Her Sister Faked Her Own Death Just To See What She Would Do

A woman recently shared a story with the Reddit community about how she discovered that her sister had faked her own death. 

Here’s what happened.

sister fakes death
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The woman had been in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend for over seven months and had never met him in person. She decided that his birthday was a perfect opportunity to visit him, so she planned a trip to his city.

As one would expect, she was in high spirits and was very excited to finally see her boyfriend and spend quality time with him. It was the perfect romantic experience any girl could ask for, and it seemed like nothing could possibly go wrong.

Everything was going great, but on the third day, she received a call from her sister. The woman and her sister had not been on talking terms for over four months due to a disagreement about their mother, so she wasn’t keen on speaking to her. So she didn’t answer the call as she didn’t want to have her trip ruined.

A few minutes later, her sister’s boyfriend called, and this time around, she thought she better answer.

The boyfriend told her some devastating news. “He was freaking out and sobbing and told me that my sister got into a head-on crash with a truck and died,” she said.

Like any sister would react, she was hysterical and in anguish. She immediately informed her dad and booked the next available flight. Her boyfriend was very supportive and even traveled down with her. They both hopped on a flight at 3 am, and her dad came to the airport to pick them up. As soon as she landed, she called her sister’s boyfriend to inform him she was on her way.

When she arrived at her sister’s house, she and her dad ran to the front door and rang the bell. She probably would have broken the door down if she could because she was so eager to get inside the house. Then, the door opened. 

“My sister answered the door with the biggest annoying grin on her face and said, so you do care about me?”

The woman was dumbfounded and livid. She screamed at her sister and scolded her for playing such a ridiculous prank. Her sister responded, “I just did it to know if you even care about me since you like to take sides with our parents.”

At this point, she gave her sister a piece of her mind. She told her that she had been avoiding her because of her manipulative and abusive nature, and she hated her for putting her through unnecessary torture. “Never in my life have I felt such grief, sadness, and anguish. I just had the worst seven hours of my life,” she said.

The woman told her mother what the sister had done, but the mother didn’t think it was a big deal. She described it as a ‘little test’ and told the woman not to overreact.

The Reddit Community Reacts

One user said, “this is not a test. This is very serious. Your mom and sister have mental issues”.

Another user said, “When she really dies, she’ll have no one left that cares about her.”

What do you think? Did the woman overreact? 

Read the Reddit post here.

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