of her life dreading Sunday and Monday nights. And the fact that her partner seems to love football more than her is harming the woman’s mental health and self-esteem. So the woman asked Reddit if you could break up an engagement due to football?

She knows it sounds ridiculous to end a relationship over sports, but she isn’t happy and isn’t getting the love and attention a partner deserves.

What do you think of the woman’s situation?

Read the Reddit story here.

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