Her Husband Planned a Romantic Getaway for Her but Now Her Sister-in-Law Says She Wants To Go Instead

A woman recently asked the Reddit community for advice after her sister-in-law made an unreasonable request.

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The woman and her sister-in-law, Brittany, have a long history, having been friends since they were about five or six. Brittany hung around her brother a lot, and after dating for a while, they married five years ago.

Unfortunately, Brittany’s husband died in a tragic accident when she was heavily pregnant, so the bills started to pile up.

Brittany, therefore, had no choice but to move in with her late husband’s parents to get the support she needed for herself and her baby. To date, she lives in the parents’ house with her daughter and is working on getting a degree. Brittany is very grateful for her late husband’s family as they have been very supportive in this difficult period.

 Now, the woman’s husband bought an all-inclusive trip romantic getaway to Paris for her as a Christmas present.

She said, “I have always had France on my wish list, and I am so grateful to him for such a wonderful gift.”

They planned to travel in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Like most people do when they receive good news, the woman informed her parents of the trip. She probably expected everyone to be happy that she would be going on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with her husband, but she was in for a shock. 

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Brittany heard about the trip from her in-laws and immediately reached out to the woman with an unexpected request. ‘’She called me in floods of tears asking that I take her instead of my husband,’’ the woman said.

This was quite an unusual thing to ask. The woman definitely didn’t expect that anyone would want to take the place of her husband on this special trip. Why, then did Brittany feel it was okay to ask?

Brittany argued that she would never have the opportunity to go on such a vacation with her husband, being a widow who has made a lot of sacrifices to raise her daughter.

Brittany also said that she wanted them to go on a girl’s trip just like back in the day and that her sister-in-law could visit Paris with her husband some other time.

The woman was not comfortable with Brittany’s proposal and turned it down. ‘’I told Brittany that it wasn’t possible, this was a gift from my husband, and I fully expect to get a romantic getaway with him’’.

Brittany had no plans of backing down. She claimed that the woman was punishing her for being a widow and it was unfair that she would have a ‘love affair in Paris’ while she cried at her husband’s grave.

The woman’s parents didn’t find Brittany’s request odd. They told her they would babysit her daughter. They also felt that she needed to consider Brittany’s feelings and not rub her happy marriage in her face. ‘‘You will be selfish to leave a grieving widow over Valentine’s Day,’’ her mother said.

On the contrary, her husband felt that Brittany’s behavior was uncalled for and that she was just trying to guilt trip her. He, however, agreed to step aside if she decided to go on the trip with Brittany.

Several readers online supported the woman’s action. One person said, ‘’That’s such an unreasonable request, and if she feels that way, she needs therapy’’ 

Another person said, ‘’I also think the parents are trying to manipulate the situation. It seems they want Brittany out of their house for a break!’’.

What do you think? Was the woman right to turn down Brittany’s request, or should she have agreed to take her to Paris? What would you have done?

Read the Reddit story here.

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