Her Cousin Kicked Her Out When She Was 18 but Now She’s Broke And Wants Her To Co-Sign for a New Lease

A woman has asked if she is in the wrong for not allowing her cousin and her cousin’s family to co-lease a house with her.

Here is what she had to say.

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The woman, who is 27 years of age, has come from a really abusive family. Her cousin, 28, was raised as part of the same family.

Ten years ago, the pair decided to move into an apartment together when the woman’s cousin turned 18 years old.

At that age, the two could apply for a credit card and receive a credit score that would allow them to escape their family, which they did.

Soon after moving in together, things took a turn for the worse as the woman’s cousin began dating a much older man.

He was 48 years old when they started dating, and he is now 58 years of age.

When the woman was just 18, her cousin and her cousin’s partner kicked her out of their home.

They threw all of her belongings out of their house, took away the keys she had to the property, and even called the police to escort her off of the property.

At the time, the apartment was only under the woman’s cousin’s name and not her own, so she could successfully remove the woman without much fighting back.

The woman, still very young, was made homeless.

“So I ended up spending the next eight years afterward going between homeless and emergency shelters, living off government aid, taking out personal loans (which I finally was able to pay off!), and working multiple jobs until I was finally able to make enough to afford to get a room of my own,” she said.

In the meantime, the woman heard from people around her that her cousin was being abused by her partner, who was now her husband.

The pair had two children together, and the woman’s cousin apparently did so much damage to her credit score that she could not rent an apartment on her own.

From there, a mutual friend of the woman and her cousin shared her number with the woman.

She was one of the few people that they knew that had a credit score good enough to rent an apartment.

“She reached out to me asking if I could help co-lease with her so she and her children can run away from her husband. And that she was sorry for what she had done in the past, and that she was young and stupid, and that she changed a lot over the years,” the woman said,

In response, the woman told her cousin that while she feels bad for her circumstances, she refused to agree to a co-leasing with her.

This was because of what she had done in the past, which has permanently affected the way the woman views her cousin, even now.

Since her decision, the woman has had some friends accuse her of being a jerk for refusing to help a mother of two needing help.

They feel that the woman should not hold a grudge that has gone on for around ten years, as she was a young and impressionable woman at the time.

Some also feel that it was childish of the woman to act as she did and that, at her age, she should be more empathetic.

The woman says that while she knows the feelings of her friends are valid, she also knows that her feelings are too.

She feels she should not trust her as there is no way to determine if she has truly grown to be a better person.

The woman, therefore, asked the Reddit community if she was wrong for not allowing her cousin and her cousin’s family to co-lease with her.

“For one thing, she probably won’t be a good risk on the lease and would wreck the credit you’ve worked so hard to fix,” said one person.

“Her credit score is so bad she can’t rent a place, and that says she is not responsible with money.”

“This is aside from all the hateful things she did way back then. You can’t forget that.”

“If any of your friends keep bashing you, tell them they are free to co-lease with her and let her wreck their credit. I bet there are no takers.”

What do you think? Should the woman let her cousin co-lease with her?

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