His Greedy Granddad Embezzled Money From the Family Company so He Exposed Him to the Entire Board

A man recently told the story of how he managed to get sweet revenge on his greedy and selfish grandfather, who stole money from the man’s dad.

Here’s what he said.

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As a boy, the man, now a teacher, lived a pretty good life. His father owned several companies which were doing well financially, so it was a tragedy when his father died of cancer, leaving the family in an emotional and financial crisis.

His grandfather offered to oversee the businesses and put him and his siblings through school. However, the grandfather told the family that the companies were not doing well financially, so the children felt indebted to him.

Eventually, growing up and graduating, the boy became a high school teacher. He also worked several other jobs to help out his two younger siblings through college since his grandfather had stopped helping.

One day, the teacher was contacted by one of his father’s old business partners who told him that his grandfather, who was still in control of his father’s share of the company, was “siphoning money from the company for himself.”

At that moment, the school teacher realized that throughout their childhood, his grandfather was making them feel as if he was paying for their education while all the time stealing from their father’s business.

He was also sure that his father would have wanted every penny to go to his family and that it would have been his wish for them to be well looked after.

Once he had heard the whole story, the teacher started to plot his revenge. He knew that his grandfather’s biggest weakness was pride. He also knew that he, his siblings, and their mother were legally the owners of his father’s company shares.

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So after having a statement signed by the family, he approached all the board of directors without his grandfather knowing and told them that he was now the sole representative of his late father’s estate.

He also knew that his grandfather had made himself chairman of the board, allowing him to receive financial benefits without doing any work. So the high school teacher took over as chairman, leaving his grandfather high and dry. As newly appointed chairman, he contacted other extended family members and told them about his grandfather’s unethical practices.

At the next board meeting, when his grandfather entered the conference room to preside over the meeting, he found his chair facing away from the table with all the board members already seated at the table. Like a Bond villain, the ex-school teacher spun the chair around to reveal himself to his grandfather. He told his grandfather that the company and the family no longer needed him and that he was taking control.

“Do you know that I’m the one who put him and his siblings through school?” He told the board members. “No. Dad did,” the man replied. The look of sheer embarrassment on his grandfather’s face was perfect.

The school teacher didn’t really have any intentions of staying on as chairman as he didn’t know the business. He just wanted to teach the grandfather a lesson. He gave his mother a permanent job in the company before stepping down from his role, and he took a job in the company’s treasury department as a bookkeeper with a meager salary. He would still receive a profit from the company’s shares and dividends.

What do you think? Was the man right in his actions? What would you have done?


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