His Girlfriend Thinks He’s a Jerk for Not Allowing Her Friends’ To Bring Their Dogs Into Their Home – Is She Right?

A man who’s not very fond of dogs recently got into an argument with his girlfriend. The reason? Her friends are coming to stay, and they’re planning on bringing their furry friends.

Here is what he had to say.

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The man, who is 34 years of age, has been with his partner, who is 37 years old, for four years.

They have been living together for three of those years.

The man and his partner have a wonderful relationship, and the only issue they have faced is his personal dislike for dogs.

“I grew up in a culture where dogs are considered animals that stay outside the home and are not equivalent or equal to being your own children,” he said.

“My partner considers her two dogs as her children. It is her choice how she elects to live her life, and her decisions are her own.”

The man has dated many people in the past that have owned dogs, and his boundaries have always been set.

He feels that his partner’s dog is their responsibility, and he does not want to be involved in giving any care towards the animals.

When the man moved in with his partner, it was a “tough adjustment” as he just did not like having animals in the house.

The man does care for his partner, and the dogs that she owns are genuinely well-behaved animals.

Their biggest issue for the man is that the dogs really like him and want to spend time with him.

Though this often makes him feel guilty, he simply does not enjoy being around animals, though he has adjusted over time.

To make their move less stressful, the man and his partner reached a compromise to split their two-bed, two-bathroom home.

The dogs are not allowed in the living room or the master bedroom, and the man personally does not have any responsibility towards the animals.

Lately, the man’s partner has been traveling more than usual as she has been visiting her parents.

For around a week, the man has therefore been caring for the dogs due to his partner’s busy schedule.

This includes taking them for walks twice a day and ensuring that one of the dogs, who is now elderly, receives his medication.

The man doesn’t enjoy caring for the dogs but loves his partner, so he wants to be supportive.

One day, his partner mentioned that she wanted to invite some of her friends to the house, and the couple started arguing.

The woman’s friends wanted to bring their dogs to the house, something that the man had a major issue with as he has repeatedly made his feelings about animals clear.

“I’ve made adjustments to accept my partner’s dogs and feel as if my boundaries are constantly being violated,” he said.

“Her friends are welcome to come whenever they want and for however long but will need to make arrangements for their pets as they are not welcome here.”

Understandably after this, the man’s partner became very upset and told him that she’d never feel like the house was hers.

The man retorted that if her friends were to come, he would not be able to be welcoming as he genuinely would not want them at his home and planned on not being around when her friends were there.

The woman thought her boyfriend was a real jerk. She felt that her friends couldn’t afford to board their pets anywhere else and that they should be able to bring them.

The man doesn’t think this is his problem. If the friends can’t find someone to care for their pets, he would simply rather that they did not come to his house.

But he knows how much his girlfriend wants the friends to be there, so he asked the Reddit community if he was wrong for saying no to the visit.

Most of them understood both sides of the situation.

“I can absolutely understand why your partner likes the idea of her friends bringing their dogs around,” said one person.

“But she knowingly chose to move in with someone who isn’t comfortable with dogs. This was not a secret you sprang on her.”

“You’ve already accommodated more than you actually agreed to, as you are now taking care of her dogs when she goes away.”

What do you think? Should the man allow the friends to bring their pets along?

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