Her Parents Refuse To Leave Her Their House in the Will but Demand She Becomes the Sole Guardian of Her Disabled Sister if They Pass Away

A woman recently asked the Reddit community if she was wrong for asking her parents to make her the sole beneficiary of their estate if they expect her to be fully responsible for her disabled sister when they pass on. 

Here’s what she had to say.

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The woman has been told her entire life that if anything happened to her parents, she would be her sister’s guardian. Her sister has some disabilities and lives in a care home. She is 33 years old. 

The government pays a good portion of the cost but not all of it, so her parents always make sure they get access to all possible resources to make sure she has a good quality of life.

The last time she visited her sister with her parents, they reminded her yet again of their decision to make her the sole guardian. 

Both her parents were very healthy, but they had health scares in the past.

The woman started to think about this request from her parents and felt her two older brothers were better suited for the job since they were both married and established in their careers. 

“I want to go see the world. I am lucky enough that my job can be done from anywhere that I can access the internet,” she said.

She eventually came up with three proposals which she presented to her parents over dinner;

  • She and her two brothers are made joint guardians so they can split the responsibilities and duties.
  • They leave their entire estate for her sister in a trust that will oversee her care.
  • She becomes her sister’s sole guardian if they will their entire estate to her. This excluded sentimental items that belonged to the family members.

She thought that these options were fair since her parents weren’t exactly rich, and their estate only consisted of their house and insurance policies they took out when they realized the long-term costs of caring for her sister.

“They said that I am trying to shirk responsibility for my sister and I am greedy for trying to get everything,” she said.

At this point, she gave them another suggestion that they didn’t like. She told them to cut her out of their will completely and give everything to her brothers, but this meant that she would have no responsibility for her sister when they were gone. Her brothers would be her sister’s guardians in this scenario.

“My dad got really angry, and my mom was crying when I left,” she said. 

Her brothers were also upset with her and called to express their displeasure. 

They both felt she was being mean to their parents and greedy for trying to prevent them from being on their parents will. 

She asked if they would agree to take full responsibility for their sister if she gave them the estate. None of them took up the offer.

The woman then asked the Reddit community for advice and if she was wrong for presenting alternative suggestions.

One user said, “I love how your brothers are mad because you are calling out their sexist behavior. So, your parents want you to put your entire life on hold for your sister with no actual benefit? Totally unfair.”

“Start looking for a suitable home and agency to work with immediately. If you wait till your parents die, it will be very difficult to find a suitable home quickly, and you will be stuck.”

What do you think? Are the proposals she made to her parents, brother, and sister fair?

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