She Heard Noises at 2 AM And Suddenly Realized Two Strangers Were in Her Apartment

A woman recently told the story of how she woke up in the middle of the night to find two strange guys in her apartment. 

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The woman lived in an apartment with a girl she worked with. They were both managers at a local movie theater and worked different schedules. It meant that one of them was often home alone. 

One day, the woman’s roommate was on a late shift. So when she woke up at 2.00 am to the sound of voices coming from the living room, she presumed her roommate had come home and was chilling out in front of the TV before going to bed.

But as she continued to listen, something started bothering her about the voices.

“I realized the voices were moving around, and the volume fluctuated too much to be on TV,” she said. 

“It sounded like two men talking to each other, and the only phrase I was able to hear was someone saying “they’re not here, man!” in a hushed but aggressive tone.”

She knew her roommate wouldn’t have brought people back to the apartment that late because both of them had to be up early for a work thing in the morning.

In other words, these men had no business being in her apartment at 2.00 am.

Now she was scared.

She grabbed her phone and rolled over onto her stomach, hiding the screen’s glow in case the men opened the door and looked in. Then she turned off the ringer and dialed 911, telling the dispatcher that strange men were creeping around in her living room. 

The dispatcher said there was a police car in the area, and officers were less than 2 minutes away.

The woman held her breath and waited. 

The officers arrived. The dispatcher told the woman they were waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs and instructed her to go down to them.

She was terrified to leave the room, but there was no other option. 

“I snuck out of my bedroom and then moved as quickly and quietly as I could through the living room and out the front door,” said the woman.

She felt a wave of relief when she saw the police officers standing there. 

They told her they’d found the front door wide open and asked if anyone else should be in the apartment. The woman said no, and the officers went to investigate.

A few minutes later, one of them returned and asked, “So the two guys asleep on your couch shouldn’t be there?”

“No,” replied the woman. “Absolutely not.”

Police escorted the two guys from the apartment and put them in the back of the cruiser. Then they asked the woman if she wanted to press charges.

“Yes,” she said. “100%.”

Police then had to search the apartment after one of the guests said he left his phone there, but it was never found.

The woman informed her landlord about the incident the next day. After making a few calls, the landlord found out where the two guys had come from. They were friends of a guy living in the same building. They had mistakenly entered her apartment after returning from a night of heavy drinking.

The neighbor took full responsibility and paid for repairs to the door the men had broken to gain entrance to the apartment.

After the incident, the woman developed severe anxiety and had to take medication to cope with the symptoms. She and her friend decided to bring in another roommate to protect them against any other later-night intruders. Now they share their apartment with a 90 lb pitbull mix.

A month or so later, the woman received an apology letter from both of the men. They explained that they had been drinking, regretted their actions, and would never do anything like this again.

She later found out that the two guys were med students. To this day, she shudders at the thought of these guys being someone’s doctor. They might even treat her one day – and she’d never even know it!

“I never saw their faces,” she said. “So I will never know for sure if the man taking care of my physical health one day might be one of the men who caused so much harm to my mental health.”

What would you do in this situation? Would you call the cops or confront the intruders? 

Read the Reddit story here.

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