She Co-Signed for Her Ex-Boyfriends Loan and He Didn’t Pay It Off So Now She’s Threatening To Sue Him

A woman is threatening to sue her ex over an unpaid loan she cosigned before they split up. The ex accused her of acting like a jerk, but she thinks she’s in the right.

Here’s what went down.

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“I was in a long-term relationship with my ex. Prior to breaking up, he asked me to cosign on a student loan to avoid involving his parents,” shared the woman.

At this point, she was confident they had a long and happy future ahead of them, so she agreed. Plus, she’s already paid off her student debt. It seemed like a decent thing to do.

But two years later, they broke up. 

It wasn’t a clean split, and things got pretty messy. 

The trouble started with her ex’s inability to manage his finances like an adult.

“My ex financed a new car after losing his job (yes, brand new),” the woman said. “He also racked up a bit of credit card debt because he used retail therapy to feel better. This is to give you context that I know my ex was not in a financially stable situation,” the woman said.

The student loan went into repayment, and the woman started receiving emails from the student loan company – this money had to be paid back.

She didn’t have any details of the loan or account. But as a co-signer, she was responsible for encouraging her ex to settle the outstanding debt.

She contacted her ex, who told her the loan was sorted; she didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

But the emails kept coming – and coming. And they were getting more and more insistent.

Then the loan fell into delinquency, and as the co-signer, this woman’s credit score took a nasty hit.

She was furious.

Her ex ignored all her calls, texts, and emails. She was forced to take more drastic action.

“I reached out to my ex’s mom directly and let her know that I was not hearing back from my ex, the current situation of the loan, and I would like her (and her husband) to step in and help my ex refinance so that I can be removed from the situation,” said the woman.

But the ex’s mom ignored her messages, too.

She started researching other options. She found that as the co-signer, she could repay the loan and then sue the primary borrower to get her money back.

She forwarded this to her ex, suggesting that this was her only option left – which it was.

That got his attention.

“I got back an email filled with vitriol, telling me ‘it’s [my] loan too,’ I ‘should take responsibility for [my] actions,’ that I never offered to pay on it to help (except I did in almost every forwarded email),” shared the woman.

The situation is still unresolved, and she hasn’t started legal proceedings yet. 

She wants to know if she’s being a jerk before pulling the trigger and suing her ex.

She turned to Reddit for advice.

Almost everyone is on her side. However, many think she made a big mistake cosigning in the first place.

“Not the jerk, for sure,” said one person. “But good luck getting out of the legal contract you signed, fully knowing the repercussions if something went south.”

“You’re not the jerk, but you are an idiot,” posted another. “A kind, compassionate, generous idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. This is, sadly, the consequence of signing onto anything just to be nice. I’m sure you’ve learned a good lesson. I hope your suit is successful.”

Would you take an ex to court over an unpaid debt?

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